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  1. High Altitude LOL glad Cookie tricked you just a little. Just to let you know you can throw cyber snowballs or cream pies at her. I think I will just stick with Woo Hoo gratz Cookie good job.
  2. Will enjoy having you post in the other forums as well. We are all here to learn and encourage each other.
  3. merry christmas and happy birthday to all this month. Will intermittenly be online this month. Mom went back into the hospital for a lung infection. I am currently staying at Dad's helping him a bit. He is needing help to reorginize the house and found it needs a lot of little repairs that have just been put off over the last few years. Will go online at sis's puter when I can but it will not be too often.
  4. LOL isn't it just great. They are both so much farther ahead at a young age than my DH and I were. It is so good to see.
  5. belated vic. Hope you had a wonderful day.
  6. pa & ma steel

    hee hee

    wow wish that would work for me. hubby was in the navy for 20 years, so he just says you know how to fix it so get to it. now I just say you know how to bake bread, i dont have the time at the moment so just get it done... well he makes the best homemade bread, and I change the oil. Marriage it is just balancing the trade offs.. LOL
  7. good idea, that way you are not locked out if you dont have your keys.
  8. Get some rest. I know easy to say but hard to do. I fight with the same problem from time to time. The mind just seems to go into over drive. Worry and stress about the littlest things (at the time they seem all important) but later you get enough rest and your mind can place them back into perspective. I cannot take a lot of the cold stuff that helps you sleep, but now use relaxation tapes and low impact stretching/yoga type exercises. Just remember you cannot change what will be you can just stay in the best mental/health possible so you can deal with what comes your way. Say a prayer to ask for help to carry this burden. And go get that much needed sleep.
  9. Was helping sister go through the attic, and we found grandma's old canner. It had 3 of the divider plates and the book that came with the canner. Copy write date 1923. We asked dad about it and he said he placed it up there when the pressure gage stopped working. The name National is imprinted on the lid with Eau Claire, Wis it also has 18 stamped on the lid. Did some research and found National became National Presto Inc. This is so cool to find. The handle for the lid is 2 long screws with wood around them. the handle for the canner is just a wire with a wooden dowel like on an old time bucket. Not sure if it can ever fixed enough to be used again but will call presto to see what they can advise. The rim of the lid is beveled in a bit then it runs straight for about 1 inch into the canner bucket, looks like it never did use a rubber gasket. There are 6 screws that run around the outside edge with large wing nuts that screw down like on an all American canner. If I can get a pic I will post it for you all to see.
  10. woot thanks for finding this. it will make a great addition for my car emergency kit, and my BOB.
  11. Don't feel guilty that is why they are there. It helps when any thing happens where you need to save all your cash for other things. Just make sure family knows the preps are serving family needs so they will be behind you when it is time to start rebuilding them.
  12. lol thanks for the pics. this brings back memories of taking the kids out to shoot when they were little also. With all of them grown i do so miss those days. Enjoy them while you can.
  13. Well I told my DD a few weeks ago that i felt we only had about 1 year, maybe two at the most. Never take these feelings lightly, usually there is something to them.
  14. well then make 1. See if you can barter 1 to be made, like some homemade goodies in trade for the work. Or if you have checkens, fresh eggs/meat. Humm give me until after the holidays, i will see if I can find some plans for making 1. It I do might be able to do it for you. Would just love to have an excuse to visit up in your area.
  15. wow what a nifty idea for the BOB, small and easy to carry.
  16. Found there was an article in motherearth news about a Sootless Sue Drum ,or stovepipe oven. Tried to get the link for you but there sight is currently down. web page Try this in a day or so just incase there web site is hosted on a server in the northwest. It was in the Sept/Oct 1980 issue.
  17. Congratz! Now you might want to think about keeping a journal of your time there. This will help you when things go wrong (and it always happens). It will help you to stay focused. Don't forget to add your thoughts of what you want to do there and how it made you feel to do some of these things for the first time. Some of it you will look back on and laugh, some you will want to update and change as you go, but it will help you stay focused on your goals. It will also let you remember the little things that seem to just slip away over time.
  18. Got my grain grinder on e-bay yesterday. Can't wait to see how well it works.
  19. Grinder under 100. is real tough to get. i just got 1 on e-bay yesterday. Been waiting a long time to get the 1 I wanted. I was able to get the Golder grain mill for $199.00 woo hoo. Keep looking on ebay you might get just the 1 that you want when you decide which one that is best for you. i like the golden grain because it is electric and has a hand crank. will let you know how it works and if i still like it when I get it here and try it out.
  20. cool txcowgirl looking forward to hearing from you again. Mamacat let us know how you are doing. I also miss those eyes.
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