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  1. I DuckDuckGo-ed it and didn't see anything. I like the easier leverage for my weak hands. DH worked 11.5 hrs today. Good tips. More tomorrow....til the snow drives folks away. Today was nice....45* Sunny. Folks came out in droves. MtRider .....snow by tomorrow nite
  2. I have a grey marble one that DH likes to use. But I found an ODD wooden rolling pin at a garage sale. I like that one. The handles are at right angles to the rolling part. You grasp them like.....the "joysticks of the old Atari games". You can get a lot better leverage with that angle. I tried to find a pic but looked thru page after page and...nada. MtRider
  3. Repost: osted 21 hours ago https://www.mauinews.com/news/local-news/2020/02/japanese-visitor-with-coronavirus-visited-maui/ THIS is how they're reporting about the Japanese tourist to Maui...... the one that left there 12 days ago. Fever began just after he landed in Oahu. Anyone want to pick apart the politicians' statements? MtRider ....one of the reasons we DON'T want to return to lovely Maui... =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= He was diagnosed after he returned to Japan, I think. So he's not on the islands anymore. But.....WHAT did he leave behind? I hate that the Maui mayor says there's no risk "because he wasn't showing symptoms." With a fourteen day contagious WITHOUT symptoms.....[or maybe even 21 days before symptoms...] Mayor is a lying snake.....about par for the course, unfortunately. Sooooooo my anxiety has gone up some. MtRider
  4. https://www.mauinews.com/news/local-news/2020/02/japanese-visitor-with-coronavirus-visited-maui/ THIS is how they're reporting about the Japanese tourist to Maui...... the one that left there 12 days ago. Fever began just after he landed in Oahu. Anyone want to pick apart the politicians' statements? MtRider ....one of the reasons we DON'T want to return to lovely Maui...
  5. Oh no! That's horrible news for yet another cruise ship and folks aboard. By the way, long-time-no-see, Turtlemom! MtRider
  6. Saw the vid on the homemade masks. At first I'm thinking.....paper towels instead of N95 material???? But when I saw the layers.....and finally the shield......Yeah, agree with Ambergris. WAAAY better than nothing. The shield will stop most cough/sneeze projectiles. Two problems: 1. If this thing goes truly airborne....floats in the air....you'd want to tighten up the inner mask as much as possible. You'd want googles instead of merely glasses. 2. They need to show EXACTLY how to take that whole contraption off without infecting themselves!! Assume other parts of face/body/clothing also has virus clinging to it. All needs to be taken off and sanitized/disposed of.... and body washed with soap/water. Save other cleaners for when a shower/bath is not possible. And of course, as Ambergris said, the courtesy blue surgical masks [to protect others from YOUR germs] will be pretty useless. I wore them to protect others from my illness ...esp. the doc. I'd hate to rely on paper towels and a Kleenex. CAN you really breathe thru that? But.......I like that shield made from the plastic of folders. Inventive! Perhaps Kappy's idea of "sneeze guards" isn't so outlandish ..... WHAT ELSE can we think to substitute...... But realize that using these things would be a risk. Does anyone HAVE to go out and about enough to take that risk? MtRider Blue Sofa Recluse technique ....
  7. Here is the BAD news we heard this morning. Visitor from Japan [not China] went to Maui and then on to Oahu/Honolulu. That's when he became feverish and was tested .....positive for COVID-19. Hope he didn't buy things for our kids' store. https://news.yahoo.com/japanese-man-visited-hawaii-confirmed-232559398.html?.tsrc=daily_mail&uh_test=2_15 MtRider
  8. DH will be looking for me. I'll let you know what he discovers. I think he takes actual fish oil capsules for VitD. Is yours specific to D3? I don't know that much about the specifics. Took things very slow today. Not too bad but....MS 2nd Day Affect will be tomorrow. I'll see how much I overran the adrenaline then. MtRider
  9. Nope, had no idea. HOW do they mine under the great lake?????? Hafta look that up....curiouser and curiouser... Well the good news is: Doc was pleased with my blood lab numbers. Said bad cholesterol was slightly up but not much. Good cholesterol is lower than she'd like to see it...but again, not too concerning. But you get that from regular cardio workout. Which is challenging with MS. Then she'd also like to see Vit D raised up....and I know that one is low with us who have MS. I'm already taking natural VitD supplement but it's quite a small dose. So DH will work on getting me something else. Told doc I do expose a lot of skin all summer. But due to hypothermia [too much heat] with MS....I'm not in direct sunlight/heat much without a stiff breeze. So there are obvious reasons why I my numbers on those specific things are off a bit. Overall, she was pleased and said come back in a year......except get a couple of those standard tests we ladies do every few years. Alrighty then! Good news: since I decided at the last minute to use energy and wash my hair this morning, I was able to get 5" of hair that had grown since Sept cut off again. Less to wash/dry! Hair lady kept saying how thick [hair density but fine, thin strands] my hair was. Lot of hair on the floor with 5". Due to the wait for hair cut, DH and I went to eat first....merely Wendy's but for us, that's Out To Eat. Bad news is.....that used a lot of adrenaline. So....I'm gonna be for a few days. Some of that will be seriously unpleasant. But...got 'er done! This too shall pass. MtRider
  10. How about sending in R2D2.....to deliver meds and supplies? Real live Star Wars helping in the battle against COVID-19! https://www.foxnews.com/tech/coronavirus-battling-robots-deployed-help-fight-deadly-outbreak-china MtRider .....anything that will reduce the risk and exhaustion for those poor medical folks in China!!
  11. There is update for some of the U.S. folks on the ship in port in Japan https://www.foxnews.com/health/us-coronavirus-plan-would-evacuate-some-americans-from-quarantined-cruise-ship-in-japan-report Ack....Dogmom just beat me to it. And yes, Dogmom, some will be your neighbors.... all will be well. MtRider ....glad they're getting them out tho. Seemed like a very large petri dish on that ship
  12. TheCG is correct. The 1918 [Spanish or Kansas....which ever theory you wish] WAS EXTREMELY UNUSUAL. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cytokine_release_syndrome https://www.nih.gov/news-events/news-releases/review-1918-pandemic-flu-studies-offers-more-questions-answers The unusual part was that it was fatal to the populations that usually survive any influenza......the young and middle aged adults. It was not so virulent with the babies/children ....nor the elderly. EXACT OPPOSITE of most 'flu'. THIS is the circumstances in which ELDERBERRY MIGHT spawn off the cytokine reaction. That's what killed them - a strong immune system response that went OVERBOARD. Elderberry increases immune system response so.....follow the dots. And .....COVID-19 is killing off the elderly....more male than female maybe.....and ODDLY, doesn't seem to be as deadly to children. UNDERSTAND.....this is data China is releasing.... And we know we can't really count on that yet. So the answer to this question of Use Elderberry or Not......WE DON'T KNOW ENOUGH YET. VERY GOOD QUESTION. We all need to pay attention for the answer......when we have more data. I'd guess most of us have an elderberry product in our homes. MtRider .....be very careful to know when and when not to use an immune system booster. We use a couple of them, besides elderberry.
  13. Thanks, TheCG. I'm passing this along to DH...chiro/herb/nutrition guy. MtRider
  14. .....and when they refuse to drink, ya wanna push them in!!!! Having two older folks myself....well, only one of them is difficult. AND ....I remember being that 'horse' myself back in early days of MS..... Only I was doing too much. .....but I don't do THAT anymore.... Not a bit. Even if she's never posted herself, she surely is one of us....an honorary member!!! And can come on board herself and talk to us anytime if she wants! She's like us....with shovels and rakes, kitties and pups, even chainsaws and bludgeoning tools when needed! Glad she doesn't mind her nicknames... They're given with high honors! MtRider
  15. Yikes...Dogmom's article. So how long will it take to get a clear reading? IS that person actually still 'shedding' ...seems like that's what is being said? This could get complicated in areas of the world where medical procedures are not quite modern. MtRider
  16. Whoa.....what a lovely blessing that you found a doc with a way to correct that!! Fantastic! for your last rehab days and for Chainsaw Mary/Warrior Woman too. [sometimes I wonder what she thinks of us....LOL] for Miki and the flood paperwork. That something will YET be decided in their favor on the TRUTH OF FLOOD ZONES! Glad you get your own vehicle back soon, Lil Sister. Jeeper's auto-correct. I about coughed myself silly after Sometimes ya just gotta believe they program auto-correct for entertainment purposes. Cuz....ya know.....they wouldn't do it to annoy you or anything...... Right? MtRider
  17. yeah, you can say that again, OOTO. Hope you and little girl get back to normal soon! Weird inventory system. MtRider
  18. ....for the fortunate folks who tested negative from Travis. And for the whole neighborhood!!! USNORTHCOM =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= United States Northern Command is one of eleven unified combatant commands of the U.S. military. The command is tasked with providing military support for non-military authorities in the U.S., and protecting the territory and national interests of the United States within the continental United States, Puerto Rico, Canada, Mexico, The Bahamas, and the air, land and sea approaches to these areas.Wikipedia The support that USNORTHCOM provides to non-military authorities in the U.S. is legally limited by the 1878 Posse Comitatus Act, which restricts the role of the U.S. military in domestic law enforcement. ==-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- BOLD mine MtRider .....and what are all those 11 selected bases previously listed going to be used for?????
  19. Dogmom's article about the inspector who caught the virus on the cruise ship in Japan..... Why wasn't he wearing more protection? Mask.....what, surgical gaping mask??? Ignorance or carelessness.....gotta stop. =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- The ministry says the quarantine official was on the ship on February 3 and 4. He entered passengers' rooms to retrieve questionnaires and take their temperatures. He wore a protective mask and gloves.
  20. On the topic of airborne or just cough particles.....a quote from this article by Hong Kong’s leading public health epidemiologist. Prof Gabriel Leung, the chair of public health medicine at Hong Kong University https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/feb/11/coronavirus-expert-warns-infection-could-reach-60-of-worlds-population =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Scientists still do not know for sure whether transmission is through droplets from coughs or possibly airborne particles. “It’s rather difficult to do that kind of careful detailed work when everything is raging. And unless it is raging you are unlikely to get enough confirmed cases,” he said. “In Sars we never had the chance to do these kinds of studies.” =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-==-=-=-==-= MtRider ...but he has a point. Detection of that difference would be difficult.
  21. With one of those, during temporary power outage, if you have a whatsit [someone know the name?] device to plug into cig lighter in vehicle. Run engine and make ice to save food in freezer/fridge. I have the whatsit....but not yet the ice maker. MtRider ...course we don't NEED that during this time of year!!!
  22. Here is a quote that ......doesn't bode well. But I suppose it was inevitable: https://www.usnews.com/news/world/articles/2020-02-11/coronavirus-emergency-holds-a-very-grave-threat-for-world-who =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- referred to "some concerning instances of onward transmission from people with no travel history to China", citing cases this week in France and Britain. Five British nationals were diagnosed with the coronavirus in France, after staying in the same ski chalet with a person who had been in Singapore. =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- BOLD is mine So...we're starting to get more links in the chain......that eventually leads back to Wuhan. MtRider
  23. Praying indeed for just as you stated, WE2. MtRider
  24. Glad you're feeling well enough to be out and about, Jeepers. Clorox wipes ....NOT A BLEACH PRODUCT. I know, surprised me too years ago. I've been saying this for years to be careful. If you NEED a bleach product for a NOROVIRUS, get a bottle of bleach and use gloves. Norovirus had a protective shell that alcohol doesn't get thru. [it's one of the viruses that have vomiting] I don't think you need full strength bleach either...but I don't know the ratio. That's WHY the wipes are not bleach. All the wipes and hand sanitizing gels [even Clorox] is alcohol-based. Bleach isn't good on your hands. Alcohol dries out our hands but bleach ....need gloves. Fortunately, unless this coronavirus is an exception to the other coronaviruses they've studied, either bleach or alcohol based products will work for sanitizing. AND THERE IS ALWAYS SOAP AND WATER.... {cuz I keep forgetting we don't always need to get complicated} What's the active ingredient in Lysol?? MtRider
  25. I've heard those terms interchangeably.... airborne because the virus is in particles small enough to float in the air for long periods of time...it's aerosol. Do you know where you found "aerosol"? ....OTOH, I might be wrong on that so.... Still, I hope you didn't find "aerosol"..... MtRider ....don't mind me - I'm ill again today
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