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  1. You can add a little color to the paper logs when they burn. Just add some:

    Common Salt ------- Yellow

    Borax ------------- Green

    (metallic salt)

    Copper Nitrate ---- Emerald Green

    Barium Nitrate ---- Apple Green

    Copper Chloride --- Bluish Green

    Lithium Chloride -- Purple

    Calcium Chloride -- Orange

    Strontium Nitrate - Red


    Mix 1-2 oz. of chemical in 1 qt. warm water.

    Soak logs in solution then dry.

    * Soak sawdust in chemical then dry.

    * Warp small packets of dry sawdust in

    * wax paper then throw in fire.


    !! DO NOT use in metal fireplace or in a

    masonry fireplace with metal flue.

    Why: dissimilar metals react with one another.

    Why: the warranty may be voided.



  2. Thanks for all the prayers. Mom is now doing fine. We had to move her into a nursing/rehab home from the hospital. I found she has not been able to even get out of bed for 3 weeks before Dad called an ambulance which then got her to a hospital. She was having trouble breathing and had a grey color when sister arrived and had him call the ambulance. Mom had a bad reaction to her meds which caused excess fluid to build up in her abdominal cavity. They went in and drained the fluid 1 1/2 gal. They said that was about half of what was there but were afraid to take more off at the time. Seems it can cause her kidneys to shut down. The excess fluid was causing her to start have all of her internal parts to have problems. Well the rehab center told them that she should be back on her feet in about 3 weeks and would be able to go home. I do not think this would have been such a good ending without all the prayers.

  3. If you can power it back on after about 1 hour it is a heating problem. Could be just a good cleaning will fix the issue. Get 1 or 2 of those cans of canned air. Blow out the power supply fan, processor fan/heatsink assy. and any components that have dust buildup on them. If they have had too much heat for a long time it shortens the lift of the components. Kinda like not putting enough oil in your car will cause the engine to break sooner than it would have otherwise.

  4. leather is always better, but money is also always in short supply. Will just need to see how much and then I can work it into my budget. I use to buy backpacks for DD to go to school with and had to replace them every year. Then I saved enough to get her a large leather bag in 2000. She is still using it today in college and it is still in great shape. LOL told her when she graduates I wanted the bag. nope she will not part with it, says she will go all the way thru law school with it also.

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