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    More people seeing the writing on the wall. I'm glad! Less sheeple!
  2. I was sitting here and I felt a tickle on my arm. A flea! It jumped away. I grabbed the cat and outside she went. Vaccumed the floor, put the cat towel in the washer and turned it on and dumped the vac out. Cat has Frontline on but it must not work. Now I feel phantom fleas on me. Help! What else can I do? I'm going to shower and then bath kids and vac again. I hate fleas!
  3. Wait Leah! Let me check that chocolate and make sure its still good! Just a little sample. And maybe another to be double-sure!
  4. mistylady


    I just noticed that we have 1900 members now! And thank you Darlene for having this nice home for us all!
  5. The frost was on the pumpkins here this morning! I just watned to wish everyone a happy halloween! And remember that hard candy (and all the rest of the candy)will be on sale in the morning and it goes well in BOB's and with your preps!
  6. Got a luggable lou ready to go and lots of hand sanitizer. During the warm seasons we have a nice tree and a thick brush pile to obscure the view. Necie ... your avatar almost got my computer screen hit! Running bug! Very cute! LOL
  7. We found out that we have a grey water line by accident. Slosh ..."oh gross!" The sinks, tub and washing machine all run out. The grass is green and lush where it runs.
  8. I don't have many people ask. When they do I just tell them that I buy large quantities so I don't have to drive to town again from where I live and the price of gas is just too high for little jaunts into town for one or two things. All true. The thing people gawk at me over is buying ammo. I just tell them I'm sighting in a new gun and they shut up. We try to buy large amounts of ammo online and not at the store unless the local gun shop has a good sale!
  9. When hubby is working I get up at 4:30 am and get everything rady for him to go to work or come home from work - depending on if he is on days or nights. Then I go back to sleep until 7 when it is time to deal with two energetic dogs and a hungry cat! If he is not working I get up at 6 am (my internal clock goes off at that time - stupid clock). He sleeps in until 9:30 or later.
  10. Welcome to the family! And if you DO have chocolate with you make sure to toss it to the far corner of the room and run! Westie is really fast on her feet! And I think she can smell chocolate from a distance of at least 100 yards! LOL
  11. welcome to the family! And I mean that even without Westies PBC threat! I've been working on my stealth climbing and scaling fence skills so I'm not afraid! (Runs from computer)
  12. mistylady


    Welcome Tripwire! Grab a chair!
  13. Why do I prep? Because I'm scared. Scared of what I see coming - the economy failing, the threat of nukes, bird flu, the governement disarming us and so many other things. I feel paranoid in a way. I go to the store and look at things to see how long they will last on the shelf, if it would be helpful in a SHTF situation and I feel like I just can't do enough fast enough. Recently I just got overwhelmed with it all and spent a few weeks feeling inadequate and embarrassed that I wasn't doing enough. Coming off of being really sick I just rolled up in a ball of self-pity and wallowed around. I actually avoided here because I felt like I had let everyone down. I know better now. The pity party is over. Still feel overwhelmed though. Time seems to be going so fast. I never thought I would be looking at our basement in the terms of a nuke shelter. But I do. I keep moving things trying to make better use of the space. So I fear nukes and EMP's. I don't know if I will ever feel ready but I have more stuff than I had last year at this time! The UPS man hates me from the big boxes of stuff from Sportsmansguide and the mailman got pee'd at by the pup when he brought up a bunch of books I had ordered. So he probably dislikes me now too. Although only the mail got hit...he wasn't too happy with the attempt that the pup made. He's a puppy he's going to pee when he's happy. Gotta have a sense of humor! Especially out here!
  14. Thank you so much everyone! The kids are cold-free..thank you Lord! I'm still sick. Today is the first morning I haven't felt like I was trying to cough up a lung. I'm sick of being sick.
  15. Has anyone tried tabacco for worming meat goats?
  16. Welcome to the family! Darlene you know Sue just chews through that duct tape.
  17. My little cold turned into a nasty bug and last night I had a fever of 102. Please say a little prayer that the kids don't get this and that I get better soon. This is miserable stuff. Thank you everyone.
  18. I got 10% off my order from 1800petmeds! Yipee!
  19. I heard about this and it worked! If you are going to order from a company online and you see that little spot that says "coupon code" and an empty box by it then try this: go to Google and type in the name of the company and "coupon code" and you should get a code to put in that spot and save you some money! And some of the codes are better than the regular offer that the home page is giving. Never turn down a coupon!
  20. Thank you everyone! I'm going to start treating her in the morning. I'm giving her every chance I can. She is so sweet.
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