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  1. I unschool up until about 4th-5th grade, then I feel more pressure to adopt some routines and rituals...at least for my "driven" one. She has specific goals that will require formal education. The "less driven" one ... well that one may be able to be very successful with less formal education.
  2. I love Sequential Spelling - it's the only spelling curriculum that has ever made sense to me.
  3. The apple has lost its polish. The bloom is off the rose. The binders and books are no longer crisp and new. After several weeks, it's all become routine. So how is it going? We are doing fewer outside classes and more HOMEschooling this year. I've given the kids more responsibility for organizing their day/week. I give them the week's lesson plan with suggested days to do each thing. My hope is that, as the year progresses, they will learn to manage their time and make wise decisions. In the mean time, they are free to make mistakes and learn from them. And they do learn something when th
  4. Since RosaryChaplet brought this back up to the top, I'm going to throw in my 2c. Get items now to help in case of an injury later. Crutches are cheap. Get them used at thrift stores. You might wish to buy new underarm pads and handgrips, but that's up to you. Thrift stores also have canes and shower chairs. A rolling office chair is great for getting around the kitchen or over smooth floors. I'm a nurse and I wouldn NOT attempt to cast a break, but I would apply a splint - make sure you have splinting materials. I also would not attempt to set a break unless I'd been trained. For arm inju
  5. This is a great accounting; thank you! We too were caught in this outage. Fortunately, we had cold cuts, cheese & french bread for a cold dinner. We also made smores over a (gas) fire with the nighbors. Our power was off about 6 hours, half of which were after dark. Not too bad.
  6. Happy anniversary MtRider and Mr. MtRider! Have a great time & give us a report after.
  7. If you don't want to dry peach halves, make fruit leather.
  8. Thank you for the heads up. It's hard when we see conflicting messages, like the current low meat prices you mention. I've recently seen new construction start on lots that have sat empty for two years. I find that encouraging, but perhaps not. I am planning to buy a steer in the fall; I only hope that's not too late.
  9. Sheets and towels are pretty easy here. I'm not telling how often (rarely) sheets are changed. We go to bed in either dedicated "bed" clothes - which lack daily grime - or in reasonably clean skin. Towels are usually used for a week...sometimes less if that particular odor develops. We're all fine with "spit baths" (washcloth & basin of water). And Dh & I have short, easy-to-care-for hair. I can wash & rinse mine with less than a cup of water. The kids aren't as fortunate. My outdoor clothes are worn until a project is complete or they start walking away under their own power. No s
  10. Congratulations! May your journey be enjoyable and productive.
  11. Thank you for the warm welcomes. Now....I got some catching up to do!
  12. Hey y'all. It's been a long time. And the longer it got, the more awkward I felt - like I needed reasons and excuses for my absence. Then I remembered this lovely community and the kind, forgiving souls here, so... I have come home.
  13. Bumping. I bought a second turkey last month when they were cheap. I'm going to use some to make pizza sausage. BTW, search is working well now. I searched "darlene sausage" and it was near the top! Yay!
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