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  1. It’s 102 so it’s too hot to move now.... I volunteered at my local animal shelter and walk little dogs...did that early this morning. Right now watching the news about the swarm of earthquakes that hit California. We had blinds moving and the couch jolted but nothing major.
  2. Yes! I’m still celebrating my birthday from yesterday! I have Haagen Daz ice cream to share. And I’ll provide an activity....my family did paint pouring and we had a blast. I’ll bring paint, canvases and all the things so we can get our creative side on...
  3. We’ve always had a few days of it over the summer. Over the past five years or so it seems like more. It’s already started creeping up again. Starting this Thursday and going until Monday we’re supposed to have temps between 102 and 109. I’m not looking forward to that. Wildfires have started popping up...just not super close to us. I’m so glad about that.
  4. We had several times of 105-110 for days on a row. I just do everything early...cooking, laundry, etc. open the house in the morning...close it up by 10 am. Keep blinds/curtains closed. Heavy on the mulch in my garden...although I still had some tomatoes with sun scald and lost most of my nasturtiums. Make sure you and animals stay well hydrated. Sorry to hear about your rabbits.
  5. Hope you had a good one!
  6. What’s the difference between the leaf and the waving hand?
  7. I noticed that if you want to see exact totals you have to click on your profile.
  8. My mom paid into a long-term care policy for 15 years through the military. You can’t even buy something like that anymore. It has paid for her care in a nice facility near us for the past five years and it’s the only way we’ve survived her dementia. The money runs out in a little over a year… At that point she’ll have to move in with us and we will have to pay for someone to help with her. There’s nothing nearby that she’ll be able to afford...and we need to be able to see her regularly because we saw how much worse her dementia got over the past year when all we could do was talk on the phone or through a window. We took care of my father-in-law (who had dementia) for 2 1/2 months last year before he passed… It was hard. Really hard. My hope is that Mt. Rider and her family can figure something affordable out.
  9. Any word on mtriders dad?
  10. In the first article about India the writer called their variation a ‘double mutant’. Does anyone what the Indian variant is actually called? Has it been found in the US?
  11. Oh Momo, I’m so sorry for the loss of your husband.
  12. “MrsS has always been about being FOR something. We are for self-sufficiency. We are for thoughtful preparing to take care of ourselves and families. We are for wise choices in our spending. We are trying to learn the skills that give us ways to protect ourselves, feed ourselves, provide medical care for ourselves. We sacrifice a lot of the glitz in life in order to focus on these things. We believe in taking responsibility for ourselves and our families .....and perhaps making these contributions of knowledge to friends, neighbors and our communities.” Wow.....this should be a pinned somewhere so that everyone who finds the site sees it first....because it just says it all.....
  13. We’ve been lucky that our stores have started getting some starting back in February. Not as many as before...but I always pick up some when I see them in the stores.
  14. That was cool. Was it just me, or did anyone else think about how big that house was as he was following the falling dominoes?
  15. Mother, I’m so glad your brother is doing better. California does seem to be doing better. I’m cautiously optimistic. Our schools are opening on Monday after being closed and using distance-learning since last April. 70% of our students are going back in person and 30% have decided to remain with distance-learning...there will be 8 weeks of school until the end of the year. We had so many children at the preschool level who decided to remain with distance-learning that we had to create a class and only distance-learning...and I was lucky enough to be asked to be that teacher. As much as I want to get back into the classroom I still wish we could have remained with distance learning until the end of the school year. I want to be positive about kids going back but I just keep feeling like it’s a bad idea. Especially since in the past week my little city has had two cases of the Brazilian variant. People here are so tired of not being out and about and doing all their normal activities. Everyone wants things to be back to the way it was. It’s almost as if people have forgotten that we are still in a pandemic.... As far as testing goes I wonder about it’s accuracy if not everyone is getting tested. The University here created a spit test that’s available to all community members who live or work here for free and you get your results back in 24 hours...it’s on all school sites and and at a number of other places. And yet I know a lot of people who never get tested because they don’t see the point...
  16. And here is an up to date resource on how to find out if your area allows chickens... https://offgridpermaculture.com/Beginners/Are_Chickens_Allowed_in_Your_City____How_To_Find_Out_What_s_Allowed.html
  17. Many cities do allow chickens. The ‘no’ part is usually for roosters. My area allows six hens. I do know a number of people who have quail...and rabbits....for pets...just sayin’.
  18. I’ve been a subscriber of hers for a number of years. This is just heartbreaking....and worse because it was a drunk driver. I’m going back to check and make sure I run any videos I haven’t watch before....plus give lots of likes.
  19. Glad you’re feeling better Mt. Rider. We just had a huge storm roll through here with tons of ran in and 70mph winds. We lost power for 15 hours so I’m clearing out my fridge. Fortunately the stuff in the chest freezer is doing ok. Now I’m glad I keep a couple of gallon water bottles in it for situations like this.
  20. Jeepers, I remember watching The Day After when it came out. My son was just a couple weeks old and I remember holding him while watching it and bawling my eyes out...it was too realistic for a new mama.
  21. I just caught up on the past several months. Lots happening in everyone’s lives. Congratulations euphrasyne on your beautiful baby girl! We2’s so sorry to hear about your grandson. Hoping that all of you are well and safe. I love coming here to read about all the everyday things...it’s wonderful to get a peek into your lives. We’ve been fortunate that my close family have all stayed healthy these past few months (although we are getting ragged around the edges mentally with the stress from the never ending lockdowns and the events happening in our country. I’m still teaching online because the cases in our county are out of control...that was...unexpected. I have a small winter garden going with broccoli, kale and peas doing well and am getting ready to start seeds for spring. I am so ready for spring. I need to tell you all how glad I am for this forum...I can come here for calm...and wisdom.
  22. Happy birthday Mother!
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