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  1. Glad you’re feeling better Mt. Rider. We just had a huge storm roll through here with tons of ran in and 70mph winds. We lost power for 15 hours so I’m clearing out my fridge. Fortunately the stuff in the chest freezer is doing ok. Now I’m glad I keep a couple of gallon water bottles in it for situations like this.
  2. Jeepers, I remember watching The Day After when it came out. My son was just a couple weeks old and I remember holding him while watching it and bawling my eyes out...it was too realistic for a new mama.
  3. I just caught up on the past several months. Lots happening in everyone’s lives. Congratulations euphrasyne on your beautiful baby girl! We2’s so sorry to hear about your grandson. Hoping that all of you are well and safe. I love coming here to read about all the everyday things...it’s wonderful to get a peek into your lives. We’ve been fortunate that my close family have all stayed healthy these past few months (although we are getting ragged around the edges mentally with the stress from the never ending lockdowns and the events happening in our country. I’m still teaching online becaus
  4. Happy birthday Mother!
  5. Just a hypothetical question? Do we think “all” areas are secure? Even our more edgy ones?
  6. Great news momma! I had cataract surgery 5 years ago. They did both eyes at the same time....so I ended up laying around blind for a while. It’s pretty amazing what they do...I was semi awake for the whole procedure. And, yes I have quite a few Dollar Tree readers...
  7. Very nice Dee! Our winter has been unusually mild here. I still have a producing pepper plant outside. They’re small but good. Also have some tomatoes with blossoms although I don’t think they’ll produce anything. I’m leaving them alone because once the weather warms up enough they’ll give up some earlier than usual tomatoes. Also have broccoli and peas...but that not unusual to grow during the winter here. I would post pictures but it’s not letting me. Something about not being able to get photos from the cloud?
  8. Hugs to you zzelle and everyone else. I’m feeling the same way. I’ve had a few days of just not wanting to get out of bed. But...we have to keep on moving for our families.
  9. California man also has the U.K. variant...and no travel history. https://www.politico.com/states/california/story/2020/12/30/uk-coronavirus-strain-emerges-in-san-diego-county-9425018
  10. Happy New Year friends!
  11. This is what my home page looks like when I open up Mrs. Survival. Before there was the bar that was vertical on the right side that showed topics with new replies...is the only way now to see it is by clicking on unread topics?
  12. We’ve been told that the ash is acidic....so not to rinse it into the drains (Sweep and toss) so it doesn’t mess with the water systems. Also, being told to empty outside animal water bowls and bird baths. I’d already been doing that every day because the water is turning green and gross really fast.
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