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  1. Sometimes the voice recognition just isn't recognizing well at all. Thanks for the transcript, Midnight.....got the general idea. MtRider .....anti inflammatory
  2. Wow...lot of concerns for praying.... --Annarchy/dh safe trip and the return trip toooo! [with MIL, right?] --The CG and the COVID tests....that they are accurate and deal with what truly is or is not! --Miki's step dd and all the family --LittleSister/dH and her family coming and going.....I vote: get the ramp! Safer for both of you. Did broken hip with my mom ...NOT FUN! DH and I are still feeling fine. I suppose he'll have to call the restaurant to see if those other 3 tested today. We did get a few inches of snow..... I had left
  3. We're not too worried. The roommate that tested positive doesn't work at restaurant.....the other three do. We're doing extra supplements, etc. Washed all DH's clothes from work. God is in control....either we will or won't. I haven't said anything to my mom....certainly not my dad. He's "had COVID" a number of times already. And they are out and about ALL THE TIME. DH went today for the turkey. He isn't the most....observant of people. His Situational Awareness is usually in the negative numbers. So he comes home and I'm hauling grocery sacks up the pulley. I l
  4. Someone DH works with is now quarantined .... Get this: The boyfriend of a roommate is positive. Or rather....has "tested positive". Has symptoms tho. So that puts three people from the restaurant in quarantine until they can be tested. So....with all the false negatives and false positives......I'm not positive we know anything. Except that we're both increasing all the vitamin/mineral supplements. We've been taking a healthy batch since January when we were sick. So far; so good. But increase if there might be increased risk. Pray for us.....we were plannin
  5. I'm tired. Trying to make use of our mild days. At the same time.....hoping for snow/rain/sleep....MOISTURE! Still haven't restarted Hawaiian yet.....seem to be so busy? Making some progress with sorting/clearing. DH working early shifts this weekend. Hope everyone keeps any 'cooties' to themselves.... MtRider
  6. Yeah, Jeepers. I got that top one this morning....haven't had a chance to look at it yet. Already had the next one....not sure if I looked at it when I got it...?? MtRider
  7. Sheeeesh, LittleSister! You're doing so much! Being nursing aid to your dh and running around to do shopping and cooking and canning and cleaning and....... you're not sure why you're tired? Good heavens, lady! Go or or or even You're going to collapse if your body says "TIRED" and you aren't adding up all the ways you are spending yourself out. Sit down and count all that you end up doing for yourself and your dh. Gotta take care of yourself tooooo! [and I think you've told a few of us that tooooooo!]
  8. Good thing you have a wonderful, remodeled kitchen, Homesteader! Did you ever get finished with alll those projects? MtRider
  9. LOL Homesteader. We really do save old phone books. Esp the small town/county ones. Cheap paper can be mashed/crinkled, then smoothed out again to make it soft...er. I have a friend who is experimenting with "the family cloth". She lives alone and is trying the diaper pail thing. Long ago had counted on burning the refuse but decades of drought in the SW has us wondering it that can even happen? Hate to have headlines in local paper: Pioneer Weirdos Set Forest Fire While Burning Alternate T.P. Ooops. woooooeee... I haven't had a lot of energy these past 2 days. I've
  10. Mt_Rider


    Or MASH's Radar calling in favors and making deals to get needed medical supplies. MtRider
  11. Wow....so traumatic for all of you, Annarchy. Koa is just a big terrified baby when she goes in the vet office. Refuses to go in the back rooms. We use a hind-end lifter and slide her across the floor. I get on the floor with her and she lets me put the muzzle on. She'd bite if she felt that threatened. But so far, okay. Embarrassing tho...cuz not only are we sliding her but she's howling! Singin' the blues....loudly. Last time DH stopped by to pick up a sedative for her. Gave it before the appt but it's affect was miscalculated. She got very drowsy as we were le
  12. Wow, Eurphrasyne. I've had days like that. Not with baby but definitely what I call a ..."And Then THIS Happened Day". Glad looking back at it can be ....calmer. It is a great story to tell....AFTER the fact! Good illustrations too! I love the 'smilies'. Unbelievable how many complications can be blamed on COVID . Miki.....too bad about the squash. Could you try boiling it? I do that with spaghetti squash but haven't with butternut. Hope you're cooking and baking on your new stove by now!! .....no, not campfire! I've had a low energy days.
  13. This seems to be a BIG recall....Walmart ...many states https://www.consumerreports.org/food-recalls/romaine-lettuce-sold-at-walmart-recalled-due-to-ecoli-risk/ MtRider .....careful out there!
  14. The temperature is at SIX DEGREES ABOVE ZERO right now...... Awwwwwww, I hate the severe cold and this is WAY toooo early. The second time we've been below zero and it's not even December yet. [wacko Jet Stream has been ODD this year!] Glad we took out the swamp cooler completely in Sept. Glad we took out the A/C window unit a few days ago. Glad I folded some sheets of newspaper to block the GAPS in the front door. Need to: Put up more bubble wrap in windows we don't use. Some is already installed but need to get on the others. Need to:
  15. Thanks, Midnight. I learned not to twist the biscuit cutter.... Never heard that but it makes sense. Might try these "two" ingredient ones. Oops, NOT. ....I'm off dairy for bronchial stuff so.....I'm going to listen to the Potato Water one. We use potato water in bread making. MtRider ...mouth watering. I could eat biscuits all day!!!
  16. I started reading about the Long Haulers back in the summer. They organized on-line support groups cuz they felt like the anomalies but it's getting more press now. Pretty tough. Hope you pass into the Getting Back To Normal phase soon, Gofish! MtRider
  17. I'm starting to look at the Space Bags for saving room here. But all extra blankets are up on the windows for winter. Maybe some clothes? But really, I need to sort and donate the extra clothes. I do keep some 'too small' and 'too large' cuz I shift back and forth. Not many in the 'too large' right now... With all that running around and stairs at the folks', thot I'd have a weight loss again like last time. Those two have WAY too many goodies and snacks! Slow to regain my stamina. Sat in a chair on Saturday and sorted magazines/catalogs. Filled up an entire pe
  18. It's been well over 2 wks since ALL of us were in a city hospital....for my mom's condition; not COVID. Seems like the incubation period is passed....if any of us might had caught something there. Everyone was masked and they checked anyone coming into the hospital. But.... None of us in good position to catch this. My bronchial stuff is going over the top again right now. Short of actual bronchitis.....just allergic response to whatever. Yet....we were there for my mom...and my dad. And prayed for protection. And would pray for sustaining grace if we got it anyway.
  19. Felt ok to go with DH to visit my folks. Weren't there long but brought fixings for a pumpkin pie...2 smaller ones, actually. We've found a pre-made pie crust that is rolled up. Unroll and put the circle into the pie plate and goosh into place. AND it actually tastes good! I did that while DH made up the filling. My mom handed us things we needed. When it was time to get out of the oven, we left. [cuz we have a sweet tater pie at home] I was already tired...just from a couple hours plus drive time. We grabbed another Bake At Home pizza so when we got home, DH hauled st
  20. Thanks, TheCG. I saw this earlier on Pam's list but didn't realize what it was. Got it now. MtRider
  21. Hmmm.....I may be late for this answer. OK...some folks think duck eggs are stronger tasting and don't like to use them for a fried egg breakfast. We don't think so but YMMV. Their diet may change the flavor too....ours were free range plus wild bird food. They even ate small salamanders..... TMI? As for baking, duck eggs [and goose eggs especially!!] have a "proportionately larger" yolk. That means they are treasured by bakers. They do have a harder shell so ya hafta give it a fairly strong whack to open them. ..... ....imagine when we had to switch t
  22. Just found this thread. Thanks to Darlene for passing on my messages during my time w/o Internet. Folks have cell service/we don't. We have Internet/they don't. Thanks very much to all who were concerned for us and for your prayers. HE sustained us all. And some of it was very very difficult. Their age and my dad's confusion, etc makes all this so very delicate .....to be assisting without being too aggressive. A balance. Both my folks are very grateful for DH and I.....at the moment. For my dad, being "too helpful" can happen in an instant. That's one ya can't re
  23. As I read thru more than 2 wks of pages of Whatcha Doing Today, I prayed for all of you with issues of all kinds. Many of us have on-going issues. A few new ones. And of course the Big USA Event today of the election. For that, please do remember to be kind. MrsS has people from different political views and we're all friends. We have many things in common....mostly to be prepared for things of normal life and things that could be way beyond any "normal" we have known. MrsS is not the place to point out who we might think is at fault or who should/shouldn't ha
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