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  1. I have a 20 quart stockpot full of turkey broth. Will can it tomorrow, so I can chill and scoop the fat off the top. Want to do cranberry mustard too.
  2. We always say apples are the worst to can...Such a mess...Then the grapes come..... We always pray the apples are done, before the grapes come, but this year...They were here together! What an icky, sticky mess! Thankfully all done now!
  3. We built cinder block and board shelves, that line the 4 basement rooms, wall to wall.....And then there are more jars piled on the floor. It took a long time to get to this level. I set money aside, for fruit, meat etc...Then buy a bin of apples, 12 boxes of grapes, a cow...But I have to keep this in mind all year long...My chicks know the season...Cherry time, peach time, apples, grapes, meat, veggies....We eventually got 4 pressure canners, 3 steam juicers, and our Mennonite friends bought us a wonderful outdoor, stainless steal water bath canner...Really this is all we do, besides school..
  4. We finished canning 56 quarts of apple juice, 48 quarts of apple cider, 87 quarts of applesauce, 133 pints of grape juice, 51 twelve oz. jars grape jelly, 13 more quarts of green beans...Took about a week though...Tomorrow hopefully apple jelly and more green beans...Then the canners get packed away for a while....
  5. Don't know where I read it, but I think they said that animals can catch ebola, and they don't show any symptoms. Really sad for the nurse, but what if the pet could spread ebola? That would be awful and imagine the panic, as ebola spread and no one knew from where.....What a mess this disease causes!
  6. This virus was just invited into this country. People from these infected countries DO NOT need to be here visiting relatives. This is crazy!
  7. It's been confirmed....Horrible! http://www.cbsnews.com/news/ebola-confirmed-in-texas-patient-first-case-diagnosed-in-u-s/ Why don't think close the borders to these countries? I just don't get this!
  8. Thanks Arby! I have a few to can, but would be nice to try these others and stick in the fridge.
  9. Oh yum! Thanks! I can't wait to make some!
  10. Thanks! I just saw this! I will try it!
  11. Do you can meat? We love it! Really easy to do! We just finished some from 2006 and it was perfectly fine.
  12. I found this recipe for canning mustard: http://www.freshpreserving.com/recipes/oktoberfest-beer-mustard Does anyone have any other safe recipes for other varieties of mustard to can? I bought brown and yellow mustard seeds and also powdered mustard some time ago and my chicks and I want to try making mustard. They wouldn't want it very hot, so guess I need to use less brown mustard seeds, and more of the yellow...Other than that...We'd love different varieties. I think maple syrup would be good in it...
  13. I just saw this. I wrote to Ball this morning too....I sure hope they know what they are talking about, because soon I will be canning "A-cow-in-a-jar" and I expect those lids to stay sealed for years! Probably be the last beef we will ever be able to afford...Been paying on it for a very long time and those jars better stay sealed!
  14. OK...I have over 100 boxes of these things...I haven't used them yet though, but this is what is worrying me.... If we aren't to even simmer the things, because the plastic may deteriorate and the seals may not "seal"...Ummmmmm....Someone please tell me how they are going to hold up in a water bath and most especially in a pressure canner? Are our seals going to "pop" long before we expect them too? I do a lot of canning at a time....I expect that seal to stay down for years, especially meats....I just don't see how that is going to happen, if simmering water may damage them. I've
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