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  1. Who would I order them from. That is a great idea.
  2. Boy I wish I could find some used canners, and used jars up here. Most every one has taken to canning lately. Looked on Ebay for a used canner and the one I found was going to cost more than the one up here new. Havent been able to find used jars so I went to cotsco and all their pints were sold out. Went to Walmart and the same. Seems like folks are trying to get ready for something. Jars are normally 9.50 per case and were on sale for 7.50 or so...they were gone in a heart beat.
  3. I loved the guys inventiveness. What was it that he hooked to his drill that did that wonderful of a job with out tearing the skin of the chicken??? Inquiring minds would like to know since they will be butchering about 40 in the next 2 months.
  4. What would I like to see in these pages? Well here is my thoughts. If TSHTF, (like it hasnt already), then what? We will need be is to be able to do like our ansestors did. We will need to be able to pick up and do for ourselves. Given any scenario that you could have those that will make it will be those with the skills and ability to sustain independance from the masses. Example: given everything but flood. He that is totally self sustaining with the knowledge of how to make all the parts work together as a whole will be the survivors in the end. You will be the one that knows how to
  5. I would plan more in the survival range and things that teach basic skills. You will need to know how to make soap from scratch, not from store bought lye. You need to know how to extract it from the wood ashes and use it to see how it will do with your skin. I try to think of what my grandma did when she lived on the ranch and raised her 4 kids alone back in the 1920's and through the depression. I have heard many stories. I have always wanted to make my life emulate my grandmothers. You have to look at the circle of life and make your living arangements all work together like the old f
  6. But that is why you dont get them wet Sheri
  7. Sheri, Kritter told me about this site. She told me you were hiding out here on your off time from HS I have already gotten many new ideas and a lot of new information from here already.
  8. Thanks for the welcome all. Cat thanks for the cinnamon rolls. mmmmmm one of my favs. By the way Washkeeton was the name of my daughters pet ice worms.
  9. I am a she lol. I lived out but never hunted or had to forage. My roomie and I worked in Fairbanks(me 2 days per week) I went ahead and bought all my food then. (stuff was cheeper 10 yrs ago) We hauled water and heating fuel. I learned what was edible then and now am teaching my 7 yr old son. I have gallons of highbush cranberries and rose hips in my yard this yr. Will be ripe here soon. I am going to homeschool this yr for the first time. We have borrowed some wilderness skills movies from a friend, my son and I like to watch them. He is such a sponge and really wants to learn
  10. There is quite a few mushers up here in AK that save their dogs blown coats in the spring wash it, clean it, and spin it then make hats and stuff from it. Actually it is warm. A small dog lot is usually up to 25 or so dogs and a large one can go all the way to 200 or more dogs. Those are the ones that run the iditarod. Just think of the amount of under coat that many dogs would produce. Free for the use and taking. Now lint from the dryers I have never used it for anything.
  11. I have actually never filled out one of these intros. I am too shy. I love your information and will add to it as much as I can. I have been in AK for the past 10 yrs, this year. I lived out in a bush cabin for the first 2 years. We were out of Fairbanks and enjoyed the winters of 70 below camping, hauling heating fuel, using an outhouse, and hauling water. We ran dogs up to 30 below. It was the best 2 yrs of my life. I am presently just out of town now and looking for about 10 acres that I can build another bush cabin on. (I dont want to be way out just on the edge) I want
  12. I have never noticed any more creepy crawlies here when I do it seperate it. Mostly this past winter I split wood in the living room by the stove. In ak I do know that the skeeters live in the bark somewhere but I really dont know of many other creetures that do. In the summer I get my flys, skeeters, skeeter eaters, and spiders. That is really about all the creepy crawley critters we have. I live here cause there is no cocroaches and snakes Not really but I thought I would say that for fun.
  13. For those of us up in the great white north of AK, I take birch bark and package with dry leaves, and some dried spruce and put in a sack. I usually smash it flat and put it in individual baggie bags then lay it on the bottom of what ever I am taking with me. Most of the time I just use birch bark. Green or dry it works great. Green birch wood burns great and with a nice hot fire. Unlike most woods it also doesnt leave heavy creasote in your chimney wheather it is green or dry burnt. When I am splitting my logs for the winter wood pile I use a small hatchet and start loosening the bark.
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