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  1. https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/news/singing-in-churches-temporarily-banned-in-california-as-coronavirus-cases-spike
  2. SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- A day after announcing new mandatory closures in 19 California counties where the coronavirus is spreading rapidly, Gov. Gavin Newsom addressed the complex issue of enforcing new rules.The state is launching a massive PSA campaign in an attempt to convince Californians to wear masks. If they don't, Newsom said counties should feel empowered to swap the carrot for the stick."If 40 million people want to turn their back on civil society and abuse the rules, laws and regulations on a consistent basis, then society begins to erode," he said. "If you're not seeing behavioral changes then we think citations are appropriate where there's abuse." He added there's a financial incentive for counties to enforce health orders: The new budget has $2.5 billion in local funding contingent on enforcing orders that county health officers have issued. On Wednesday, Newsom announced the return of some stricter restrictions and business closures ahead of Fourth of July weekend. Effective immediately, restaurants, wineries, movie theaters, family entertainment centers, zoos, museums and cardrooms have to shut down indoor operations. Those businesses can still operate .That applies to 19 counties as of Thursday morning. Those 19 counties represent more than 70% of the state's population.In the Bay Area, Contra Costa, Santa Clara and Solano counties are affected.Bars - both indoor and outdoor - have to close in all 19 counties.These restrictions will remain in place for at least three weeks, Newsom said.California isn't requiring all beaches to close ahead of the Fourth of July weekend, the governor said, but it is closing parking lots at state beaches in the Bay Area, Southern California, Monterey County and Santa Cruz County Even though my county wasn’t named they decided to close as well....
  3. Man ANewMe...I’d want to be all over that ‘friend!’ Can’t believe the selfishness. Praying for a speedy recovery.
  4. The California state fair and county fairs were all cancelled weeks ago. In my county 4-h kids posted their livestock on social media to be auctioned off. I heard it was very successful. No July 4 although people have been shooting off fireworks for a couple weeks already....even though they’re illegal here. California governor has made it mandatory to wear masks as of last week because numbers have been rising because well...people want to do what they want to do. Honestly, I don’t know what compliance will be because there really isn’t any enforcement. In my county where we been doing so well with zero cases for days...that changed after the Memorial Day weekend when people had family barbecues with family from out of the county and didn’t wear masks. Our numbers have been steadily rising since then. I’m sure the other counties are too because partiers went back to their home counties with it. My concern is that the age numbers have been dropping. In the beginning the higher numbers were in the 70 and up range...now it seems to be in the 17-30 something range (in my county). But...maybe it’s not concerning. Maybe people who get it won’t have long term effects. Maybe they won’t spread it around to their older family members. Maybe, maybe, maybe. There’s enough maybes that we’re still being very cautious.
  5. I remember you! Welcome back! Cat hasn’t been able to get back in for a while but she’s on Facebook as is Arby.
  6. dogmom4

    What Do I Want

    I have a Halo Bolt...love it. I was going to say it’s called a portable charger...but you kind of said it in your post...I wasn’t sure if you meant something else...
  7. Happy birthday!!
  8. I don’t know Amber...the people who were on their front porch...and got shot for being there...and one of them yelled “Light’em up!” before they shot at them? That scared the bejeezus out of me. There is a curfew...but people are allowed to be on their front porches...they weren’t doing anything except standing there. We are not under martial law...at least not yet.... https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/11750164/minnesota-national-guard-shoot-paint-own-porch/
  9. Please be careful...
  10. Nice! Where did you get the red thing on top?
  11. WE2’s I am so envious of your space. Love it!
  12. Welcome home! What was your user name before?
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