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  1. http://members.tripod.com/~Sidlinger/ I havn't been through the entire site but the guides are listed about halfway down the page. I thought Id put it on here for everyone and you can look at your leisure.
  2. I wasn't sure where to put this but here it is! Its something I hadn't prepared for! ANTS They aren't a natural disaster but yesterday they proved how bad they can be. Yes, I sat on an ant hill while playing with the puppy. I got bit numerous times and in about twenty minutes I was wheezing and itching. I took Benadryl and it helped. Knocked me out too. So after TSHTF what can we do for things like allergic reactions? Is there a home treatment? Also how do we get rid of ants when we can't get any Raid? I hate Raid and it can't be used where the pup is anyway. But those ants......
  3. We killed a raccon a couple of days ago. I was after a groundhog but trapped a coon. He was very unhappy and I got a good look at the build and the teeth. Pup sleeps in the crate in the house and is happy there. During the day I can stand up and see him. He's on a cable run with a dog tent and his water at one end. I go out at least once an hour and play with him. More often if I can't see him. Tomorrow afternoon he is getting a kennel (10 x 10) outside and a big nice dog house (compliments the nieghbor). He will still get played with once an hour (I just love the furr ball!) and will get to sleep in the house at night. Thanks HSmom! I saved the site!
  4. I hope this works! 549-000_0021.jpg
  5. I have a tree that I can't id. It has little round green balls on it right now. Very small ones. The leaves are on stems with about 8 leaves. It has rough bark. The flowers were white and lots of them (tiny flowers). Anyone know what kind of tree it is? Oh and it smells bad when you pick a leaf.
  6. I can live with being a pack. This moring I tok him out to do his business at 5:30 and he had messed his kennel so I cleaned it and then tried to go back to slep. Guen got up and pestered me until I hollared. Smaog wanted out again at 8:30 so I tried to put up a tarp to give him some shade outside and put him on the cable run. It started to rain. Guen ran out and complained about the rain. I ran her back in the house. Smaog is outside onhis run now witha chew toy rope and a big bowl of water and is very happy! I check on him every few minutes. I'm sure he likes being able to stretch his legs! I'd like to join him.
  7. I went to the feed store and they said that pup is too young for advantage (needs to be 16 weeks old). So he has a nice Hartz collar. I'll check on him in a little while and make sure he is okay with it. He can't reach it to chew on it. He gets to sleep in the house in his kennel! He barked this morning and woke me up. He went out on his leash and made his puppy puddle. He doesn't want to mess his kennel! If I could just get the kids to follow his example. LOL I set a trap last night for the groundhog and caught a raccoon. We showed the coon to the pup and the pup barked and had a fit! It was so cute! He was protecting his home. AFter the coon had been...dispatched he went back to rolling and playing like a good puppy! He came upstairs and spent some time inthe kitchen on the rug and was happy just laying there and watching his people! Thank you for all the tips! Im going to check out that raccon worm stuff. YEs we have a major tick problem! I picked three off pup today! And I get at least one every time I go outside. I hate ticks! Now that we havea dog we can get some guineas and chickens. Gotta run. Storms in the area.
  8. If pup stays on a cable run at night will the big bad raccoons hurt him? We have serious raccoonie problems. Pup is only about 12 pounds of fluff. Also what is the best flea/tick collar for him? Thank you!
  9. He's here! They arrived about 10:00 last night and pup was sick from the ride. He vomited in the jeep. But he still wanted to be loved on. His crate went in the basement with a fan on him to keep the air flowing and he curled up and went to sleep fast. This morning at 6:30 he barked and I took him outside to do his puppy business and he did. He is full of energy today. I brought him upstairs when the kids woke up and Guen loves him; Conrad made a dash to the other room screaming. One outta two ain't bad! Guen and I took hm outside and I tired to put up a cable run but it got hot and I got annoyed and sweaty. The pup was hot so I gave up and brought the herd in. Now pup is in the crate asleep and Guen is pestering me to go get him. He needs his rest though. Pup will probably be named Smaog (pronounced smog). For the dragon in the book. We'll see.
  10. Broadsword I think you mean July 1 for a cut off! And thank you for doing this great group buy!
  11. Finally a dog! Well a puppy anyway! Hubby went to get him and he should be here by about 7 this evening. Its a three hour drive down to where he is. No name yet but he has been around small kids and is used to being played with. He's a Norweign Elkhound. I gave hubby a list of things to pick up for him (food, collar and toys) before he left to get him. There is an old dog house here so he can live in that until we can build him a nicer one. I'm so excited! And a big plus - hubby says now that we need the new fence up ASAP! I hate not having a fence.
  12. That is beautiful! So many times I forget to count my blessings.
  13. This is an offer from Backwoods Home magazine that I wanted to share. Its a cook book and a one year subscription to the magazine. We get the magazine and love it! Here is a link to the offer: http://www.backwoodshome.com/store/files/cr57.html I emailed and asked them if I could post it for my friends and this is the answer: "Thank you for your inquiry. Yes you can mention us on your forums as long as you state the offer is only good for new subscribers and they need to call us to place the order. Our phone number is 800-835-2418."
  14. Walmart shopping netted some water, undies for the kids, plunger for doing wash (the other one I had planned to use got used for the original purpose and I'm not washing clothes with THAT one), bar soap, liquid hand soap, and some sugar. Then I went to the dollar store and got some dried mangos, emergency candles (2 boxes of 10) and some cling wrap.
  15. Welcome to the family! My hubby is the ammo man here too! I lived in Ok for a bit (Blanchard, OKC and Tahlequah).
  16. All my prayers and hugs my friend! Get some rest and don't over do it. Keep us up to date when you get a chance but REST!!!!! ((hugs))
  17. Have a happy happy birthday!
  18. mistylady

    ONLY me...

    Darlene ((hug)) hon things will look better in the morning! Take care of your knee and don't over do it!
  19. mistylady

    I'm back

    You have a beautiful family! And thank you for sharing the adventure and the photos! I'm glad you're home safe and sound!
  20. Westie smells chocolate! Put the chocolate on the corner table and back away slowly!
  21. You've already started! Our house has a partial basement where we keep the preps. Storage is always a problem here. Especially when the man of the house tries to find something that wasn't in that room to begin with! He rearranges stuff I have those rubbermaid big boxes for stuff like tarps, tents, ponchos, and gear. They have labels on them (real labels to the back and fake ones for vistitors on the front "photos, books" that type of thing so people don't think we are the nearest store after tshtf! We keep people out of the storage rooms if possible but you never know who snoops! Two shelves in the storage room by the door look like a pantry and I have very little cupboard space so it doesn't seem odd here. Non perishable things like toothpaste, deodarant, toothbrushes and the like are one deep on the shelf and the rest are in boxes. When I take a new one upstairs to use I pull another out of the box and write it on the "want list" on the frige for the next trip to the store. Hmmmmmm...I almost sound organized but don't let that fool you - right now its still a mess from the move late last year! That room also has extra blankets and seasonal clothing is in vac bags and then rubbermaid boxes. The Luggable Loo lives in the far corner penned in with a row of boxes. Gota love the Luggable Loo potty! We have a "gun room". This room has a door on it so no one goes in unless we let them in. The room I was talking about earlier has a curtain door. The gun room has tools, extra lumber, duct tape and stuff that is not edible. Hubby keeps track of the ammo and cleaning supplies for the guns (I pick it up when its on sale). Ammo is in ammo boxes mainly. I bought a new shelf yesterday at Walmart and put it up right inside the basement door. It will have the extra water and bleach on it soon. This way if a water container leaks I'll see it without having to go into the storage room where it lives now. Leaks don't really cause a big problem since the floor is rammed earth under tile but I don't want the water to get on something else or run out of water and not know it! And no, we didn't know we had a rammed earth floor unti lafter we had signed the papers and got the key. It looked like tile over concrete. Now we just laugh about it. You have a good book already. I have the Storey's Basic COuntry Skills book and love it! I'm getting ready to order some more books from Amazon and if any are good I'll put a review up about them. I bought Apocolypse Chow and it isn't bad. When I go shopping I try to pick up at least one extra can of veggies or pack of tp or just something little and put it aside in the preps. It adds up really fast! I think I have enough clothespins to keep me happy now. Things like clothespins, needles, thread, pins are things that we will need but don't really think about everyday. No power - no dryer or sewing machines. Also a good washboard is an excellent thing to have and the 5 gallon bucket with a hole in the lid for a potty plunger to aggitate clothes is nice. 5 gallon buckets are wonderful! I bought some regular flat back buckets for the future goats that were on sale last week. The neighbor offered to let his goats eat our grass if we keep them watered and chained and out of danger. Don't let it overwhelm you! It will all come together!
  22. Welcome to the family! I'm so glad to see you join up! You'll love it here!
  23. BUMP! Great site! Some of our newer members might find some info they need!
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