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  1. and you can buy dry ice from H.E.B.
  2. You can add a little color to the paper logs when they burn. Just add some: Common Salt ------- Yellow Borax ------------- Green (metallic salt) Copper Nitrate ---- Emerald Green Barium Nitrate ---- Apple Green Copper Chloride --- Bluish Green Lithium Chloride -- Purple Calcium Chloride -- Orange Strontium Nitrate - Red Mix 1-2 oz. of chemical in 1 qt. warm water. Soak logs in solution then dry. * Soak sawdust in chemical then dry. * Warp small packets of dry sawdust in * wax paper then throw in fire. !! DO NOT use in metal fireplace or in a masonry fireplace with metal flue. Why: dissimilar metals react with one another. Why: the warranty may be voided. Enjoy
  3. pa & ma steel


    here is a link on how to make vinegar web page
  4. here is your Hope you had a great day
  5. for a safe return for her and her family
  6. I agree thanks for the link
  7. woot add me to this almost missed it.
  8. BACK So good to hear from you again.
  9. Yes youngest sister has now moved in with them. She will be able to take care of mom and dad. I live 100 miles away and will go down on wed and saturday my days off from work to give sis a break.
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