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  1. Yes, I've heard that, Kappy. [Thanks for the proportions again...have them somewhere...] But it occurs to me......if Cream of Tartar doesn't go bad if kept from moisture. And Baking Soda doesn't go bad if kept from moisture.... Then it must be that a chemical reaction is going on once you mix those two.....EVEN if kept from moisture? Obviously also: preppers....being prepared for the long run, need to keep those two ingredients separately in our storage amounts. Methinks I have too much baking powder and should have invested in more Cream of Tartar. MtRider ....thanks, Annarchy. She got my post above to show correctly.
  2. Being who I am.....I have to wonder.....WHO in their right mind would scrape the stuff off decades old wine barrels and use it in baking? MtRider
  3. Good Grma!!! Have a safe and productive trip. ENJOY your really neat new furniture!!!! True! No messing around with one's vision. DH came home in much better shape. He's adjusting. I'm .....tired! But I'm adjusting to the vastly different schedule too...mostly. It will work....for a while. MtRider
  4. Are you seeing the jumbled last couple of sentences in my post? I couldn't get it to straighten out. I've never seen that happen here.... EDITED TO ADD: Ah, thanks for unjumbling that post, Annarchy! The other page link doesn't work up there so here it is again. Interesting if you like details such as: Why is cream of tartar sold in the spice aisle instead of with other baking ingredients? Traditionally, spice companies (such as McCormick) process and package it, because it has uses beyond baking. Cream of tartar can be used to help certain types of vegetables keep their natural color when steamed or boiled. Pigments contained in acidic pockets in red cabbage, potatoes, and cauliflower will leach out and discolor at a higher pH. Adding ½ teaspoon of cream of tartar to the cooking water will up the acidity and prevent discoloration. https://slate.com/culture/2013/11/what-is-cream-of-tartar-the-food-explainer-explains.html MtRider
  5. REally? I mean the stuff in is metal boxes that have followed us around everywhere we moved. It's that stable? Midnight, thanks for that tip. I haven't used it much.....as demonstrated by the fact that I have such old stuff. But I learned to cook as a member of 4-H...MANY years. So I always sift dry ingredients. [and lightly fluff the flour into the measuring cup...never scoop.... and all those things that cooks used to learn.] But I'll make sure to sift/mix this extra well. BTW....I wondered what does it DO?......so I looked it up [of course]: https://www.thekitchn.com/food-science-what-is-cream-of-72125 "What is the function of cream of tartar in a recipe? The tartar also helps to increase the volume of the egg foam and keeps them bright and white. Cream of tartar is also often added to baked products to help activate the alkaline baking soda. In fact, cream of tartar mixed with baking soda is what gives us baking powder. =-=-=-=-= In fact, it’s an acidic by-product from the process of making wine. It’s found in the sediment left behind in barrels after the wine has been fermented, and it gets purified into the powdery white substance that we use in baking. ==-=-=-= One more way cream of tartar gets used in the kitchen is when we’re working with sugar. Where cream of tartar is a stabilizing agent for egg whites, a pinch added to boiling sugar is actually an interfering agent. The cream of tartar gets in the way of sugar’s natural tendency to bind together and prevents those dreaded sugar crystals from forming. " =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Another deep explaination is found here....if you REALLY want to know how Cr of Tartar works: https://slate.com/culture/2013/11/what-is-cream-of-tartar-the-food-explainer-explains.html MtRider
  6. DH has been at new job for ......one hundred years!!!! Really? It's only been the past FIVE DAYS? Seems like MUCH MUCH MUCH longer. He's really struggling physically. But he's already felt a little better after today's shift than previous four. He'll lose the weight he gained in past few months....and have more pants to wear. I'm washing dark load EVERY NITE so he has clean black pants/uniform shirt for the morning. Thank goodness for modern washer/DRYER! Waiting on tables and Hostess+bus tables, either position is MESSY. {...or is it just DH?} He switches off between the two positions - same uniform. He only has 2 shirts and one pair of black pants right now. They charge him $20 per shirt. [yeah, a few NOT good things about this job] Another bad thing is ...they run so short of staff. 1) everyone keeps encouraging him "PLEASE DON'T QUIT! IT WILL GET BETTER!" 2) No one has time to train him.....so they just throw him in. That frustrates him. At least give him some training on the menu and computer system! Codes for different menu items and variations on those items. Nope, he has to run and ask someone each time. And makes mistakes. He does take in data pretty quickly but.......age is telling. After 6 hours, he goes into LA LA LAND. Body still in motion but there better not be any more NEW things. Data will not process. Did I mention they're desperate and don't have a quota on mistakes? If the tip $$ wasn't good, he would not have even tried this. Meanwhile, back at the ranch.....suddenly I'm doing AM and PM feeding by myself. And a whole lotta other things too. He's home in time for PM feeding but so far, I don't have the heart to even have him help me. He's that torn up each night. I was sleeping later than him....and taking my time to get out for AM feeding. Horses/ducks are not truly in need.....and dog can go out back door if she needs to. Anyway, I realized I CAN'T wait till 10:30AM to feed and walk dog. IT'S AUGUST, for petes sake! It's too HOT for me to be out that late in morning. So I'm aiming for 9:30AM.....that was cool enough. {the one morning I actually hit that goal....} Last nite was bad. We didn't get house cooled down enough and he woke up and couldn't sleep. Likely sore muscles too. I hadn't been to sleep yet...too hot. Ultimately, we both got about 6 hrs.....in 2 shifts.....at completely different times thru the nite/morning. Suffice it to say....I fed at 11:30AM today. Wore a wet, white long-sleeve shirt over tank top and kinda cut all the corners I could to get back out of the heat. NICE breezes this week have helped. Clouds come in the afternoon so PM feeding isn't an issue....except getting rained on. Don't mind that and it keeps the dog clean. LOL I couldn't tell you what we've been eating.....don't think we've eaten the same meal, let alone at the same time. He gets one half-price meal while he's there. Today he worked 8 hrs straight with no breaks...no meal. He just came home and didn't stay 8.5 hrs. He likes the $ and is confident he'll learn it in a couple wks. He'll build up stamina so it won't be such a strain. I told him it's healthy, actually. Like a free gym membership. ---- He said it was closer to Boot Camp. Tomorrow I have AM feeding...... PLUS take the last bag [the food type stuff] out to the trash can.....PLUS I have a ride to Bible Study that DH and I started before he got this job. Welllll, that's the plan anyway. I think I'm set for this. Tonite we had to pour gas in my truck...it was gasping on empty and I must have it to feed. So we did that terrible chore of filling it from the red gas containers. The ones that have the new, stupid, Spill-Gas-On-Ground nozzle things? How do you work those? We took off the nozzle and used a funnel. Still spilled but much less. 'Bout wore us out holding up that 5 gal. container as it dribbles in..... Yay for rubber gloves! Groceries......since I can't drive, I can't DO that. He stopped for bread/milk. But when he finally gets a day off, we'll have to do that and do something with my mom. Likely we'll take her to Walmart and we'll all shop together. Party! MtRider ....gonna take some time to adjust to ALL aspects of this change. But so far, we're surviving.
  7. H.Erick was south ...not a problem. Grson's teams both placed in top 3 for the Championship. H.Flossie will be cruising thru near Maui in the next 24 hrs.....but is down to Tropical Depression. Remember the bad wildfire on Maui recently? They'll welcome the rain and stay out of the higher surf. MtRider ...thanks everyone!
  8. So far Erick and Flossie are behaving nicely. Winding down to Cat 1 and Tropical storm. Kauai needs this Regatta to boost economy in an area recovering from drastic floods a year ago. So I hope all goes well over there. Thanks so much for prayers. DH survived the first day of work. Messy. Hot. Says he'll fit into those smaller clothes soon. Had to run all over today. Hopes for good pay. MtRider .....I woke up at 6am.....and DH had left an hour before that. This is SO not my schedule!
  9. Mt_Rider

    What Size?

    I totally agree. I'm not one to comply to uniformity very much but in the case of sizes, c'mon! I have an old fashioned bed at my folks' house. It's a 3/4 bed so the mattress is custom made. I'll have to ask my mom what sheets she uses on that one....if I get it back some day? MtRider
  10. https://www.theatlantic.com/technology/archive/2019/07/how-polio-inspired-the-creation-of-candy-land/594424/?utm_source=pocket-newtab Anyone besides me unaware of the connection? Didn't know this. Everyone from my generation is familiar with Candyland.....and the fear of polio. Of all our school tho, only one boy was affected. A year or two older than me, he got around with a leg brace and forearm crutches. Heavy metal clanking equipment. Glad there is lighter versions now. Sometimes I wonder tho, if he was ever affected by the second round of symptoms. Some have distressing after affects when they're adults. Anyone here remember going in for the sugar cube? I do....at the high school cafeteria. My folks chose not to do the 'live virus' version tho. MtRider .....trivia/nostalgia for the week
  11. Thanks, Kappy! I had DH get some Cream of Tartar the last time he went shopping. Whatever I might have probably survived the first Great Depression so I decided to get some new stuff! Iffen LIFE will settle down a bit, I'd like to try this!!! Our nights are cool enough, so far. MtRider
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    Car Battery

    Cuz I don't ever want to buy that type of car!!!! What a mess! Batteries are somewhat fragile......who in the world would think tucking them nearer to the road is a good idea???? Yeah, the person who will sell you the new one. Or the guy who will put it in for you. Ah HA! Annarchy fooled them tho. She did it her own self!!!! MtRider ......in merely 100* weather, she says. Awk!
  13. H. Erick has veered a little further south but pretty much staying on track. Is down to Cat 3 tonite, as expected. H. Flossie is now expected to veer further north and not directly go over any of the islands....tho close to northern sides of Big Island and Maui. Still expected to be tropical storm [60-70 mph] by that time....big surf and rain! They are already getting some rain from both systems coming in. Flossie is still a ways out...hard to tell. But not a very powerful storm like H.Erick was just yesterday. Even at Cat 3 today, only traveling at 15 mph so it's not roaring in. Looking good. DH did not exactly start work today. He went in for drug test and some orientation. But when they asked for his SS card.....it wasn't in his wallet. So came home after just some things they could do. Will leave here tomorrow at 5:30AM and bring in an original copy of his birth certificate. Have looked in the two other places the SS card COULD be....but wasn't. He had it for sure just last Feb. I don't think he's received the new ones they are slowly sending out. My folks and I have gotten our new ones. I think his current one would be original to his first job. But birth cert will do and he'll begin learning something entirely NEW tomorrow. Pray.....old folks don't learn NEW very quickly and the restaurant business is quick. Once he's got it, he'll be fine. Shifting schedule didn't help. Neither of us slept well last nite. So I was sleeping when he left but Koa did NOT like getting left behind. So she's sitting...staring at the door, cryin' the blues. I get up and tell her to shut it off! That didn't work. So I invite her up on the big bed and she crawls in right along side me. I go back to sleep deeply. Then I get woken by a noise that I think is dripping...it's raining? No....dog is now licking her hot spot on her tail. I holler "MINE!" ...so she'll leave it alone. And go back to sleep. Some time later, Koa is barking at the door. But it's an announcement bark, not "THERE'S SOMEONE HERE AND YOU'D BETTER CHECK THIS OUT!!!" So I check for clothing, stumble for my quad cane, and glance outside. DH's car is there. Did he forget to bring it this morning? {yes...I really thot that!} So I opened the door and was waking up further when he explained why he [and car] had to come home early today. Shheeeeesh! You're killin' me here! So pray for sleep and CLEAR THINKING during this transition. PLEASE!!! MtRider ....ay yi yi!
  14. Hurricane Erick is leading this year's season. Tonite is a Cat 4 with 160 mph wind gusts. It's still out from HI and is SUPPOSED to track straight west....going underneath the islands. [ H. Iniki was SUPPOSED to do that too and made a right angle turn N. during the night. We woke up to different news. Hurricanes do not behave!] Anyway, by the time H. Erick is under Big Island [eastern most island] it's supposed to be a Cat 1. Which should be fine...send some needed rain. But also wind/high surf. OK, here's the thing. But my Grsons are supposed to be competing at Hawaiian Canoe State Championships this weekend....on Kauai. [one of the furthest islands to the west] Praying that H. Erick stays the southern course....drops down to tropical storm...and does not unduly stir up huge surf, etc for the risk of kids in this Championship. My whole family will be on Kauai this weekend. Then there is H. Flossie coming along almost the same route as H. Erick. Some days behind and is Cat. 1 tonite. Will increase to Cat 2 but drop back to Cat 1 before reaching islands. BUT Flossie is tracking to go right thru the islands....going over top of several of them. Pray Floss will have settled to a tropical storm by then. The huge city of Honolulu would especially appreciate that cuz they are on track to get hit. As I've learned, hurricanes can be quite unpredictable. IF these two behave as expected, should be little problem. Islands NEED rain. 2nd request: DH starts a new job tomorrow -- Wednesday. Very early schedule and quite physical job for old man. MtRidere Doesn't life every settle down and get boring?
  15. In arid west, I keep any rubber-type things in fridge. Humidity helps longevity. Rubber bands and bandaids, mostly. I use hair binders all the time. But once they break.....I throw most of them out. tho I've been know to save one.....or two. And used them. ......moving out of this tiny house is a nightmare BUT ....all those saved things can be tossed to cut down on bulk. MtRider .....Cuz I can save them again.
  16. Right? I did snap back at him: We've lived in this house for 18 years....if we hadn't been cleaning that stove, this house would have burned to the ground by now! Hmph. Baby Brat! Visit #2 and #3 were no better and Papa Bear on #3 as much as called me a liar. By then, J HAD to be there. I'd had ENOUGH! They were the same with J too....and she's been property manager here longer than we've been here. Baby Brat was probably in diapers when she first managed this property! Which was why J and I were so astounded that he was perfectly polite and professional! It has been 3 yrs and likely Baby Brat has taken over from the old papa. Got him a dose or two of reality? Dunno but this version I could deal with. Jeepers vs The Fly BIG Fly We have a mattress in box. I really like foam mattresses. It's like magic....how they unfurl. One thing tho.....it's hard to move across one. It kinda grabs you if you crawl across. But wouldn't make much difference if you can access bed from the side. This bedroom is SOOO small that only access to bed is from the bottom. Too tight against walls and dresser to fit on top/sides. We like sleeping on it. It's certainly warm in winter too. If you tend to sleep hot, you might need a cover of some sort....for more 'breathing between you and foam. ...I'll look at box downstairs later to see brand] DH slept 10 - 5:30am. Shifting over. I'm going to bed much earlier....midnight. Woke at 8. OKay....mebbe new job will work....for a while. Naps may have to be regular? I hate waking up twice in one day. ...can we see pics of the Amish furniture? MtRider .....aaaack! Computer going crazy on me! Pop ups and weird response to pushing buttons....
  17. Yeah, Ambergris......I would have LOVED to have spoken to him.....and his dad! First words out of his smart mouth 3 yrs ago....had not even crossed my threshold ...were: Well if you'd clean the stove once and a while, I wouldn't need to be here! Yanno? We've had two days with minimal rain. Today I slept thru all but the first CRASH of thunder....cuz it startled both DH and dog who were sleeping and woke suddenly. Bad night. Got only 4 hrs sleep. DH is beginning to shift over to new job hours....set alarm for 6am. Fortunately I didn't hear that or him. Or I would have gotten less sleep. So a 2 hr nap during the rain helped. Opted out of going with my mom and niece today. But R took her grma over to city to a store she's wanted to get a bunch of things for couple years now. Got all of it - on great sales. She was very happy! Yeah, that was on the list of things DH and I could do with her. But R likes to shop and I fall apart driving that distance. Then they had lunch at a restaurant R and her friend took my mom to years ago. Those two had a great day...despite one huge rainfall they drove thru. We'll catch up with them tomorrow. Instead, we did the other load of laundry and caught up on rest/sleep. I feel much better now. MtRider
  18. Really! I didn't write this..... But I really do think it was one of my neighbors or kin after spying on my saved/repurposed things!!! https://www.askaprepper.com/23-things-prepper-never-throw-away/ Dryer Lint: Dryer lint is extremely flammable. Dryer lint is an easy item to collect, compresses to save on space, and will help to get a fire going for cooking and staying warm when the power is out. Plastic Soda & Water Bottles: Plastic bottles have many uses, but one of the main things they’ll be used for by the prepper is for drinking water. Water glasses break and need replacing. Plastic bottles won’t break when you drop them; they’re light weight and can be sealed for transport. With a drop of bleach, preppers can store fill and store an otherwise empty plastic bottle with water, every day, for long-term use while the lights are still on. Old Shoes & Boots: Most folks buy new shoes when the pair they have starts to look dingy, but are still very functional. Clothing one’s feet is something the prepper can’t forget to plan for in SHTF. If nothing else by saving old shoes, the prepper will create a wealth of barter items to trade with people. And you can bet the value of a pair of shoes in a post-apocalyptic world are going to be fairly high. Here’s how to make your boots last longer. Old Clothes: Just like old shoes, we tend to give away clothing or throw it away when we have a small hole or stain on our shirt. The prepper knows that he can still use that clothing for wear in a survival situation, but he can use the fabric to mend, replace and re-purpose many household items. Many people don’t consider sources of fabric in SHTF, but old clothes are great for that. Wood Scraps: This goes without saying, but wood scraps should always be collected, kept organized, stacked and dry. While it’s easy to toss scrap wood in the trash, consider the need to keep a cooking fire going if you haven’t had power for 3 weeks. Cord, String and Rope Pieces: From sewing clothing to securing shelter, string, cord and rope will be a highly-valued item that the prepper should never “toss to the curb”. It’s very easy to fold, wrap and store spare cordage, so never throw it out! Wire: There are two types of wire the prepper should never throw away – conductive and non-conductive wire. Conductive wire should be saved as barter pieces for barter for electrical repair or for making a tin can directional WiFi antenna to extend your communication after an EMP. Non-conductive wire should be saved for utility and fastener use. Don’t throw even a hand length piece of wire away. Instead organize it, and put it away in a dry spot. Spare nuts, bolts and screws: In an extended grid down situation, folks will eventually set up some form of commerce. If you’re astute, you can provide income for your family post SHTF and repair items as needed collecting all the spare fasteners that most folks throw in the garbage. Additionally, here’s a comprehensive list with the tools you will need when SHTF. Used Candles: The prepper can scrape out the last little bit of wax in used candles. When enough wax is collected it can be melted and consolidated to one candle container. New wicks are fairly easy to make. When the lights go out for good, a source of light like candles will be invaluable. Here’s how to make 30 hours survival candles with soy wax. Broken Crayons: Children are great for making broken crayons, but don’t throw the broken ones away! Instead, remove the wrappers and throw the pieces in with your saved used candle pieces so they too can be used to make more candles. Broken Pencils: Broken pencils can be cut in half long way, exposing graphite. The prepper can store them in the glove box of a car. When either end of exposed graphite in the pencil is hooked up to a car batter and cable, it turns red hot and bursts into flames. Every prepper’s bug-out vehicle should have a bag of cut in half pencils. Don’t throw them out! Zip ties: Extra zip ties come with all sorts of products as extra fasteners. We tend to throw them out. But the prepper cannot throw them away. These are too useful. Zip ties had hundreds of uses and take up virtually no space. Coffee Grounds: Did you know that you can run your coffee grounds through your coffee machine twice? Some people like weak coffee, and some like a less caffeinated cup of coffee before bed. One can also use coffee grounds as compost for the garden. Vegetable scraps: Plant and veggie scraps can be used for compost, just like coffee grounds, but the prepper can also throw these scraps out for their chickens to eat. Hair Clippings: Hair clippings are another great addition for your garden compost pile. If you were thinking of throwing that pile of hair on the floor away, don’t! Your garden will love the nutrients added to the compost pile. [MtRider note: also it is great abrasive cleaner for porcelain sinks, etc! No scratch but shines!] Soap chips: Usually the little left over soap bar chips go down the drain or are thrown out. But reconsider collecting and compressing them to make new soap bars. In SHTF the prepper will have to make the most of hygiene products to keep from becoming ill. Toilet Paper Rolls: Toilet paper rolls are another great source of tinder for starting fires. They can be cut and flattened out for easy storage. Combine cut up toilet paper rolls with dryer lint the prepper will have a warm fire in no time. You can also make your own substitute for toilet paper. Broken Rubber Bands: Broken rubber bands really aren’t broken. By tying the two ends together, the rubber band works just fine again. In SHTF a broken rubber band is still an excellent temporary light duty fastener. “Expired” Honey: Raw honey really doesn’t expire. Think twice before trash-canning that jar. While most commercially bought raw honey shows 2 years for expiration, the truth is, that honey can be stored almost indefinitely when housed in a cool, dry place. Additionally, here are 23 amazing survival uses for honey that you didn’t know about. Rusted Tools: In SHTF, preppers won’t have the luxury of going to the hardware store. If tools become rusted or dingy looking, clean them up with oil and store them in the garage. Another man’s dingy, rusted tools are another man’s life saver in SHTF. Old tools are an excellent barter item and here’s a list with 12 essential things you can scavenge from cars when SHTF. Metal Breath Mint Containers: These types of containers are great for condensing the last portion of chap-stick, balm and salve. The containers usually fit well right inside a shirt pocket. Breath mint containers also work well for survival kits. Plastic Milk Jugs: Cut the top off the plastic milk jug and you have an excellent pot for small plants. This is a great way to start your garden and move the sprouted plants to a fixed location when you’re ready. [MtR note: many uses -- NOT for storage of water cuz deteriorates. But as a small tool carrier. Cut to make a scoop....or boat bail. Funnel of different sizes depending on various plastic jugs. Use flat portions for repairs. ....endless. Paper clips: I cannot count the times paper clips are thrown into the trash at an office or put through the shredder, but the prepper wouldn’t do that. Paper clips are essentially robust twist-ties ready to help the prepper fasten shelters and projects in a post-SHTF world. They can be used as shims for repair mechanics as well. MtRider Any more uses for these or other things?
  19. Yeah, Jeepers. Anyone who is heading towards SS and Medicare.....TAKE NOTE! There IS A GAP that can send you back out of retirement! God has arranged this in odd ways....cuz DH didn't go in for THIS job. But it will pay more ....quickly. Welllllll, today we got TWO surprises. Both good! We had to have those ornery, smart-mouthed pellet stove cleaners here today. I insisted I won't deal with them without J here. [property manager] So I'd cleaned the thing as usual at the end of the season. And cleared a lot of 'rubble' from around so he has room to work and set up the big vacuum tank. Got up and ready. J arrived and looked at how driveway is eroding but 95% of the rushing water does not make it to the driveway anymore. Smart Mouth arrived with a helper/apprentice. AND HE WAS POLITE AND PROFESSIONAL!!!! He even asked who cleans our stove....uh, DH and I...(of course). He said Good Job....and ...You don't know how many never clean their pellet stoves. J and I kept looking at each other like: Who is this guy? Looks like him but ...did he grow up? Whole time was pleasant. They got the pipe cleaner brush up the chimney ....said it was dirty but not clogged. So we can go with this cleaning every two years. So that was one pleasant surprise. The other was that our niece R is arriving here by helicopter....staying til Tues. Well, she works for a kinda elite transportation company. They were repositioning the chopper and so they came across from East Coast. Took two days. She said it was interesting view....you could see everything you passed since they fly lower and slower. The seating is like First Class airline seating.....not a MASH chopper. She also has a best childhood friend living somewhat near us so she'll be able to see her too. DH and I met my mom and her at a restaurant for supper tonite. Sent food home for my dad....who doesn't come out with us now. So it has been an energy-using day but pleasant. Hope I can hold up for more stuff tomorrow. MtRider
  20. Today was that odd and rare phenomena.....rain! I mean JUST rain....without all the woohah of lightning and thunder and floods and hail and....... That's normal for us. JUST RAIN.....seems strange. Kinda nice tho, eh? For sure our little neck of the woods is not going to see wildfire..... And WOW is that XL dog CLEAN! Raked a ton more shedding hair out of her this morning. Clean and sleek. Different dog! I like the idea of God giving her a bath instead of us. Will use that more often!!! DH went out and got a job today. Just the SS check is not going to pay medical bills.....cuz tho I have Medicare thru disability, I haven't had any "MediGAP" insurance. Believe me.....THERE IS A HUGE GAP!!! This is now something we'd believe to be worth the $$$. Just one stinkin' medical procedure that went wrong and the bills have not even YET stopped coming in. So.....DH comes out of retirement ...for now....but will keep income below the allowance for Soc Security. Rather too easy to do. I feel like LIFE has been hammering at us for the past 6 months. DH's mom died. Those weird Bombogenisis storms. My folks having some extraordinary times....with health issues, cognitive issues, a prairie dog in the clothes dryer FOR-PETE'S-SAKE!! They are still trying to get the new dryer's vent hose hooked up. Possibly Monday for the guy to open the wall and run it thru there. And DH and I have had so much weird and exhausting stuff too. And now.....he's going to work? But it IS good pay. Hours are 6am to 2:30pm....... I'll be going to sleep about the time he's getting up. MAJOR change in schedule! Well, what has to be done, can be done. Right? MtRider ....might want to pray us thru this transition. He starts Wed.
  21. LOVE your ducks!!!! MtRider .....always like mine in a row too...but lately they've been uncooperative! Hmph!
  22. It RAINED AND RAINED AND RAINED AND RAINED AND RAINED AND RAINED AND RAINED AND RAINED AND RAINED AND RAINED .... Add in THUNDER AND LIGHTNING AND THUNDER AND LIGHTNING AND....... You get the picture. But you see, THIS is the American South West. We DO NOT GET pouring down rain for hours. ......usually. Wish I had a rain gauge.....which we measure in TENTHS OF INCHES. ....usually. After three straight afternoons/evenings of this, our driveway does have deep but narrow crevasses. That's a great improvement! The drainage ditches B dug with backhoe last fall... The one above our house held just fine. The one he dug along the UP hill side of driveway....mostly got filled in by the UP hill sliding DOWN hill with the weight of the water today. Oh well....as long as that upper ditch holds and diverts MOST of the deluge away from driveway and house! J will be here on Friday to monitor the EXTREMELY RUDE pellet stove guy(s) as they do whatever maintenance needs doing on pellet stoves and pipes. She can see for herself what's what with the filled-in ditch. The first hill-slide would have been easy to remove and restore the ditch. Today....that whole section slid. Stuff always goes down hill....yanno? Especially in the steep mountains. Especially water!!!! Water carries the rest of everything with it! We lost power twice but briefly, so I have to set the clocks....again - daily now. Lost Internet while it unscrambled itself...but it came back. We used to unplug the modem/router during these mountain storms but repair guy said no. OK...it's their equipment. I told DH at 5pm...."either we go now to feed or we wait til ...about 8pm, I'm guessing from Doppler". He said we'd wait to do chores/walk dog. Finally I could see all RED and Yellow blobs had finally passed.....they are moving verrrry slowly which is why we're getting so much rain. But finally right about 8pm I called out ---"this is the best we're going to get. I think it's going to rain right into the night!" So we went....no lightning like the sneak attack last nite. Hmph....that was a slow Doppler update! Tonite it was just raining...wore hunter orange and a headlamp on the road but no cars. The road is like pudding in some places. Like shallow quicksand in others. And still hard like concrete in others. Small streams running thru it. I dislodged some obstructions in the ditches...gotta keep it draining or the road will flood. Someone could end up in our pond! Dog didn't even want to do her business in the wetness. Good thing she LOVES to get dried with towels. Face...ears....anywhere. We taught her when young that a towel rub is good lovin'. LOL When you've got 120# of dry dog....it's quite a bit more when wet. She's been shedding for over a month and this might just loose the rest. Usually we give her a bath once a year for that purpose but this would be more to her liking. MtRider ....holding down the fort. But at least with upper ditch holding, we don't have to hold ONTO the fort!
  23. Thank God your dd was there and alert to her surroundings. ....whew!!!! I believe all child car seats should be equipped with an alarm. If the weight of a baby still pressing down the seat of the car seat.......and the car keys are taken 10' away from that car seat, a LOUD alarm rings on the key fob and the car seat. Some one please make their million inventing this simple thing!!!! MtRider
  24. I take that back. Our afternoon blob was edging toward 'violet' rather than red. Pea sized hail covered the ground....tho melted quickly. For a time, it was eerie: fog like the streets of London. Not a common sight here but when you combine hot air and lots of ice... Cars were starting to kind float on the gravel roads. But we soak in or run off so very quickly. We could have dust choking those roads in two days. Advantage and disadvantage. These storms have been moving thru very slowly too....dropping a lot of moisture down as they slog along. Look out, anyone east of us. Might be a rough night... MtRider
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