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  1. I haven't been on here for quite awhile and saw this thread...saying lots of prayers. At the end of last October my mother-in-law fell during the night busting her head open and was hospitalized for several days. Lab tests showed that her very mild form of a pre-leukemia condition had turned extremely aggressive and they gave her only 30 days...she passed away December 2nd. At the end of December my DH had a dr. visit and after being cancer free for 2 years we were told that it was back DH had daily radiation all of February, March, and into the first week of April...he didn't miss a day of work but was really tired. We just found out this week that the radiation didn't work and that the lab level before radiation is now more than 4X higher. We had a bone scan and some other tests done this morning and will meet with a medical oncologist on Wednesday. Before all this started we had found some land (after looking for approx 15 years) and were in the middle of building our little house. We still have the big house in town and are trying to get it sold. Everything is a little overwhelming right now but I know God is always good. Just putting one foot in front of the other.
  2. We will have our meal on Wednesday. Son and his wife are having Thanksgiving day with her family and then Christmas with us. All the other kids will be able to be here on that day also A young man (20 years old), that my oldest dd graduated from high school with, invited EVERYONE on Facebook that didn't have family or a place to go to come to his house for a Thanksgiving meal on Thursday ..... I told him I thought he had bitten off way more than he could handle but that we would be free to help if he needed it.
  3. It has been a very steady rain since I got up at about 5am. We really have been praying for rain but, after so many delays, they were suppose to start framing our new 'little house' today. We were hoping to be moved by Christmas but that's not going to happen. We've had many delays but it seems when we have unexpected delays we discover something that was wrong or misunderstandings and fix them. I've been de-cluttering the house and have started to pack some things up and put them in storage so we can put the 'big' house on the market. I had a booth reserved for the craft fair in November but with all that has been going on I haven't made all the items I intended to so will be cancelling my booth for this year . Now I can put all that in storage and get it out of our way until next year. We went to Aldi's today and they seemed to be well stocked but several of the items I wanted were close to their expiration date so I passed. Someone gave my youngest dd a kitten a couple of weeks ago and the vet confirmed last week that it had ringworms Now me and the middle daughter both have a couple of 'spots' on us. We've been to the dr. for meds but I tried olive leaf oil spray on it earlier. It's suppose to kill everything. Her free little kitten has cost us a small fortune in vet and medical bills. Hope you all have a blessed day
  4. Thank you Ms. Stephanie. You have no idea how much of a blessing this is to me.
  5. It seems that the protocols are all over the place...some things allowed in some areas and not in others. I've heard of people being denied other types of treatments and was shocked that they are doing so much chemo on my MIL at her age. She starts round four tomorrow and wants to die because it makes her so ill. She gets so sick and dizzy that she's had a couple of bad falls. Dh has asked her repeatedly to get a second opinion and she just tells him that "They are professionals and they know what they're doing."
  6. My mother-in-law is in her 80's and they started chemo on her about a month ago for a very early stage leukemia. I believe she has had 2 rounds of 2 shots daily for a week each and 3 blood transfusions. She has her medicare and a small supplement insurance.
  7. When we found out DHs biopsy came back as cancer the Dr. who did the (barbaric) biopsy and gave us the results said that dh needed a shot right then and didn't make it real clear what the shot was but that it was needed. After the nurse gave the shot they then told us we had plenty of time to make decisions about surgery because it could not be done for at least 6 weeks following the shot. Our heads were going in all diirections and we just weren't thinking straight....soon we were billed over $3000 for a "chemo" treatment for a drug that has been under FDA review and thousands of lawsuits are pending . We quickly made an appointment with DHs' pulmonologist (sp?)... He doesn't know a lot about cancer but he is one of the very few people we trust in the medical field and we have a tremendous amount of respect for him. He sat with us for over an hour (ocasionnally leaving for a few minutes to see other patients) and made several calls to help us find the best care. He is an adventist and normaly has a different way of treating things but it has always been amazingly effective. He told us one thing that I will NEVER forget.....he knew we were overwhelmed and we had a lot of choices to make but we needed to realize that if you go to a general practicioner (M.D.) that normally they are trained at traditional medical schools that are greatly funded by pharmaceutical companies so they tend to prescibe meds to solve medical problems...it's what they know. A surgeon is trained to do surgery to solve medical problems....it's what they know. An oncologist is trained to use chemo and radiation to address medical issues...it's what they know. They aren't wrong and usaully mean you no harm but doing what they've been trained to do. We changed doctors and dh had surgery. We prayed that the cancer would be totally contained and when they did surgery they said the cancer was all in a tight little sack and that the sack was pefectly healthy tissue...PRAISE GOD!!! No chemo, no radiation and after a year still testing cancer free. I am so thankful for our dear Dr. friend. He changed our whole perspective on medical treatment and told us that we had to be our own advocates for what was right for us and not let anyone (even doctors) make decisions about our medical care.
  8. After years and years of looking for land we finally found some about a year ago. We were just getting over my DHs bout with cancer and had our 2 oldest children get married with in weeks of each other so our plates were pretty full. After months and months of planning they are suppose to break ground tomorrow on our new home. I have drawn the plans over and over and over again....and I'm finally happy with it (I think..lol) It's quite a bit smaller than what we have now but has a lot less wasted space and is laid out to better meet our needs. I have let my supplies dwindle a bit because I dreaded having to move them but made sure we have plenty of storage at the new place
  9. Hubby will work all weekend. He was suppose to work today but our middle dd had gallbladder surgery. While caring for her I plan on getting the painting finished in my room. I need to pack up things for a local charity, declutter the house more, and clean. Trying to get the house ready to list and I have already procrastinated way too long. We couldn't make it up to our land today but I'm hoping that they got all the dirtwork done and at least started on the footings. May try to run up there real quick to see
  10. Ours has steadily gone up over the last couple of years but we live in a house that's almost 100 years old. We're going to start building a new house in the next couple of months and my insurance agent has told me that our premium should be cut in half. WOOHOO!!
  11. If Azure Standard delivers in your area they have the 5 gallon gamma lid for $6.15 and the 2 gallon lids for $4.70. I like the 2 gallon size because they are easier for me to lift and move around.
  12. My pastor was surprised and pleased that one of his sheep would want the anointing of the sick as commanded in James 5: 14-15. This Thursday at 3pm, we will ask in faith, for God's complete healing of my body, in obedience to His Word. This is a gentle and kind man, who I admire and trust. I thought I would share his reply that he sent to me earlier today. "Dear Larry, I believe in the text, and I believe in the anointing with oil. And, I always have a bottle of oil on the corner of my desk if you would ever want to have me anoint you with oil, please come by and we will do that ok! I have a funeral Thursday morning, but have nothing in the afternoon Thursday!" We will be praying in Oklahoma The Sunday before my dh's surgery the members of our church prayed for healing. The Dr. said the cancer was much more aggressive than they had thought but that it was totally contained in a 'sack'. We KNOW that prayers work. Blessings, BB
  13. (((drumrunner))) My DH was diagnosed in February of 2012 with surgery 2 months later. So far his follow ups have been good. We have done a few alternative things we researched (mostly diet) but know that God will handle it. He has 2 friends who were diagnosed before him and they are having a much tougher road. Prayers to you and your family....
  14. My vintage laptop was dying a very loud and painful death...lol. Dh got me a new one for my birthday and it's taken me a bit to get it loaded with all my old sites THANKS so much for the birthday wishes
  15. I printed it out for both my husband and I to look over together. Think It's something we really needed right now. Thanks
  16. We went through all of this last year when we found out DH had cancer. We had always meant to draw up paperwork but had never taken the time. We went to one of those 'will/trust' classes and what scared us was that if anything happened to DH while at the hospital getting surgery or treatment and wasn't unable to make decisions about his own care the hospital and medical staff (in Oklahoma) had the right to do whatever they decided was best. I, as his wife, had very little to no rights. Two days after we found out that DH had cancer I had surgery and the thought that if anything had gone wrong that the hospital could make decisions and not my husband was so upsetting that we took care of it ASAP. We also have a relative that has said that if anything happened to us thet they would quickly swarm in like a vulture and get what was 'due to them'....the only time we hear from them is when they are locked up (again) and have nothing but time on their hands. We are hoping the paperwork took care of that and will hopefully protected our kids from having to deal with it. We were also told that In Oklahoma if you don't have a will (as simple as a signed paper that has been notorized) your property/assets can go to the state. I like the idea of the trust and will have to look into that some more. We recently talked to someone that had one set up and they were almost 'pushy' about telling us we needed to look into it....it looks like a way to protect youself and family in so many differnt ways.
  17. When my oldest girl turned 18 she moved to Denver and traveled with her job. She stayed at various hotel/motels and picked up bedbugs at one of them. They tore her arms and legs up. It took awhile for her to figure out what was going on....she thought that it was mosquito bites but it got worse and started making her ill. She finally went to the doctor and his wife had the same thing happen to her so he knew exactly what it was. It has been over a year and a half and she still has some scars on her arms and legs. It has been really hard on her....some people have flat out asked her what happened to her arms and legs and others have hinted that it may be fron drug use ...people can be so mean/stupid somemtimes. They are nothing to mess with and very hard to get rid of.
  18. $2.91 here. Our local Homeland grocery store has added a new feature to your Homeland Card. You can get money off at a couple of local stations for purchasing Kraft products. People are filling up their tanks by swiping their store cards first to get the discout and then their credit/debit cards for the balance. Some have purchased 20 gallons of gas for less than $3. The most you can get is 20 gallons per visit and it can discount it to about 11cents per gallon....WOOHOO!!!
  19. We've been running around in capris/shorts and have all the windows open in December. It's been wonderful! I've been running around trying to take care of my 'end of the year' stuff and the great weather makes it much more enjoyable
  20. Update.......... http://www.huffingto..._n_2164237.html This is dated before the date on your post so not sure if it was from before or after. Hobby Lobby /Mardel's is a great company that has always treated their employees very well. Everyone knows when they go to work for them that it's a christian company so I don't believe that they would be at all surprised by their stance on this subject or expect them to provide medical treatment that is against their beliefs.
  21. We have gone through this with both my DH and my family. After all these years we are done and wish we had done it sooner. Both my parents are now gone but they 'taught' my siblings how to treat me. My husbands brother lives here and hasn't spoke to him in years. DH ran into him at the first of the year and told him that he loved and missed him and that if he did anything to offend him he was truly sorry. We found out shortly after that DH had cancer...during all of it (surgery and long recovery)....not a single word from his brother. It's sad that my children don't have an extended family but it was family that never really cared about us anyway. Blessing to you and your DH
  22. I didn't see any fighting, brawls, or people trampling over others but what I did see was people helping each other out. Several older people on their electric carts couldn't get near the crowded displays and the people around them made sure that they got all the items they wanted. I saw people at the front of the lines handing the items to everyone around them and others passing them on to the others that were much further back. While people were helping others, other people were collecting items for them. People who had duplicate items offered to share with those who were too late to get any. Most of all everyone was talking and sharing with perfect strangers while standing in lines. I even saw a couple of people totally freak out by being surrounded by so many people and everyone stopped and cleared a path for them to get out. It was crazy but great to see so many of the people treat each other with respect and kindness. I have had a pretty rough year and have become so cynical....I never dreamed going and watching strangers could help me see that there are still good people.
  23. I drug 3 of my 4 kids and two of their new spouses with me to Walmart last night. Everyone did a little shopping. Oklahoma has a law that doesn't allow stores to sell items below cost to protect smaller businesses that can't compete. Luckily Walmart will price match any store within 50 miles so living only 30 minutes from Texas really helped us get some great deals
  24. They had one recently in Arlington, TX. and I went with a friend.... DH was working. It was GREAT! So many different vendors, classes, information, samples, and products. Some of the classes were standing room only and we were really surprised at all of the really young families that not only were there but really gathering all the info that they could. The largest class (by far) was on how to create and build a community of 'like minded' people. We would definitely go again...but I'm sure dh will want to go...I exceeded my budget just a little bit.
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