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  1. That would be great, Little Sister...if changing blood thinner would make a lot of symptoms go away for your dh! Hope your back feels better. I'm washing hands with more attention these days....too much lurking out there. Especially after DH or both of us has "been to town". MtRider
  2. I ran into Lights Out before he had published it as a book. It was just posted up on his site. I liked it....have a copy of it. Haven't read it in many years...so I might dig it out sometime. I was searching out Post-Hooey stories before they began to E-publish them for money. Have read many of them .....before they had their final edits, I guess. Little Sister.....have you requested access to the Forum called Fireside. It's not open for those who just lurk here. But you've been here a few months now and can have access. There are a lot of stories down there...read for free. Just members of MrsS .....some who started here down in Fireside and have gone on to publish with Kindle. We haven't had a lot of activity down there for a long time tho. And some of us never did get around to finishing some stories.... MtRider
  3. In the 60's I got caught on school bus [our school girls track team] in the massive protest riots on I-80. Iowa City boiled over and there we were. Honestly, it looked like a movie set to me. Thousands of college protesters....turning over vehicles, violence, etc. They did not touch our school bus......in today's protest, would they be as civil? ....I did a Without Warning scenario years ago regarding this ....and at that time, no Antifa or Ferguson had begun to happen yet. What comes around, goes around again and again. I said at the time, YES it has happened here in US and can happen again......unfortunately. MtRider
  4. Little Sister.....my folks both have Jitterbug phones. They are more complex now than the original models and my mom is struggling to remember how to use it. It's more like smart phone design than the flip phones. I keep telling her to practice calling me..... She never remembers. But my dad has had no problem with his....he's had the smart phones before. MtRider
  5. Aaah....thank you! I forgot your no-driving-for-seizures... I thot I remembered that yours was rotator cuff too. Guess we're going to get a whole new education, huh? Where does REHAB come in that line-up? I can't drive him to rehab. This whole discovery of his long-ago injury is throwing us a bit. Would have been MUCH BETTER to have had surgery when he was 18 yrs YOUNGER! But then, how does a chiro take that many weeks off? [.....no adjustments for me for a while either....owww] At least now, he's down to the slow season with the restaurant. But they love the fact that he actually shows up to work....on time....does work. Apparently that's pretty special to find folks who do that! Crazy. If he can get surgery in early January....he might be able to do Host position instead of serving after first several weeks. He knows how to carry two plates in his other hand??? But he should be ok by summer when they reallly get busy???? MEANWHILE.....HE CAN'T FALL ON THIS ICE we have now..... I've been slinging all the sand I can get loose from frozen-blob. Cover the ice. Even used some partially composted duck-house straw tonite. TREACHEROUS here! And who is going to do all the snow shoveling....clearing porch/15 steps/ under porch/vehicles/ duck path/ etc..... MtRider
  6. Nah uh! One of the Founding Women of MrsS! MtRider
  7. They are saying that the usual wipes are not effective against all things cuz, tho they are Clorox, they are NOT bleach. Neither are the gel bottles. Now bleach isn't good on your hands, of course. So if you do wipe down things with bleach, use rubber gloves. But soap/water is better...more multipurpose than the wipes. From a newsletter from one major health facility: =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Protect yourself from the extremely contagious norovirus. Unfortunately hand sanitizer can't kill norovirus, the contagious stomach bug that has forced the closure of an entire school district in Colorado........ Norovirus is an extremely crafty bug and each particle comes with it’s own protective shield of sorts to help it survive as long as possible. “Alcohol can’t break the shield. A detergent like soap can most of the time........................... Be really diligent with hand washing. Make sure you’re washing your hands really well with soap and water and that you’re cleaning surfaces with bleach. Also, be very conscious about food preparation .......................... hand sanitizers, which contain alcohol, can be useful to protect people from other illnesses like colds and the flu. So, don’t throw out your hand sanitizer............ {My note: This doc ate a sandwich at from an airport and wham!} suffering from norovirus instead. “It’s a very infectious virus that causes pretty severe diarrhea and vomiting for 24 to 36 hours. If anybody in your household gets it, it’s just so infectious that everyone around you is likely to get it, ..... only takes one or two particles of norovirus to make you sick, ...... In terms of what to do to treat it, the No. 1 thing is to stay home. There’s no treatment. You have to let it run its course -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= <all the emphasis is mine> Anyway....be sure to check out any medical data with sources you trust......but that gives some info. MtRider Armor-up, friends!
  8. Ambergris????? What do you mean? MtRider
  9. I just got a Christmas letter from a college roommate. The usual good reports...she's finally a Grma...they took trips..etc. Then she told of her brother and his wife being murdered by their youngest son ...in Aug. OH! I'm kind of in shock. I looked up the news and read about it. Too many of our young men are just not turning out well.....not surviving without mental/emotional damage. And they choose to solve their pain with anger and violence.....and only then figure out it doesn't solve anything. MtRider ....God help us all!
  10. Aw Jeepers! But I think your After-Assessment is correct. You can't put yourself in that position....esp. when you're driving. When you see the STOP sign...even in the distance... Don't think I'm being heartless and bossy. I have already gone thru this phase....20+ years ago. It's Super-HARD! You have to redefine how you're interpreting body signals. But...but I usta coulda done 3 more things.... Yeah....stinks, don't it? Glad you got to the battery place and installed before it stranded you somewhere!!! We're having another sunny day....little more melting. Not much cuz it's still not that warm. DH is trying to get laundry caught up. I get to go fold/put away. MtRider
  11. Says it's beginning early. Most prevalent one is not hitting older folks....50+. https://www.usnews.com/news/health-news/articles/2019-12-06/us-flu-season-arrives-early-driven-by-an-unexpected-virus {Sorry, took it down to switch links...all good now} MtRider ...live healthy... Vit C...y'all know the drill
  12. Koa is 7 and a half right now. What would we do w/o our puppies? Ours woke us up this morning to say Someone is here! Yep, tree trimmers from the electric company. They were expected but no idea when. So we didn't open any curtains...before getting dressed. Usually not an issue. LOL MtRider
  13. In more cheerful news.... delivered our Christmas gift for ourselves. Decided to invest in a Instant Pot. DH tried it out today. Threw in this and that....a little wait....and we ate a wonderful chili. He was a bit dubious....having not really heard of them. I've been hearing from y'all this past year. I think he's going to like it. I have to figure it out too.....appears to be pretty much 'push a button'. We made our rice on the side with our rice cooker.....chili and rice, of course. MtRider I even bought it cheaper on Cyber Monday!
  14. Wow.....this whole disability thing is very tough when you've got a FULL-TIME LIFE going on! My full-time life stopped ages ago so it hasn't been an issue for me for a long time. I've forgotten what you had done to your shoulder...have recollection of pics of shoulder muscles. Brainless, I am. If DH has surgery to reattach torn rotator cuff ligaments....will he be unable to drive for.....a long time? if so.....we're in BIG trouble! We have NO drivers.... That thot had not occurred to me until I read your mention of not driving. We thot about him being out of work....the slow season, fortunately. But no driving..... MtRider ...oh good grief!
  15. and for Mr. and LittleSister too! MtRider
  16. Yep, I did that couple years ago. AWFUL procedure but all staff excellent/kind. Skin Cancer Is NOT Skin Deep. [I keep saying that cuz I didn't know and waited overly long.] Glad he had basal cell... not the bad stuff. MtRider
  17. WE2!!! We had a nice sunny warm day. Did a little outside besides ducks and dog walk. Collected a bunch of long, dead sticks or saplings. Stuck them into snow drifts to mark where things are. If we don't get more melting, new snowplow guy needs to know where he is. Such nice evenings...even if it's 4:30pm. Koa and I played a short round of "Calvin and Hobbs" on the packed snow. Take an empty soda bottle and ....keep-away. She has 4 feet and mouth. I have two feet. Sometimes she jumps with both front feet on the bottle and S L I D E S across the slick surface. She's still on retractable leash but it's fun in our small, snow-pack arena. A.K.A. our parking area. She used to be able to play this for 20 minutes or more. Now we're both DONE in much shorter than that. We have fun tho. Unlike ice, we can keep our grip with our feet on the packed snow...yet still slide. DH done with work this week as of tonite. Next week only 3 days....easier. Tomorrow we hope to use the last sunny day and get into town. With my mom to get groceries again? Dunno. MtRider ...need to take time ...energy and finish putting all the things into reorganized BOB.
  18. for Jeepers finishing this thing.....and Annarchy + Mr. A getting thru it. Yuk! I'm doing a bit of preventative just cuz people move all over during the holidays and stuff spreads even internationally. I'm certainly not out much but DH is more. My wrist/hand continues to improve....[my brain: not so much. I'm typing over and over to hit the right keys!] .....and typing a bit doesn't hurt today. It's been WARM....59* in the sunshine today. Still completely covered with snow. A few melted patches beginning to show. Even road is still mostly covered so I get Koa and I well OFF the road when vehicle drives by. All have been going slow in past few days. Haven't seen Mr. Speeding Red Pickup. MtRider .....a round of warm chicken soup for everyone!! [except DH who's allergic so.....turkey optional]
  19. Ro! Have you had trouble getting back in toooo? Didn't you used to have a ?cat? or something with your screen name? I just tried to go back to members list and could not find the list. I agree that things are getting quite disturbing anywhere people gather. But.....should we all stay home? NO. But we should have certain things that we keep watching for. ---Odd behaviors. ----Exits from any position we're in. ----Access to even very odd defensive weapons...... What makes the narwhal tusk so UNUSUAL is that most folks have probably never heard of the sea critter it belongs to. I think the guy was very quick-thinking. As I read it, he ran back into a museum or something and grabbed it. Museum or whoever was probably less impressed with this action but....did it save some lives? Probably. I LIKE the way some able folks got in there to STOP this creep. Me..... .....I might be OUTTA THERE! Unless I knew folks in the gathering..... One of the things I differentiate is the TARGETED Gang killings and Drug Cartels slaughter.....from the folks who just RANDOMLY attack as many as possible for a cause or for rage/fame or for other reasons of mental illness/maladjustment. We're not doing well to stop either type of violence. 1. Sooooo....anyone look around your house......or around yourself when you're at the store.....and find any defensive weapons, however ODD? 2. Alternate assignment.....has anyone looked for a place to exit quickly at any point while you've been out an about? Me......I'm carrying something when out walking XXL dog. That's 2 defenses....but neither are odd. The ski pole I use as walking support has a very pointed end on it tho. I could also swirl it around with some force if needed. Bring it down on the nose of some 4-legged which is more probably my threat than 2-legged. But...ya never know. MtRider
  20. Not according to Wikipedia: -=-==--=-=-= The City of Centennial was formed on February 7, 2001, from portions of unincorporated Arapahoe County, including the former Castlewood and Southglenn census-designated places (CDPs). The citizens of the area had voted to incorporate on September 12, 2000, choosing Centennial as the official name during the vote. The name reflects Colorado's admission to the Union as the 38th state in 1876, the centennial year of the United States Declaration of Independence.[9] The state of Colorado is nicknamed the "Centennial State".[9] =-=-=-=-=-=- Unless there was another town called Centennial in the Old Days? MtRider
  21. So we've all heard about yet another [non-gun] absurd attack in London. Guess ban on firearms is not stopping aggression/injury/death, right? But what caught my attention, not surprisingly, was the CREATIVE adaptions the other people had for counter attack/defense. And their counter attack was successful in stopping more deaths/injury. Good for them! I think that the code word for "creative adaptive defensive weapons" will ever now be known as NARWHAL TUSKS! Can you believe that one? Soooooo..... Look around you. In the next couple minutes, see how many ....ahem, "narwhal tusks" you could lay hands on if necessary for defense.....[not counting your usual types of defensive items]. MtRider ...... Lets get something positive out of this horrid attack.
  22. Did you use Beryl or another name? MtRider ....welcome back
  23. GLAD to hear you've improved, Jeepers. I was wondering if it was food poisoning from the Subway. Not sure that comes with such awful chills as you describe but... Dunno. Take care! You're definitely a survivor, my friend! I finally have my truck in Winter Position in the driveway. Backed over near fence opening....ready to go forward after chugging to start. Can go straight down driveway hill. 'Course as I brought it up tonite, aaaugh! I automatically turned the wrong way. Had to do a jig to twist it around. I think my brain has gone on vacation. I'm really making so many errors. Gaaah! Annoying to be making so MANY brainless errors. I did have one very good idea today. I needed to do some work on our driveway here at the top. But wanted to protect my wrist. So I cut out a piece from a pizza box top to support the wrist under the ACE wrap. It worked really well. I took our bucket of ashes/soot from pellet stove and scattered them carefully on the tracks coming up the steep [and LEAST sunny part of the driveway. The dark color helps to melt the packed, SLICK snow. Then I hauled plastic sled up behind house and filled it with rock and grit from the hillside. It's the nearest place that melts and thaws so the grit is not frozen/locked in. Then I let it do a controlled slide down to the driveway again. Sling by shovels-full onto the other parts of driveway/parking area. Will do that more times to keep it melting.....over and over and over and ....until May 2020. But I didn't do any maneuvers that strained the wrist.....and I didn't slip/fall. Duck water and dog walk were uneventful. It was SO STILL tonite. I love walking in that stillness. Just the skritnch, skritnch of my boots on packed snow. And dog padding alongside or in the deep snow. Goodness....Annarchy sick too. Well don't drive back till you feel up to that long trip! [edit to add: Oh, you're home already then?] And yes, Ambergris....how are you doing post surgery????? Rehab??? MtRider ...everyone start taking whatever works for you to WARD OFF whatever seems to be goin' around!! Whew!
  24. Jeepers? You didn't pick up something from that Subway sandwich, did you? you're doing ok today. Today our weather is noteworthy...again. We had sun....clouds....sun....clouds. Finally the sun won the battle. THEN the WIND came. Man-O-Man! REALLLY STRONG. It's picking up some of the gritty, granular snow from yesterday's short blizzard and throwing it NorthEastward. Coming right up our valley and hitting house. All sorts of mysterious sounds and noises outside. As in: What Now? Log cabin is creaking! I put sox and undies up much earlier. They're about to take flight! I'll have to shake granular bits of snow outta my sox! Sheeeesh! If this doesn't calm down at sunset...not sure I'm going out. DH at work. AND they changed his hours AGAIN. This week Sat/Sun AND Mon/Tues. After that: Sun/Mon/Tues 2PM to 10:30pm... We don't WANT the late hours during dangerous WINTER DRIVING CONDITIONS!! He couldn't really give me details on the phone.....someone is getting fired and this is to cover their shift. Yanno WHAT? I don't care. I want him home earlier. He's old.....don't have no business being out so late and FRIGID cold with an old car in these mountains!!! MtRider ....ow! My wrist is so much better but typing HURTS.
  25. Jeepers Do you have someone [close by] that you can call if you get so sick you can't take care of yourself? [not the leering neighbor.... ] Seriously tho....you sound like it's MISERABLE! If you have IT {what ever 'it' is} so bad, you need someone to make you warm soup and make sure you keep hydrated [with less stabbing of bottles]....and ....and....and.... Are you upstairs or downstairs where the fridge/cupboards/etc are? I looked up at the window about 6 minutes ago and saw ..... .......SNOW BLOWING SIDEWAYS!!! Oh for petes sake, again? It's blowing thru very quickly. The big blue Doppler blob is nearly past us already...but there are more blobs all over. A cluster of lows in UT and western CO are drawing a bunch of moisture up from the SW. Wow.....for the past many minutes, I could barely see out the window. And just now....it stopped! Well, OK. Quarter inch of sticky snow to scrape off the porch/15 steps. Now if we just dodge all the rest of the little blue blobs... OK...forgot to hit send. Walked dog...not snowing. DH and I put together a beef stew in the cast iron pot. In oven. FINALLY able to manage washing hair today w/o further damage to wrist. It's improving but typing doesn't feel so good, actually. MtRider ....we got weather popping up all over - stay safe y'all.
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