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  1. My Heartfelt Condolences to you Dad and Mom.... to all of Di's family! What heartbreakingly shocking news to read! Di was an awesome Woman !! (Di-Brigie-Ed and I sure had a lot of fun back in the day yappin together! Great memories !) May GOD comfort you all!
  2. My sisters eldest son Adam is back in Ca safely.....not sure for how long. My hubby's sisters son Nathan is stateside and heading home in September..... Those of us that had/have loved ones serving in the miliary are very grateful for any and all prayers said on thier behalf! Thank you ! And Thank you Mare for your deep concern!:kiss:
  3. Thank you Mr. Cavey........i went to windows update and scanned my puter......i needed that patch for IE......and here i just did that scan and update for critical updates just the other day......good thing i listened to you! xoox deb
  4. Hey Mr. Cavey.....good to see your handsome face a gain.......anyway......just a note to say i downloaded a spyware program called SPYBOT......and it found 5 right away....cool!
  5. Hey Thanks.......i got that! xox
  6. Hi guys, Seeing there's a whole list of those adware6 's to choose from.......which one should i choose and if i don't yet have a virus protection thingie.....what good is it to save to a floppy before i install it? (I've got WindowsMe) thanksssssssss!
  7. My two nephews...... Justin.
  8. Hey....i'm listening and doing.....ruffffff!
  9. Hi ya Mr. Cavey My brother told me we have only 32 megs....4 - 8 meg sims (syms) whatever....is that an answer? We have windows 98 just incase you wanna know.
  10. Mr.Cavey.....you said " simply just add a new chip into an empty slot next to the existing RAM" What happens if all the slot's are full? ps...if you don't want this reply on your sticky post...you can delete it...didn't know if i should reply here or pm you with my stupid question...sorry deb
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