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  1. Oops! I forgot I posted about this here. I started a thread in Urban Homesteading about the challenge and have been posting there.



    In some ways it went really well...I have a lot more food than I thought. One problem that came up was when several days into the challenge I cut a large chunk out of one of my knuckles. The healing process has been hard and it created issues because I am the main cook. I discovered I need to have more things that can be thrown in a pot to be heated up. This is one thing that has always worried me...what if I'm the one who gets the flu?

  2. Yum!! Fresh Peaches! I'm jealous!


    I haven't harvested these yet ... but... I counted a dozen figs on my new fig tree!! :woohoo:


    Now if the birds just don't harvest them before me.... ;)


    Our fruit trees are struggling, but we're still in hopes to get a few of the plums, apples and peaches. Keeping our fingers crossed.


    We had a few strawberries, but one day the goats got out.... :(


    Dh and the boys just found another wild Blackberry patch (and a snake :0 ) while working near the creek and expanding the goat yard. So, maybe we'll harvest them soon.


    Our tree isn't doing very well this year either. I don't know if it's the odd weather or what...but, it's usually loaded with peaches..this time I can count maybe 25 or 30. :shrug:

  3. You're doing it already stephanie. It's about using your local resources for what you don't produce and helping others become independent. Think about how much you've helped others on this board. The one line I really liked that sharon astyk said on her blog was this... Whatever it is, our Independence days come when our neighbors and the people we love are food secure too. Cuz, it's not just about us....
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