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  1. I don’t know Amber...the people who were on their front porch...and got shot for being there...and one of them yelled “Light’em up!” before they shot at them? That scared the bejeezus out of me. There is a curfew...but people are allowed to be on their front porches...they weren’t doing anything except standing there. We are not under martial law...at least not yet.... https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/11750164/minnesota-national-guard-shoot-paint-own-porch/
  2. Nice! Where did you get the red thing on top?
  3. WE2’s I am so envious of your space. Love it!
  4. Welcome home! What was your user name before?
  5. Mine was scheduled for deposit on the 29th deposit but came in this morning.
  6. Our city just announced that our Fourth of July celebration has been cancelled....
  7. The weather has been absolutely beautiful here lately....70 degrees or above. I did mostly yard stuff this morning...cutting back ivy...pruning my grapevine that’s going a bit wild...putting some pepper and cucumber starts into pots. Giving my hand a rest though because my right thumb has started hurting. I’m working on a 2000 piece puzzle....will take the dog for a walk later and need to finish up parent conference forms.
  8. Jeepers we’re getting the same notice. From what I’ve heard on the news a lot of people are.
  9. In my area we’ve had shortages of pretty all of the above...although it comes and goes. Yesterday I went to the store to get sesame oil...they were completely out...along with bare shelves of all the kinds of specialty oils. It’s hit or miss one day to the next. Today I went to my local Ace Hardware store to get soil....there was a line to get in....and a long line to the cash register. One silver lining from all this....in my area so many more people are starting gardens and getting chickens.
  10. I am able to grow many of my herbs during the summer even when we get those lovely strings of 100 degree days...they are in grow bags so I move them under a tree.
  11. Yeah...after many years of hubby complaining about “too much”...I heard him bragging about how we were just fine because I keep a well stocked pantry to one of his brothers who was complaining about empty store shelves... Welcome home Hazel.
  12. CG, that’s so scary. I’ve seen quite a few people who have run out of basics and are calling anyone that has the stuff they need hoarders. I find it really insulting that someone calls us hoarders because we made responsible choices...but I have stayed out of the conversations because I’m not putting a target on my head.
  13. https://www.businessinsider.com/homemade-mask-using-hydro-knit-shop-towel-filters-better-2020-4 The people in this article did some tests on what the best filtering materials are...this brand of blue shop towels rated the highest. I ran to Harbor Freight this morning to get some and they were limiting it to one package because they had a huge run on them this morning. I have a friend who is making the homemade ones with pockets and I’ll cut the shop towels for liners. That way they can be washed.
  14. My son just called and told me a man he roomed with several years ago passed yesterday from the virus. He was only 32....no major health issues but my son says he used to smoke a lot of weed. As of Friday Costco is only allowing 2 people per card into their warehouses.
  15. Amber, papers for what? To get back into Florida?
  16. Hope you gave a wonderful day!
  17. I haven’t actually turned anything official in yet...because I was thinking the same thing.
  18. Im a little tired. All this online meeting thing is a new thing to me...and it hurts my brain. I’m having to learn how to create a Webex meeting and a Google classroom...none of which I will use when I retire mid June. We planned for a few hours what we’ll be sending home for the first two weeks (thankful that there’s only 9 weeks of school left). And we’re meeting Monday to figure out how to create videos. But....I’m grateful I have income coming in.
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