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  1. Keep us posted. Our SS kettle has not gone out with the trash....yet.... MtRider
  2. A very head's up idea to check their product list, Jeepers!!! Will pass along this list to DH [head shopper and cook now]. I'm merely sou chef. I like knives, ya know. MtRider
  3. Hmmmmmmmm........ CHANGES? MtRider does not like CHANGES! I couldn't find any significant differences so ......no complaint from me. MtRider ....
  4. Is this thread in Humor Me...?? ...did copy the Cr of Tartar data into a file. Have data probably in 3 places but....to find it, I might need it in a 4th place. Thanks Midnight. MtRider
  5. Yay.....we made it! My mom loved her day 'out'. Picked up carry-out. Dropped off my dad's portion...he doesn't go out to eat. We ate at the park with chilly weather but no rain there. I'll take chilly weather any day over the need to apply huge icy gel packs to stay alive. Watched kids...school had just let out. Watched a man throw a spongy ring for his black lab....over and over and over. Dog was having a wonderful time. Younger kids on razor scooters. Teens doing what teens do: talking with each other. All was calm and happy. .....but I've decided to always unobtrusively
  6. Well THAT'S a surprising ending to the missing hen story! Congrats on babies! Will the rooster keep them safe or do you have to contain the family? Hope to go out with my mom for her Bday tomorrow. I'm rested and feeling better finally. Weather is possible rain. If no lightning, we don't care. Picnic at the park pavilion. We'll see. MtRider
  7. My Opinion: Although finding any Rodent Leavings is completely gross I usually just wash very well with hot dish water. AND....if I've still got the heebee geebees about it, I boil water in whatever pot has been fouled. Inspecting closely the crevasses is a good idea, as you've found. Scrub with a dish brush or it's like to get those cracks and small spaces. I might use alcohol wipes on the surfaces while cleaning up visible leavings...then put into the dishwater. MtRider ...I'm about to hang my pots from the ceiling ....but....y'know mice "fly", right?
  8. I never even THOT of that use!!!! MtRider
  9. Here is a link to a news story. This man waited and got trapped by Oregon fires. But he really used his head, stayed calm, kept going from Plan A...staying ...to Plan B... evac....trying several variations of Plan B. None worked. So he got to Plan C ...survive the fire. He had to shift several times with that plan too but he did survive. He kept his head and watched for unexpected resources. https://www.statesmanjournal.com/story/news/nation/2020/09/17/oregon-wildfires-update-beachie-creek-fire-man-survives-sheltering-river/3478742001/ MtRider
  10. Amazing what a resource of Early Warning Data we have here, ladies. I have big stash of tin foil. Heavy Duty [campfire cooking] and regular. Even some very loooong rolls DH picked up free somewhere. One of those things I know is so very handy for improvising and camping. So....thru the years I kept buying it on sale. It's everywhere!!! If you try to grow plants .....garden seedlings.....it really helps them get enough light if you surround the area with tin foil....and the table they sit on. Bounces the light all over for good plant growth.
  11. That's true. Most of what we do prepping can apply to most emergencies and disasters. A bit of shifting for winter and summer BOBs, etc. Soooo glad your area got rain, Babysteps. Less happy that it came in such quantities that you shift from wildfire to floods. However, do take note: Flash Floods are the Child of Wildfires. EROSION WILL HAPPEN! Check your normal routes for mud/dirt/rock slides...look up! Look down for undercutting of roadways! Our area spent the next 2 years with horrific flooding and damage. Had a BOULDER the size of a motorhome slide d
  12. Ambergris.....putting ole Abe's quote in with other great quotes. I deposit them in my MISC NOTES word processing file....interspersed with all sorts of ODD things I might need to remember. So I see these gems every time I scan down the file looking for something I stashed there. MtRider
  13. Annarchy....what a testimony! Seriously! That IS how it happens on the really rough ones. At least on the first few bad issues. Eventually, we wise up, right? MtRider
  14. Today..... Toooooo much happening this past week. even postponed my mom's Bday. GOT to rest some before we could pull off a simple eating-take-out-in-park. Hated to do that but she knew it might happen. Can hear the fatigue in my voice over the phone. DH went to his doc appt and doc was VERY pleased. In the past year they've been stabilizing his numbers on several issues. All are normal or getting there. He can come back in 6 months instead of every 3 months! Nephew and family made it home with old trailer....stopping to do 2 o
  15. Life with fully working septic....... .....it's the little things, y'know! for Euphrasyne and family and soon to be born one. Pray all goes well in this lead up time. My nephew's wife [just visited] is due at end of Oct ...a month later than yours. Also a girl. Face shield...good idea. Much less restrictive! Ack...still seems like such a poor thing to require during labor!!! But...you can always play the I-don't-know-what-I'm-doing-during-labor card and keep ripping off any face mask they'd make you wear. Glad you and Storm are safe with MIL, Annar
  16. Hmm...CO 7-day is going up a bit. I haven't recorded/looked at CO data for past week cuz..... CRAZY BUSY and tonite I'm falling asleep at the computer, literally. I might get curious enough to check our county's numbers... Thanks, Ambergris. MtRider
  17. Yay...septic is done. DH did two loads of laundry this evening. So nice not to be conserving water-down-the-drain. Yesterday was taxing and my stamina is fragile today. Get up and go back and rest...repeat. My foot was pretty much okay tho. A bit of buzzing/stinging across instep. I fell asleep from 730 to 830 tonite while reading on the laptop. Woke with laptop still on my lap. Could not get truly awake for the next hour!! Barely awake now. MtRider
  18. First time in 7 months....I went to a store. LOL It was last nite after having meal at the park with nephew and his family. That was the nice way to do Sonic....while pulling a horse trailer with one of our two vehicles. Then we gathered at Walmart. Nephew had to rewire the vehicle-to-trailer electrical connection. That is his main skill set.....tho he struggled on the pavement of Walmart parking lot. He wasn't able to find exactly what he needed and had to improvise. And he was battling a migraine. And the sun dropped and it got cold. He got enough lights working so as to reach
  19. I wiped out Walmart of their 25cents each spiral COLLEGE RULED notebooks. Might have more in back but I took about 7 ...and the display box. And got more of the 3 section college ruled notebooks too. They were still at Back To School price as well. I thot I'd missed that this year. As usual, there were a lot more wide-ruled notebooks. I detest them cuz my writing gets big and illegible. I only got into a couple aisles, but it looked full. The school supplies were back down to the regular aisles. Not a big display in the middle. MtRider ....would have take
  20. I receive David Wilkerson's daily devotional blog. [Obviously his organization has carried on past his death.] Today's message was very good....for any of us who have been treated wrongly. In huge or tiny ways. For any of us who are offended by laws, pronouncements, decrees that go counter to what we believe to be right and true. For any of us actually surprised to find a ridiculous amount of emotion lingering, when reminded of an incident that happened long, long ago. For any of us who NEED to get out from under the burden of carrying a grudge. For many reasons... especiall
  21. A shortage of colonoscopies...... Now I've heard everything! MtRider .....sorry, a bit of gallows humor. that ALL of our medical stuff gets sorted out for tests/treatments.
  22. ....and yet......of course it's still a huge concern!!! For moms [and dads if they clue in] it doesn't need to be logical to be a huge concern! And remember, you've been thru a traumatic event....even if the worst didn't happen. You spent hours and hours under the potential of the worst happening. You'll be hyper-aware of life's fragility for a while. It's normal. It will go away. Being OFF ALERTS will give a great deal of assurance. MtRider ....gooood news!!!
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