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  1. Our local Homeland will have Miracle Whip on sale for 2/$5.00 from time to time and I am able to collect $1 off coupons so I pick up several for $1.50 a jar. The first coupon is doubled so that jar is only .50 cents. Normally it is about $4 per jar...ouch!!!
  2. We have the same problem with everything...shirts, dresses, etc. When I can find good undershirts I get a handful and in every color. Old Navy has some with lace on the top and bottom that are extra long so you can't see their belly or back and also have adjustable straps. I have found them on sale for $3-5. Walmart has the boy short bottom that have a little more coverage on sale for $8 online with free shipping to the store.
  3. I always thought that regular dishwashing soap damaged a dishwasher. I wash my dishes before putting them in the dishwasher and was told by the repaiman and others to make sure that I rinsed them really well or it could damage my dishwasher.
  4. Dee, I have seen the same thing in my son and it makes me crazy. He will order stuff and pick at it. He said that when he went Europe the portion sizes where so much smaller and it made him realize how huge ours are and that he doesn't 'need' to eat so much...but instead of ordering less he seems to order more variety and eats just a few bites of each. It seems so wasteful to me.
  5. Oldest DD graduated high school on Friday along with my niece so there was plenty of family here. Then DD packed all her things Sunday into a truck and 'moved' to Colorado. She's ready to start her new life now that she's an adult and knows everything. We are just showering her with prayers and hoping she stays safe. I hope she'll come back and go back to school. She got a great scholarship but it will only pay for her to go to school in our state. Our son got the same one and graduated from college last year. He now has his dream job....makes great money and is traveling the world. I wanted her to see how happy he is and want to do the same but no such luck. Youngest DD is priming/painting the upstairs bath..they (kids) have long outgrown the rainbow of colors and want somthing more 'sophisticated'. I'm continuing to de-clutter the house and my shed if filling up quick. We need to have a yard sale and get rid of all this stuff. The weather is nice so far but storms normally pop up in the afternoons. Hoping you all have a great day. Blessings, bmo4
  6. 10/10..... but surprised I did guess on a couple.
  7. The weather is suppose to be really nice today and I have a long list of things to do. Oldest DD is graduating from high school tomorrow and I'm not sure who all is coming so I need to make sure everything is in order here at the house. When we had tornado warnings the day before yesterday I had to stay busy so I started painting the den. I got about 3/4 done when the sirens went off and had to stop to go to the cellar. My kids teased me about trying to paint when tornados where heading our way.....that if hit and as we cleaned up the rubble someone would comment on how the debris from that room was such a lovely color. It's crazy the things we do and say when we're nervous. We knew our cellar was leaking last year but thought that we had it repaired. The storm the other night was so strong that the water was gushing in. We'll do some more work on it but we may need to put in a new seperate storm shelter. We had friends that were hit and lost everything last year in a tornado just a couple miles east of us... They will never be the same. It has changed the way I think of 'things' and our home. Every'thing' is replacable. Praying for everyone affected by the recent storms...the people hit and the people going in and helping in the clean up.
  8. We haven't heard anything new. We believe that the state of Indiana is getting the paperwork all together to submit to the inter-state adoption people. If approved there it will come to our state for the backgroung checks and home study to be done. The next hearing is in September and I am thinking that if it all goes well we would bring her home then. Pictures are suppose to be mailed to us. The thought of possibly raising a new baby all over again has poor DH a little twitchy...lol. I'm sure he'll get over it once he holds her. Blessings, bb
  9. It's all just beautiful....I am so jealous!!!! Blessings, bb
  10. Thanks, Thanks, Thanks !!! Such a simple post but it really calmed me down...I tend to get a 'little' overwelmed thinking about it all. I so want whatever happens to be Gods plan for this baby. I just worry if it should be with grandparents even though we have so many friends our age starting over with either their grandchildren or kids that just need a home. I wonder if it's fair for her to have us 'old folks' raising her. DH was taking our DD(16) to get her drivers license this week and I pointed out to him that if we get this baby he may be taking her to get a license when he's 70! DS says he's found God and promises that he has changed...I pray it's true. Blessings, bb
  11. Baby's great grandma called and said the hearing went great and it looked like they intend on trying to get the baby to us. There is another hearing in a couple of months that we will go to . Hopefully they will do all the paperwork, reports, background checks and home studies before that hearing so it will be done. I have considered getting certified for foster care so all of that would already be done on this end but I don't know how much that would really speed up the process. They are much more confidential about things in Indiana than they are here so you get just the very minimal of information. From what I gathered the mom isn't working her 'plan' at all. Still not sure how it would all work but want to find out up front. I'm not clear if we are getting temp. custody until step-son gets out and then he has to work a plan to get custody or what. He will have to move his parole to our state so we are going to contact the local probation office and see what his options would be. I'm wanting to provide a loving, caring, safe home for our grand-daughter... not deal with his drama. I guess I'm getting old and cranky.....I have put up with ALOT from my DH's family and I WON"T anymore. We are trying to give him the oportunity to not loose his daughter forever. If he's serious about straightening up he had better do it because I won't play games. He has written to my girls and told them that he may be coming to live with us real soon.....that's news to me. I was thinking he would be in a rehab or halfway type house until he got on his feet not our house. He has always been rude and disrespectful to me and lies to everyone. DH says he will send him a letter letting him know that we have rules and boundries and that he will need to respect them or not come around. I just want everything set up through DHS and the court so that the boundries are clear. DH asked me again today if I was sure about all 'this' as almost all of the baby's care will be on me. I'm praying about it everyday. I told DH I was sure about loving and caring for grand daughter but that unless DS has really changed I don't want to deal with him at all. Will continue to pray about it. Blessings, bb
  12. Thanks for all the prayers and advice. I'm afraid that we will have the trouble that Cat wrote about. I can already see it coming and finally sat down with DH to discuss it....he almost seemed relieved. We will have to set VERY firm boundries and stick to our guns. I've had family members in the past that used their children to manipulate people and definately learned from that. I'm going to ask that alot of these 'boundries' are in the court order if we get her so that there are no misunderstandings. The baby's first court hearing is today...we have no idea what will happen. They (DCS and CASA) are suppose to recommend placing the baby with us and see if the judge approves it. They will then have to file paperwork with their state for approval, then it will come to our state, then our county for all the background checks and home visits....then back to their state for a decision. The DCS worker said it could take 2-3 months to place her with us but the CASA worker mentioned 15 months but I think that was to terminate parental rights. In our state she would have been placed in a prospective adoptive home at birth. We would have had to really consider not getting her if she had been placed in the home of people who desperately wanted/loved her from birth to 9-15months of her life, but from what I understand her foster home is not a permanent placement option. Thanks again for the prayers and advice. Blessings, bb
  13. Sounds like lots of fun. Hope you have a great time and a safe trip.
  14. My DH and I found out a few weeks ago that his son from a previous marraige had a baby girl born in October that was put into foster care in Indiana. The son is in prison and believes he will will be getting out in a few months at his annual review but it seems unlikely as he was sentenced to several years and this it isn't his first time. We hate that our grandbaby is in a foster home and so far away. We have contacted the case worker and have told her we want the the baby and I was told today by the CASA worker that in their state they only have hearings every 6 months and that following the recent DNA tests this child's first hearing is next week. Even though they are going to let the judge know that we want her it most likely would be at least another 6 months before they would decide to look at placing her with us and then there will be ALOT of paperwork and a long process with an interstate placement. Because we have offered to take the baby DH's son is wanting to come stay with us when he gets out. He has written to DH and each of our kids about it and thanked them for wanting to take care of the baby until he gets on his feet and how he has changed so much......I don't want him in my house. He has been stealing from his poor grandma(and others) for years. He lies, steals, manipulates, and has been extremely disrespectful to me. I pray that he has changed but will believe it when I see it. I don't want to be caring for a new child and have to watch my back, my bank accounts, my credit cards, always hide my purse, car keys and any paperwork or mail that may have banking or credit info on it. He also seems to enjoy manipulating people and stirring up trouble. I don't believe he's changed...he asked for money in his first letters and told DH that he 'owed' him for not being a better father...only later did he tell us about the baby being in DCS custody since birth...I may be wrong and maybe it's because I'm a mom but my first concern would have been for my child. He has a son who is 3 years old that we've never seen and now he doesn't even know where his son is. Just the thought of having to deal with step-son, his 'family', and the baby's mom/family stresses me. The baby's mom has older children that from what I undersatnd have been in state care/foster system before. I'm just praying the best for this sweet baby. If it's God's will for her to be with us I hope that it's sooner than later. I pray that my stepson has changed and will take care of his children. I also pray for my family and that we make the right choices for everyone concerned and that this all brings us closer and not cause problems. I pray for our 2 grandbabies and their siblings..it's heartbreaking that they can't all grow up knowing each other and I pray that their parents grow up and become more responsible. Blessings, bb
  15. Lady Orena Shotzi of Richland
  16. Target and Walgreens so far have sent me notices. I'm sure I will get a couple more. Wish I had things set up like Cat does. I need to adjust how I use emails. I also hate how so many different sites use your email as your user name. Looks like I'll be making some changes....
  17. Gofish and Deerslayer will say a prayer for both of you. It's miserable to try to do anything when you're in pain so hoping that you get better soon. The wind here has been terrible and we have been under a burn ban for weeks. The fires haven't been as close as they have been in the past but it's scary to think how rapidly they spread. We are praying for rain but it seems to keep missing us. Stay safe.
  18. It has been very windy here. Saturday my DH took me 'junkin' and I found alot of great stuff to put into a local re-sale/vintage store. Today I am cleaning house and putting together the things I'm taking to the shop. We spent yesterday helping some friends put in some plumbing lines on the 'homestead' that they just got. Lots of work to do out there but know it'll be worth it. There is a piece of property out by them that's for sale that I plan on calling on today. We really didn't want that much land but it's a really productive pecan orchard, a 2-3 acre pond, and a 30 acre hay pasture. I 'm going to see if they would consider dividing it.... probably won't but it's been on the market awhile so they may consider it.
  19. I am so sorry you are going through this and you along with the rest of your family will be in my prayers. I know how difficult and overwelming family situations can be.
  20. Oldest DD was the first to get the flu here.... she was out of school for a week. Next was my DH....He works no matter what and he called in sick for the 2nd time in almost 20 years. After 2 days he gave in and went to the Dr. and the Dr. told him he had to be off of work for a week. DH thought he was crazy and planned on being off a couple days and 'sneak' back to work without turning in the letter from the Dr. Then it hit him....he ate almost nothing for 5 days...and was sure he would never eat again. He hurt from head to toe and couldn't stop coughing and the nausea was the worst. So far no one else has come down with it.....Thank God!!! I used my olive leaf/grapefruit seed extract throat and nose spray (I love that stuff) several times a day while being nurse to them both and sprayed almost everything with a bottle filled with half peroxide, half alcohol.....everytime they went into the bathroom or kitchen I went right behind them and sprayed EVERYTHING. I will have to try your tea...I love hot tea when I am feeling under the weather. BB
  21. LIKE!!!LIKE!!! LIKE!!! LOVE THIS!!! I get so frustrated with my 3 teenagers who are ALWAYS hungry but will NEVER eat what I cook but eat junk all day. How frustrated God must get with his children when he is always there to help us but we are so busy with our lives/junk to slow down and give him more of our time and focus. I know I am constantly filling up on all the 'junk' to the point of being overwhelmed. Thank you so much for posting this......I was already beginning to really stress over all the tasks I had for the day/week/month, etc... and other situations that are going on. Got up running this am with more on my plate and mind than I thought I could handle. Which isn' at all productive because I end up getting frustatrated and spend most of my time running in circles. I will now do some bible reading, have my prayer time, and get done what I can and trust that God will help with the rest. Blessings, bb
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