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  1. I forgot to ask...what does "Pm you" mean? Stacy
  2. I'd like to join in too. It sounds like a lot of and I need to start doing some fun things again. Stacy
  3. Thanks Mountain Mommy! Stacy
  4. I would like to participate in this. How do we do it? Keep track of the previous weeks miles and then post them? I have got to lose the extra weight. My joints are killing me and my doctor says it's because of the extra weight. Stacy
  5. I have a question. What does the little yellow open book next to the posts mean? I am trying to figure out what all the little icons means. I need a lesson on them. Oh yeah, and is there a way to mark posts read so you don't have to scroll through all the old posts? Thanks, Stacy
  6. Well, I'm exhausted. I spent 4 hours today reorganizing my pantry.I still have some things I have to find space for and only found 4 cans that were expired. I have pulled everything that is nearing expiration to the front. I found that I am short in some areas that the kids have been getting into (I have 5 less jars of peanut butter than I thought I had and discovered that ds22 really likes chili and refried beans.) Everything is written down in my fs book...so hopefully I can keep track of it all. Ds11 looked in the cabinets and saidit looked like a grocery store. I'm wondering if it will stay organized like this. Stacy
  7. Our local Safeway is having $10 for $10 sales so I bought: 10 jars of applesauce 10 boxes of a rice-a-roni mix dd likes 6 large cans peach halves 4 cans corn 2.5 gallons water more ramen (I have 8 cases now) Over the past couple of weeks I have been wiping out there shelves of a particular brand of applesauce because I got a bunch of rainchecks. This was real easy because they only put 10 jars at a time on the shelf. Today I noticed they added rearranged the space and added extra jars! This time there was actually space for 15 jars....wonder if it had anything to do with them being purchased so often? Stacy
  8. What a neat site! Has anyone ever tried her $45 or $70 emergeny menus? Can you really get that much food for that amount of money? Stacy
  9. I have taken everything out of my pantry and am in the process of checking dates and writing down what I have. It's taking alot longer than I thought. I just feel like I really need to get organized so I can figure out what I need to add to it. And the urgent feeling for it to be done now is so very strong. Stacy
  10. My summer garden should continue producing through November if the weather stays predictable. I have had tomatoes keep producing into December. I will probably try peas, lettuce amdother cool weather plants. I need to start getting them into the ground. Stacy
  11. Add my name, please. I'd love one too. Stacy
  12. There were 23 offenders inmy area. One who lives right around the corner! Scary. Why do most of them say they may have relocated? Don't they keep track of them if they move? Stacy
  13. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/087156213...ce&n=283155 I hope this link works...I found a book on Amazon.com about this place. The one review it had was positive.
  14. Hey! This is it! This the place I read about so many years ago in MEN. I wonder if they still are open to tours?
  15. I have been to this site before and it is very cool. I do garden in my front yard and it works well if you have lots of sun. I do have a small grass area that must stay there because we rent. I have a peach tree in the front but lost most of the crop this year to a fungus and a new squirrel in the neighborhood. There is a house in the Bay Area that has been around for years that is into sustainability. I read about it in Mother Earth News a long time ago. I wish I could find out if they have a website because it seemed to be doing amazing things in a very small space.
  16. Sustainability to me is about trying maintain some sense of a normal lifestyle for my family in the areas of food, shelter,etc. as our world becomes more challenging. I don't thinks it possible to be totally self-sustaining...I would hope to be as sufficient in as many areas as possible and then depend upon being able to trade with neighbors, etc.
  17. I'm very excited to see this forum. We live in the suburbs. I have been able to grown quite a bit in our backyard, sideyard and some of the front yard. Also experimented with some growing on the roof (lost the plants due to extreme heat). I look forward to seeing what others do.
  18. Do you have to be a paying member of Sam's club to order this?
  19. dogmom4

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    I would like one with golden retrievers if possible. Thanks. dogmom4
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    Those are the pictures everyone has, correct? How do you get one of them? Stacy
  21. I have re-done my acount and can now login. My 46th birthday just passed on July 7th. Stacy
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