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  1. Well I just had to read that to Pa tonight. Thanks we both had a good laugh.
  2. I like the idea of cacheing along your Bug out route.
  3. i have not heard from Nana lately either. add her to the MIA list.
  4. Some ISP's provide a free web page to there customers. You check with yours. It is not Anonymous as the ISP will know who you are. You just do not list your real name or location on the blog. anyone who is in authority will be able to get your info from the ISP, sometimes without any kind of warrant. You could also look at posting on some blog sites, but not sure if that was what you wanted. Bottom line is if they want to ID you even when posting here they can. The only way to be anonymous would require you to be very techie and work from several different Internet cafes or piggy back on several different open wireless connection. (LOL think Mouse from the movie CORE.)
  5. Wow just saw this congratz HSMom that is really great news. Take some pic's and post so we can see it.
  6. WooHoo another texan but I am more than 2x you age. I am also here in Austin.
  7. What you are in Texas!! Well it is too late now, but next time you come this way stop by and see me I am in Austin I would have skipped work just to speak with you a bit in person.
  8. link did not work so try this. web page
  9. cool thanks for posting this, will let DD know also.
  10. LOL sometimes it is the little things that cause us to stumble. Don't worry, that is why we are all here to help each other. At least I know i am not the only one suffering from brain shutdown every so often.
  11. That is good news. So glad you now have someone you can talk to and plan for a prepared future. Don't forget that prepping is more than gathering your supplies. It is also about getting you health in order. Exercise and fitness because you can't fight to protect yourselves if you are not in good health. Good luck to both of you. Just remember to do 1 small step at a time. Don't let yourselves get over whelmed.
  12. humm.. Depending on how strong and healthy you are, you might be able to keep a good wood axe in the back of the van. You would need work gloves also. Then just learn how to safely use an axe. LOL you might make it part of a physical fitness training, as part of your preps. That is the only reason I keep using the old thing, in case it gets so bad that there is no gas for the chain saw.
  13. It would depend on the size of the bag.
  14. HSmom, I think I would keep 1 in the trunk of my car. Or a crowbar and a strong metal tube that can fit over the end of the crowbar. Thinking lever with fulcrum to maybe move a fallen tree just enough to allow your car to pass. But that would depend on the size of the trees.
  15. all good ideas so far, not much I can think to add. Well maybe you go on line and book mark some sites that you think he might be interested in just so you can prod him gently in the same direction you would like to go. LOL You might even be able to get him to start doing some of the prepping, just encourage him and smile really big if he starts making the plans you really wanted him to do. You might start by pointing out the flaws in Jericho. So he can start thinking about better plans. Or better see if he can see any flaws, then read the Jericho discussion on it here together.
  16. Well if it were me I would not take the shot, but then again I don't like to take any shots. Hope you are over your cold now.
  17. My comfort food... hummmm.. That would have to be potatoe soup with any left over, meat, veggies, and lots of cheese in it.
  18. Woo Hoo love pumpkin bread. Will bake some of this up on the weekend. Thanks Vic for posting this.
  19. web page Here is the link. Just use the zip code look up to see if one is close. They are not hard to install, unless the ground is too frozen to sink posts. I don't think the fence looks bad. It is the type that has 2" x 4" squares. We use it for small animals and for horses. The rolls come in 5' - 8' high. The prices I looked up were for a 5' high fence and 6' T-posts. With 3 people to help put it up should only take 1 day to install.
  20. So far all have really good suggestions. I don't know about chain link fence, but I just checked at TSC (tractor supply company) to find welded wire fence 100' rolls $ 86.56 you would need approximately 9 rolls for 1 acre. Which would be approximately $780. 6' T-post 20 needed per roll or 180 for 1 acre square at $ 3.08 ea. Which would be $555. Which would be about $1335, to fence your back acre. Well at least that is the current pricing in my area. I don't know if that type of fence would be allowed in your area but a lot cheaper than chain link. You could then get a medium size dog and keep him fenced in the back. Hope this helps.
  21. you need to click on the fast or slow connection button. the video then starts
  22. pa & ma steel


    Congrats for you! Hoooray
  23. thanks for all the B-day wishes. Hope every had a great day today.
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