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  1. Wow, that's a shock, WE2. Miki......come drag me out of my house to walk with you!!!!!!! Not today tho. Today was FREEEEEZING! Not such low temp but screaming WIND across the new-fallen snow. But hey, it blew our driveway clear enough to save $ on snowplowing again. But I stayed inside and blocked the gaps in front door with a towel on floor and folded newspapers wedged in the vertical gap. Big gaps. OLD log cabin. Thankful for the pellet stove. I did almost clear a One Square Foot today. The pile on top of the printer. Well..
  2. Oddly, our router/modem [ I think it's the same device for both] went out this morning. It's about 3 yrs old. After waiting a while for it to self-repair, DH began to fiddle with it. Eventually he just unplugged it for a few minutes, then plugged it back in. After a half hour or so.....it worked. I hate being without Internet....I have so much I use it for and no alternatives. MtRider ....hope it all goes smoothly, MM.
  3. Cows....nope. But I had Nigie goats for some years. Nigerian Dwarf Milking goats. Love goats....the lil' hooligans!!! Having a milking stanchion was imperative for the goats. Especially since the first goat and I ....her first kid. My first time milking anything.... RODEO!!! I wanted to learn to milk SO VERY BADLY ....or it would never have happened. But after 2 months, she and I were in sync..... MtRider ......I can give lots of goat tips....so can Mother who taught me by phone. LOL
  4. Plague ....is a video game, huh? Well, I think COVID nearly becomes that too, for all the charts and maps and computations and such these days. Some research type folks isolated away with the numbers and graphs might well be those who NEED to take a peek out into the real hospitals. The numbers in research don't always add up.....sometimes because of the mutations/variables we're referring to... MtRider ....some of these COVID mutations do sound....ominous.
  5. Just for grins, do you know any history of umbrellas? This is brief and somewhat amusing. https://janeaustenslondon.com/tag/regency-umbrellas/ MtRider ....might be the first case in which ladies fashion was more practical than the men
  6. According to what DH has studied, GENERALLY....the virus/bacteria seeks to NOT kill off it's host with the mutations. In other words, if you have Virus A that is killing off the hosts, Virus A will not last as long as Mutation Virus B that is far less deadly to the host. LOL ..so it's not like virus has a mind to figure out killing host is bad..... Rather, it will spread more...becoming the dominate virus merely because it's hosts last longer and spread and such.... Did that make sense on the 3 attempts to explain it? MtRider ..
  7. Too much stuff vs space .....oh yeah. Doing that too. I just don't have anyone visit. I felt a bit better today. Got a bit done here and there. Just not feeling mildly wretched was very nice! Still haven't walked again ....or done a square foot of clutter cleaning. I do get such satisfaction if I can do either/both of those!! BUT I'm back up to speed on my Hawaiian lessons. Whew....don't want to take a long break from that again! I guess it's saving my brain from vegetation...... We've had a couple of nice days and most of tomorrow. B
  8. The online puzzles I do are here: https://www.jigsawplanet.com/?rc=play&pid=385ecde16b41 It begins with Tiny Kittens ....a refuge shelter for feral cats in British Columbia. They bring in the mammas to have the kittens. Kittens are adopted out to homes. So is mamma if she adapts...otherwise, released to the Happy Forest. They bring in other cats too for medical treatments. Some have to stay if they have permanent medical issues. So that's why there is tons of real cat pics from there. But that's only a small portion of the whole site. They hav
  9. ...talking about detecting the mutations of the COVID virus but does anyone understand how the scientists would surveil? By running more of the positive tests from lots of folks thru additional lab testing? MtRider ...new job market? Medical lab tech???
  10. Like the cancer-sniffing dogs.......or airport drug dogs... Still, 70-75% leaves a quarter of errors. MtRider
  11. My first earthquake....teen in Iowa. Laying in bed upstairs reading when the bed begins swaying back and forth sideways. My mom hollers up the stairs: WHADDYA DOING UP THERE??? She thot I was practicing gymnastics or something. [Century old farm house] Gave her a big shock to say it wasn't me!!! Brother/dad on tractors in field...didn't feel it. Thot we were nuts, of course cuz IOWA DOESN'T HAVE EARTHQUAKES! There has been some since.... ....but the news told the story MtRider ....course everyone said Georgia doesn't have earthquakes either - but
  12. Hey Miki.....remember the night we felt the earthquake at Darlene's house? It was the 'Big Shove' variety of earthquake, not the 'Shimmy/Shake' for a minute type. I've felt earthquakes in Iowa, Maui, Colorado, and Georgia. All different kinds. Lots of mild Shimmy type on Maui. None have been a serious "Ceiling Falling In" type, thankfully. A Big Shove earthquake felt on Maui and Big Island, shut off the electric turbines for both those islands. [auto-shut off to keep them from damage, I'd assume.] And they are about 80 miles apart at their closest ends. W
  13. your migraine goes away, Jeepers. Headaches can be so debilitating! I used to get the light-sensitive ones with some regularity. But have recently realized....I haven't been getting them....???? What changed? The one tiny white prescription allergy pill I've taken since Aug???? If so.......NICE! OTOH....I don't feel good. Haven't for a while and .....it's very non-specific. Not able to walk dog. Seems like every time I go 'into town' ...mostly to see my folks, I wipe out for DAYS afterwards. Used to be 2 days. Mebbe I've aged in the last 5 months???? Or just lost
  14. ....yeah, it's a kinda close neighbor of ours.... MtRider ....
  15. Unless it's family, for me it's: Katy bar the door!!! MtRider ....still ...the Clutter Clearing by One Square Foot seems to be working.....SLOWLY...
  16. I think we've all seen that, Little Sister. I'd noticed you hadn't been here for several days and wondered. So sorry for you, to hear your other half is now waiting at the feet of Jesus ...waiting for you to join him someday. The time will be long for you....especially in these next weeks/months. But for him, I think it will be an instant. Do you think he can take his eyes off God long enough to give you a tour of Heavenly Home? We can only imagine..... Now is the time to take real good care of yourself. You've been pushing hard and with COVID and whatnot....take time t
  17. Talked about this with my mom last nite. She remembers smelling "exhaust" in the living room [shared wall with garage] when my dad would warm it up in there. Why is this not common knowledge ......or am I the only one shocked at this danger???? Paint??? A little less..... Hoo boy! MtRider
  18. No kidding. I think my cousins had 26 trees down at their place last summer in that derecho. Many of them fruit trees. Not to mention all the crops that were TOTAL LOSS. Record hurricane year in the Gulf/Atlantic..... The past 12 months have been a doozy, for sure. Hang in there, folks. MtRider ....aren't ya glad we're preppers? Aren't spouses learning to be glad they're in prepped households?
  19. Wow, Babysteps! We're hearing all about TX but I hadn't heard a thing about OR. I've got a niece in far eastern OR. Sounds like you're coping as best you can. We used to have bad ice storms when I was growing up in Iowa. An inch to an inch and a half is horrific! No kidding you'll have to be clearing trees, power lines, etc for days and days and days! Must be sorrowful to see all the beautiful trees down. Did you turn off all your electric devices....appliances, etc? Eventually it all comes back on and .....you'd have to be sure everything is safe to be on. Glad you're
  20. Sarah who? for safety for Annarchy/Storm. Did your MIL's area get bad ice, outages, etc? Kappy, a look at the green left in your garden bed is REFRESHING about now in mid-Feb. "Just being a mom, son!" .....do you know how tired my kids probably are when I keep sending emails with hurricane data or safety tips? MtRider ....slept much better last nite!
  21. Babysteps! Thanks for that data on the deadly CO1. Neither up or down...assimilates other air. AND goes thru drywall EASILY..... So WHAT is on the walls between modern garages and the actual house???? I didn't know that one either. Colorless/odorless....knew that. Girl from my high school...and the boy in the car both died from that. Yes, battery-powered monoxide detector!!!! Good ideas, Mother. My lil' brother and I were endlessly constructing structures from furniture and blankets. Guess what he does professionally? [Doesn't u
  22. I was wondering how you were, TheCG. Your state certainly was in the bull's eye for this one. Whole lotta preppers evolving during this. Can hear from way up here..... Hon, we are not EVER going to get caught without a means for heat, eating, water, sanitation, and safe amusement for the kids....ever again! OTOH....I can also hear: Och, this is a once in a lifetime event. We can give this stuff to GoodWill or sell on eBay. BARGAIN ALERT: I'd be watching for this sort of person's stuff .... ...after you get past the current crisis. [remember Y2K supplies?]
  23. Interesting thread...and timely with wave after wave of WEATHER hitting all parts of US. A big thing in cold weather strategies is BREATHING.... As in: -NOT carbon monoxide from a generator fumes -or charcoal grills NEVER, EVER! [family of 2 adults/4 children are being treated in TX for this bad idea. ] -or from closing up your sleeping area too tight. [blankets over a tent in living room ...okay but don't cover the whole tent or you MIGHT use up available oxygen.] If you're struggling to keep a small area heated, bring your house pl
  24. Mt_Rider

    Frozen Pipes

    That would have been a horrible mess. MtRider ....hate to see rubber ducky come floating out into the hall....
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