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  1. Belated Happy Birthday Kitty!
  2. mrszouave

    Di in mi

    My Heartfelt Condolences to you Dad and Mom.... to all of Di's family! What heartbreakingly shocking news to read! Di was an awesome Woman !! (Di-Brigie-Ed and I sure had a lot of fun back in the day yappin together! Great memories !) May GOD comfort you all!
  3. So Sorry to read about your daughter Dee !! I sure hope and pray she is pain FREE very soon! Try not to be so hard on your self.....Get some rest! Hugs and smoochies, deb
  4. I'm a tad confused which puter is hers/his though... she gave me that info in case it helped. IS it a virus Mr. Cavey??
  5. Hi Tacobelle.......why do i get hungry when i read your posts? Good to meetcha!
  6. Hi Karen......nice to meetcha......Something tells me you'd get along GREAT with my hubby.....
  7. Good to meet you JUSTAMOM.
  8. mrszouave


    Bet the FB stands for Football...four bikes........AP...apple pie....Gd....good day.....gosh darnet........i give.... Nice to meet you SunflowerMama
  9. mrszouave


    Good to meetcha Momofseveninininininin hahhahaaaaaa
  10. mrszouave


    Nice to meetcha Countrymamma.
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