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  1. I just found this site and I'm so happy to be here! I thought I'd introduce myself. My name is Misty but that was already being used so I renamed myself Mistylady. But you can call me Misty! I have two kids - Guenevere will be 3 in December and Conrad will be 2 in September. Wow...that's coming up soon! Time flies! They are 9 months apart - Conrad was a premie but he's fine and mean! I'm marrried and we are a happy couple! Not to say we don't have a spat every now and then but nothing major! We just purchased our first home and we'll be moving in during September. We have to paint and do some little things. It's 19 acres and we're looking forward to raising rabbits, a cow and having a garden. I plan to learn how to can - I already bought four boxes of jars for cheap. I love the thrift stores! I checked the jars and only a few are mayo jars. I'll find a use for those too! I heard that you can't can in those safely. I'll log on as often as I can. Probably once or twice a day. If hubby is off work he takes over the computer! Computer hog. So if I'm not here for a day - that's the reason! I look forward to talking to you all! Take care!
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