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  1. I don't know how new they are but Swing A Way makes a hand held can opener too.
  2. The bones simmering on the back of the stove is a foundation for Eternal Soup. Just add bits and pieces of meat and veggies and thin out with water as you use the soup. Remember the old song Peas Porridge Hot ... nine days old?
  3. We finally are getting some warmer temps this week. The day after Valentines I planted a short row of lettuce seeds and a short row of English peas. Then this weekend we planted short rows (3 feet long) of 3 kinds of lettuce, 3 kinds of spinach, 2 kinds of chard, plus kale and various types of onion family - shallots, multiplying, 1015s, and regular and elephant garlic. Need to start pepper and tomato seeds next. At least the wind has settled down from the 40 mph with gusts of 70 we had yesterday. Dora middle of the Texas Panhandle
  4. Wish I had seen the spew alert! Now my sides hurt! Thank you for bumping this up. Dora
  5. Dora

    Wave 2

    We had 17 cases that were tested in the county health department that they then sent off to DCD. Then it turned out that only 10 of the samples were uncontaminated, and none of the 10 were H1N1, although they were Type A flu. Makes me wonder how many more instances of comtaminated samples that could not be determined to actually be H1N1? Has to be rather common. I understand it doesn't take much to miss the requirements for testing. Dora
  6. There is a Salvage store close to us, and I go often. Ours has quite a selection of fresh frut and veggies (probably refused by the produce manager of one of their regular stores. Onions with some mildew that can be cut off before dehydrating, avacados ready to eat tonight, sometimes just things that are not selling like stuffed mushroom caps. They also sell the restaraunt supplies like #10 cans and cases of cups. Not too many dented cans on the shelves. You are right - check the expiration dates and prices. We buy a lot of frozen bacon and Lil Sizzlers. DS lives on Hot Pockets and they are 79 cents rather than a dollar each. Dora
  7. I save more than a penney this week. I went into a pawn shop owned by a friend of ours, and he had a wall heater (for 1000 sq.ft space) for 100 dollars!. We had priced them at close to 200. It is set up for propane, but will have to be installed by a licensed plumber, so I am sure he can do the conversion. Then today, I sat and scrubbed on the toilet tank and bowl that was SO black from soot and oily smoke, and it ALL came off. No need to pay 50 dollars for a new one (if we can get the toy out of the throat of the thing - no wonder it was a pain to keep plungering the thing for years. (Our kids are 30 and 25) lol Dora
  8. Praying for you Quilty, and looking forward to your journal entries. Perhaps you can help us be better prepared. Dora
  9. Sorry to have been away so long, my desktop crashed and I had to go back to the laptop. Thank you for the suggestions - I did not even consider that heat might have an effect on cloth. They are still in the box, but not in the attic. The attic in question is in the house where we had the fire, and we are currently resheetrocking basically the whole house except the kitchen. We are putting solid (closed cell) blocks of insulation in the ceiling and then the sheetrock, so we have no idea how hot or cold it will get in the attic. The good news is that the electical and plumbing have passed their inspections, so after the walls are done they will come back in and finish those. If the city will let us do the roof while we are in the house, we can start moving back in. I need to find some "stuff" to put in the attic, though, not enough room for it all. Some how saying that this week we put up 5 sheets of sheetrock does not seem like much lol. Dora
  10. We got an additional tote bin after Christmas, and yesterday we packed all the antique quilttops that DHs GM and GGM pieced together. Kept thinking I would quilt them, but it has not happened. The tote will fit up in the partly floored attic space (soon to have more flooring). Some of the material in the tops was the material used by the bra factory in the town they lived in - it has been closed for more than 50 years! Dora
  11. The wheat in the "bar-ditch" could have sprouted from wheat that blew out of the grain trucks that passed on the way to the elevator? Happens a lot around here (middle of the Texas Panhandle) Dora
  12. Dora

    Vertical gardening

    No photos of the gourds - more victims of the house fire in 'o6. But the rig is up (there are radishes growing in the arc of open space). I will have DS take a picture of the setup. Might be cool to do progress pictures. I am SO ready for spring, already. Dora
  13. I was here in those days - it was 4 computers ago!! You are exactly right about the difference between prepping for Y2k and for today's world. Dora
  14. Dora

    Vertical gardening

    We have a piece of remesh (steel mesh for pouring cement) that is standing 3 feet from the outdoor clothesline post, with several long sticks stretching from the mesh to the t-shaped post. We grow pole beans on it alternating with cucumbers, usually, but one year we grew ornamental squash (small sized) and the vines went up the mesh, across the sticks to the post and as much at 10 feet down the clothesline! Looked really cool with the gourds hanging from the line! Dora
  15. We were informed before Christmas that one "sub-family" had no money for presents, so we were not to buy them anything either. No way! No extravagance, but we took a gift of soup and soup mugs that were still at GM house when we cleaned it, (at least 10 years old) removed the long expired dry soup and replaced it with a quart jar of "pasta chicken soup mix". Got some stocking stuffers for the kids. Everyone was thrilled (and everyone else got them gifts too) Dora and no credit cards, either
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