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  1. . I have 3 children, 2 DD 26 and 24. I have 1 DS 22. I met my husband while in the Navy from 76-93. I agree with the others here both of you are way ahead by working at prepping and being frugal. Hang in there and please ask questions and give feed back. I think it will be great for all of us to have the added diversity. This is (in my humble opinion) the best site on the web.
  2. wow missed your birthday also.. well happy belated B-day
  3. well I think you should go for it, but agree it should be private to help keep spam and scams out.
  4. Ok what is the difference between a sewing machine and a serger? I have a sewing machine that was given to me a few years ago but never used it. DD took it with her to college. Since I moved in with her I found it in the closet. Thought I would try learning to sew this winter and I have all those squares from the quilt exchange to start with.
  5. Wow you are going to be so busy. Love all the great ideas for halloween. Ma Steel
  6. They have her on meds and will go back in two months to do another endoscopie and colonoscopie (sp?)to see if it is working. The insurance company is denying the claim so the bill is starting to really build. Working on another job to try and send some extra to the kids. That is why you do not see me on much any more. Just stopped in this morning before leaving to try and keep up. Will keep checking back in when I can and keep you posted.
  7. WoW missing so much now. Not able to get online very often with this new job. But a late Congratz to both of you.
  8. Congratz on the house, it is a lot of hard work but so worth it in the end. Looking to seeing the fall pic's down this far south we really do not have much of a fall. We seem to go from hot summer to winter about mid Nov and then spring mid Feb.
  9. same thing happened to me, but I found if I right clicked on chat and opened in a new window it worked. Hope this helps.
  10. We got the tests back on Friday, she has Crohn's diease. I am doing a lot of research online to see what can be done for her.
  11. LOL I dont know what it is either, but I figure I will learn. If I dont like it it goes into the xmas baskets I pass out for Xmas... But I have not found a jelly i have not liked yet
  12. Tell Gooseliver hi, back then I was ND Pentad. Congratz on your salsa. I was not able to do the salsa this time but will try and do some later. Ma Steel
  13. dont have a way to take pictures so I will just report that I was able to can 7 pints of chicken soup.
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