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  1. Sheeeeesh, Kappy. You thot of several things that I didn't. And I OWN the blue couch. ---Withholding Soc Security? ---Preexisting condition if we can't get any lasting immunity if we've had it? And being a corona-type virus [common cold, flu ] that's a likely possibility. ---Will it keep returning....wiping out the elderlies until only the Millennials are left as the oldest? OK...that was tongue-in-cheek. We've had a few over 100 yrs old beat this thing! Right? But vaccinations....rushed to market..... .... OK, the word 'RUSHED' is problematic. But so is the word 'MARKET'. Market means profit and we all know how PROFIT means ever so much more to some folks than ETHICS and RESPONSIBILITY. I might be hiding from profit ....er, I mean vaccines as from the COVID itself! Hmph! MtRider ....yeah, I'm kinda queasy about "contact tracers" too!
  2. In the second article, I read some of the comments. This one caught my attention: QUOTING..... This weekend, I sat down and read through a chunk of The Knot Book (a textbook on knot theory – for those who don’t know, this is a branch of topology in mathematics). I have no background in topology, or in math beyond undergrad calc/diffeq. I have no use for this in my day to day life, in my job, or in my future career plans. Yet it was very real work (in that it was concrete effort for my brain). And it was driven by pure curiosity. That’s the value I’m finding in this forced deep reset. It has made it easier to cut away things that get in the way of my life. It allows me to refocus on my most important goals. Which means the rest of the time, my brain can simply explore. It’s a throwback to your 2008 entry on the “activity vacation” – which I wish I’d taken more to heart at the time, though I wasn’t quite ready for the necessary paradigm shifts – but I’m seeing similar effects now. Perhaps it’s a little silly to re-engage my academic side given that I am not in academia, but the increased room to engage in randomness, serendipity, curiosity… I’m finding it’s bringing meaning to my life. And though this topic is not relevant to my career, similar dynamics have led to me recently engaging in other things that *are* relevant to my career. That can only be a good thing. I’m excited to see where this reawakened curiosity will take me. END QUOTING...... Bold is mine This is how I feel about learning Hawai'ian language. Will is serve any purpose for my time spent? Even if I move there, very few speak the language now...tho there is a resurgent movement. But ... ..... it's simply interesting. It pleases me. AND I've read several article that says it's likely having all sorts of beneficial affects on my older brain. I also pursue other odd, random, peculiar articles to learn about things that will never really have an impact on my life. YET finding them INTERESTING is quite rewarding enough to continue. ......course, over the years, you all have heard about my "odd, random, peculiar articles" ..... MtRider .....my only complaint is that it leaves me less time for reading fiction!
  3. https://marker.medium.com/inside-the-flour-company-supplying-americas-sudden-baking-obsession-623034583579 This was an informative and kinda entertaining story of how COVID hit the King Arthur Flour company and the various ways they're adapting to America's Great Bake Off. https://www.calnewport.com/blog/2020/05/22/the-lost-satisfactions-of-manual-competence/?utm_source=pocket-newtab This is a philosophical article about how we MIGHT feel the collective need to be involved in REAL things after staying home with COVID. Folks doing only computer work for a decade, suddenly making bread and homeschooling their kids might rethink being someone who frantically tries to punch in enough 0's and1's for a living. I found both to be interesting. Similar but different reflections on this COVID WAVE that hit us all. MtRider ....as snow falls, so does our temperature!
  4. ......forgot to add Annarchy and MIL to our group concerned for our elderlies!! Give them wisdom too, God! TX - AZ is a huge distance problem! Then there is the SPACE problem.... Kappy, my friend is treating her latest rescue older cat for "cat acne". Got him in for that diagnosis just before COVID. She's had to keep up with the med but it's working. It's on his face/chin. Glad you found something for your kitten! Wellllllll......I just had to tell y'all........... IT'S SNOWING ALL OVER THE COLORADO HIGH COUNTRY! Might snow all thru the night. Got various sizes of groupel from itty-bitty to pea size snow pellets. Then....it changed over to SNOW. Were expecting this overnight. I'd like to see it continue. So far it's not sticking on gravel of driveway/roads but is sticking on and among the pine trees....and on grass. MOISTURE! Antithesis of wildfire. My mom just called....wanted to know if I can find which Dish channel the NASCAR race is on right now??? I was trying but he started yelling and she gave him the phone. I quickly said I had a lot of data but need to find data for his location on TV..... So he stayed quiet while I clicked buttons. I've never had cable/dish TV. Haven't had ANY TV for decades. I'm outta my league. So he says: I think I'll call G [my brother in DC] cuz he seems to be able to find this stuff. Yeah, Dad.....that would be a better idea!!!! {MtRider passes the hot potato to Lil Brother!} MtRider
  5. for Brazil. Gotta be scary when the elevator is going up so fast, looks to be bursting out the top. MtRider
  6. In mine too, Little Sister. I know what it feels like when every door seems to close; when you know "this can't keep going like this" ...... but no solution presents itself. It's like watching a car collision in slow motion ...ya know it's happening and can't do a thing. I hope we both.....all three with Homesteader....get workable solutions. Soooooon, please, God? Nothing I heard about today.....but don't think my mom had much chance to tell me. We talked of pleasant things like: starting a puzzle that she can actually put together. She'd started one at beginning of COVID and couldn't get it finished. I couldn't be in there to help ....EVEN with a puzzle! Then Maui called and congrats were in order for a graduation [of sorts] and a birthday. Pictures sent for us to "join them" - a nice conversation around their dinner table. 2 of us "Social Distancing from CO". Jeepers, I'm not sure if their auto payments are coming out of the CC ....or from their bank account. I HOPE from the bank account!!! That would only leave grocery, Walmart, etc on the CC. My dad thinks he owes $17 on CC..... doubt that! BUT he's ALWAYS right.. ...except he knows he can't remember if he walked upstairs! THANK YOU for prayers ....all of you!!! I was about at wit's end last nite......and I"M not IN the HOUSEHOLD. I can hear my mom wearing out. MtRider .....got to bed at 4AM last nite cuz dog NEEDED to GO OUT at 2AM. SHEEEEEESH!
  7. My dad's been stirred up and he keeps making everything worse. It's like he's knocking down all the dominoes and none of us can get ahead of the cascade to stop them from falling. I've been on the phone with him longer each day than I can talk to my mom - trying to cheer her up. They're out to stores multiple times now. Can't get their credit card situation dealt with cuz.....we think he threw away the bills cuz he's afraid of COVID and doesn't listen that the virus is dead on paper after a few days so it sat in P.O. for 3 wks and then spread out on garage floor for 3 wks and .....then he bunched up a lot and threw them away. And now he can't believe that he missed payments on CC? They HAVE money! STOP THROWING OUT YOUR BILLS!!! He has always been So Very Meticulous about all the business. Which is why my mom has never known anything about it. And now..... I'm not even at their house and I'M wiped out. The futility of trying to DO anything. My brother needs to get their bills sent to him...right now! I think he's working on that. Please pray we get some solution for them. I can't even describe it.... MtRider
  8. yeah, even Yemen is shooting up. Colorado crested just over 1,000 deaths today --- deaths FROM COVID.....not with COVID. Every number has a name.... China.....I went back to last Friday.... 84,034. Today reporting 84,063. Almost a week later, increase of 29 cases. AND YET they are locking down more cities in NE corner near NKorea. Hmmmm.....obviously not believing that country! Kinda think Florida's "miscalculations" are not as bad as China's.... But still, what standard should WE hold? Feel sorry for the ones who are sticking their finger in the dike to hold back all the misinformation and other shenanigans. Speaking of holding back massive water.....sheeeesh! Did you hear about Michigan's dams? Due to LOT of rain, one burst [pics are astounding!] and another is overflowing but hasn't broken ...yet. LOT of people evacuated. I hope they all got out. MtRider ....wow.
  9. I can only post the link....but it's worth the look. Hint: a young dog and a puddle....he's NUTS! https://imgur.com/gallery/sZ9pndO MtRider
  10. Oooo....Ambergris, I LIKE that site. Can customize the stats you want for different ways look at them. All shown on graphs. Compare any country you want. MtRider
  11. Our Colorado governor is making national news with our "recount" of COVID deaths -- with or from designations: https://www.foxnews.com/us/colorado-lowers-coronavirus-death-count DH and I have been pretty much in agreement with his choices on COVID. He does try to be reasonable and yet cautious. DIFFICULT tightrope balance between Freedoms/Economy/Virus. Denver and surrounding areas got hit pretty hard....for our Western states. There are variances for more rural areas, recognizing that not all areas need to be handled the same. https://www.foxnews.com/politics/colorado-gov-pushes-back-against-cdcs-coronavirus-death-counts QUOTING...... “By and large, I think across our state and across our nation are going to be able to return to school in the fall, it’s just not going to look like any other school year,” Polis said. The governor said in anticipation of future outbreaks, there could be times when schools convert to online formats for weeks at a time during the year. Polis also stated that day-to-day life between classes and during lunch periods will be different so that students interact less with each other. He also noted that up to 20 percent of parents may prefer to have their children continue taking classes online until they feel more comfortable that it is safe to go back. END QUOTING...... [BOLD is mine] "parents may prefer..." YESSSSS! Leave options open for individuals to decide the level of caution they're comfortable with for their families! MtRider .......the battle goes on and different leaders have different ideas/methods/personalities.
  12. Wow, Homesteader. We've got enough problems with keeping my folks supplied and satisfied but I'd be pulling my hair out in your situation. My mom's cousin [94 yo] is in a nice retirement home in WA state. They went into 'room lock-down' a few wks ago. Can't leave room. She doesn't care as long as she can sit and read books. If she runs out of books, she'll let them know!!! But many folks would not do well with merely that.....and I'd worry that she's not getting physical activity. She's sharp as a tack but we all know that physical activity is needed too. I think they do have times to individually go outside???? I can understand the fear of having COVID sweep thru nursing homes.....since it has. Yet life must go on or life will stagnate and cease. Especially for those closer to the end anyway. I don't think my Aunt D sees herself close to any end, despite her age tho. My folks went to Walmart yesterday. I'm rolling eyes not because they should NEVER come out of their house ...but that my dad NEEEEEDED a printer RIGHT NOW! So off they went. They did wear masks and always sanitize hands afterwards....even pre-COVID. [ They never get sick either!!] He has been printing literally reams of paper from computer.....????? [ fortunately, does not have Internet except phone ] With the dementia, it's something that keeps him busy but I doubt even he can make any sense of what he's always writing/printing. Well, NASCAR let him down so he has to do something. I am VERY glad my folks are not in a nursing home situation. NEVER should such a place 'take over' choices about when to pull someone out. Families and the resident [if cognitively competent ] should be making that choice!!! Operation Laundry Cart ...... laughable, yes. But horrifically historic too. May it never be!!! Homesteader....does someone in the family have Medical Power of Attorney? I don't understand all of how that works. My brother was able to get that for my folks...and both of them have it also for each other. Phew! He has financial too....just in case. All three of them have both.....cuz sooner or later, some of that is going to be needed. So tho he'd do so very carefully, he has the right to see medical records and make decisions. I didn't want that responsibility....especially the financial. I seriously don't do numbers. Anyway, might that help in overruling some of the nursing home power plays ....if it should come to that? Is anyone else taking notes on aging? As we've been dealing with my folks, I'm thinking of ways to make my elder years EASIER on our DDs. Our plan to move to THEIR location is all about that. I'm noting other things too. My mom is the most amiable of people.....after living with my dad who is opposite. I hope to lean to my mom's side when old(er). MtRider yeah, just gimme a book to read and I'm good.
  13. Just got a quick note from DD2. Grson was able to take AP test [it was biology, not English...oops] and SUBMIT button worked fine. MtRider
  14. LOL Kappy. This OLDE thread was reactivated by what I'm calling "site lice"......spam, bugs, live or mechanical... There was a small flurry of them but we're stamping them out. Don't know why our now-tiny site was hit by anything Sometimes the threads from the ancient days are interesting tho.... MtRider
  15. Yeah, Ambergris. There really ARE a lot of ways to look at these stats. I think CO is smart to divide which died WITH COVID and others who died FROM COVID. This was another note on CO stats today: People who tested positive for COVID-19 in Colorado while visiting are included in the county where they were identified. CO is in the top 10-15 LISTS for cases, hospitalizations, and deaths......but never how many tested. Is it lower populations or we're just not testing a lot of people? Lot of people wonder if they had it....had SOMEthing harsh earlier this year. Again... AND does it make any difference? Does it give immunity now? MtRider ......and everyone knows I hate mysteries!
  16. Jeepers, ....live 'next door' to a library? I'd like that! Except I'd probably have to live 'in town'. The library called DH [who is a regular customer for their video movies] Their new system is: -- drop off box any time -- anything dropped off will be unavailable for 72 hrs while they wait for any virus to die -- if you are picking up something, you'll have a time and a parking spot. Someone will bring your books, etc out to your car [numbered cones at each parking spot and they'll space people apart] -- if you have anything to bring back, get out and drop them in the drop box yourself before getting your new materials I told the lady that it sounded well-thought-out and organized. She laughed....'We'll see as we start this week'. Yeah, what's that the military says: No plan survives the first engagement with the enemy....something like that. MtRider ....so DH will have some NEW movies to watch....and the new Hawaii 5-O TV shows too.
  17. Library here just notified DH by email today that they are now opening their drop box.....so keep an eye on yours, Jeepers. Depending on how the box is set up....and how often staff are now checking it...it may plug up again rather quickly. Y'know...... "Ah, COVID!" is going to become a new swearing word! Pray for kids all over U.S. that are TRYING to take final tests for A.P. classes. The A.P. Physics one [ today or yesterday?] crashed for thousands of them! They'd completed their tests but could NOT send and have it accepted. It's a timed test and it simply did not take all of them. Usually these would be given in each location in person. So this is new due to COVID. My GrSon about came unglued cuz he could not get his test to enter after completion. These kids have studied at a college level all year....and will get college credit for this if they pass. He has an A.P. English one tomorrow. They've been doing remote learning for 8 wks now and this is the finish for these classes for this year. I think they will have to retake the Physics one..... MtRider
  18. Glad your dh is ok, Miki. Felt at least ok today. Just went for walk with DH and dog. Then cuz walk was short [ 4/10ths of mile] we played Grass Island keep-away with dog. She thinks that special..... ....for some reason. "I'VE got the ball and you don't!!!" I've been off dairy for most of this year. But DD1 had a CHEESECAKE delivered for Mother's day. Hey, cheese is kinda 'cultured'. Maybe it will work??? Hmmm....maybe not. Just not feeling well plus more sinus-bronchial congestion and ...stuff. MtRider ....but I LIKE cheesecake!
  19. There is also a whole bunch of other accessories that make the device adaptable....for eggs and such. Hmmm...... <--------that's DH. Me....not so much. MtRider ....but I do like TOOLS!
  20. RE: Ambergris' link.... Quoting.................................... “This is a very stubborn, infectious disease,” "One U.S. official familiar with the situation on the ship said commanders don't know why this is happening but suggested it could be related to questions about testing accuracy. The official, who spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss internal deliberations, said that screening has been intensified on the ship. And, anyone who exhibits any flu-like symptoms at all is being tested and removed. The sailors have been tested using the nasal swab. And in some cases the infection can be at such a low level that it is not detected by the test. It’s not clear whether cases like these are actual relapses, or if people tested negative without really being completely clear of the virus." End Quoting.................................. This would drive me crazy.....not knowing if you have it....if you don't.....if you've recovered COMPLETELY.....if it comes BACK???????????? MtRider
  21. LOL 2 1/8th" More sinus issues then??? I definitely have room to slide the metal piece below the edge of my glasses. DD2 was wearing the cloth ones upside-down and thot it was bad fit cuz of Asian face/nose. MtRider
  22. On our CO stats I saw something new tonite: 1,150 deaths among cases (878 due to COVID-19) So that's a different way of calculating. I figure if someone is on hospice and then gets COVID, it might have hastened the inevitable death but probably shouldn't be listed as cause. However if someone has a preexisting condition that will shorten lifespan....but probably has a few more years.....and dies after getting COVID.....COVID can take the blame. MtRider .....ahem, not that anyone is asking for my opinion, mind you.
  23. DH actually set up a video visit back in March(?)... I was surprised our Internet system could handle it. But it saved a trip to town in the blizzard. The doc said she wants a face-to-face next time tho. That makes me smile. She's younger and can truly type notes WHILE listening and interacting attentively with you. So she's more than techno-competent. Yet she knows the value of seeing pts in person. Miki...I think our med system charges more for a video visit. Cuz I think they're waiving the extra fee during COVID. MtRider
  24. Hmmm...Russia just climbed the ladder. And poor Yemen is at 85.....kinda using that country as a meter for how fast even smaller nation can multiply [since it stayed allegedly at ONE for so long]. Population around 30 million. So not too small. Colorado's governor has declared tomorrow as a remembrance for the 1,091 [and counting] people who have died. Govt bldgs will have red lights on....or something. But I like his slogan: EVERY NUMBER HAS A NAME. Yes, and many who mourn each person. MtRider
  25. Wow....inventive. We got an Instant Pot for Christmas. Haven't experimented with it's various functions yet. But I suspect it's quite versatile. I have a small inverter for the car....but seriously unsure how much I could draw from it. Not my area of expertise. MtRider .....interesting!!!
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