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  1. Because I'm still on crutches, we're experimenting with this method. We have seven bales put together as 2 squares with hollow interiors. We've filled the interiors with a compost/soil mix and are currently growing potatoes in them. So far the exterior of the frame (the bales themselves) are playing host to Broad Beans, Runner Beans, Peas & Garlic (all growing together at the far end of the project. This is with a trellis to support the plants. Cauliflower plants grow down one side and strawberry plants are in the middle (out of our dogs reach ) in the middle of this week the second
  2. Ogre

    Snapped Quadriceps

    Thanks all. I'll give it a go. Been daring the last couple of days, not wearing the brace everywhere. However, I now find that the position I seem to hold myself in without crutches is giving my lower back gyp. Never rains but it pours (lol)
  3. I slipped on the stair on November 17th. Managed to completely snap my Quadriceps (the big Tendon running down the front of your leg from your thigh to knee). You could actually hear the snap in other rooms. I was in a cast and walker until December the 18th and have now graduated to a metal leg brace and crutches. Back in work now and getting around as best I can. But at home at night, the muscles either side of surgery site and snapped tendon cramp awfully. The interior muscle cramps way up into the groin area. As you can imagine, this is a tad uncomfortable. Has anyone suf
  4. Victorian Farm. Pre Edwardian. The Beeb have all sorts of versions of the Coal House going. I think their imagination shut down at some point. Nowadays their locked into a 'celebrity traces their ancestry' phase..
  5. My last search for work lasted 7 months. A week after my unemployment ran out I found work. Thankfully we paid off the mortgage on the house a few years ago, but still did a lot of dipping into the preps for food during that period.
  6. Sorry, It was Fallen Angels by Niven Pournell & Barnes.
  7. Sure I read a scenario very very close to this in Niven & Pournells 'Oath of Fealty' way back when ? It'll come to me I'm sure.
  8. My wife called me out of the shower this morn, 3 journalists were 'discussing' the event on UK television. Yup, wiring straight into the emotions with phrases like 'preppers are survivalists who train for combat' and words like 'hoarding'. Always nice to see a balanced press.
  9. Don't know if any of you guys can get it ? The UK has an entertainer called Derren Brown. A hypnotist among other things. Upon occasion he has a TV 'special'. Last Friday on channel 4 was the first of a 2 part show where he put someone through their very own SHTF scenario. The guy is in his 20's, lives at home with his folks and came across as a waste of space. The aim of the show is to teach him responsibility, courage, decision making etc. The team started with a mis information campaign, hacked his phone, PC and RSS Feeds, made television announcements to 'his' television abou
  10. Failed miserably to win the Euromillions lottery Made a batch of Gorp, added to our food preps, started to recycle some old crates into cabinets. But most importantly finally became Debt Free. No mortgage, no credit card. Wonderful.
  11. Do you not find that the NG team seem to have gone out of their way to find at least one person per episode who is happily sailing somewhat beyond the weirdness horizon. At first I insisted the whole family watch the recorded episode together. Now, if I catch it on repeat, "meh".
  12. Water, Food, Shelter and a way of keeping it safe. She may be in a hurry but start her gently. YOU don't want to have the finger pointed at you in 2 years time when she has 4 cans of de-hydrated yuck and freeze dried eeeeww to force on her nearest and dearest.
  13. Lost my job in February. MIL died of Breast Cancer, my employer gave me a week off to help my wife sort out the family affairs then fired me. Anyway. Back in work for two weeks now and did my first prep shop in 7 months this weekend. Can I just say what a great feeling it is looking at 48 toilet rolls, 20 tins of Tuna, a dozen tins of peas, ditto carrots, potatoes, baked beans, beans and sausage and 3 packs of coffee for your truly. They look lost on the new racking we've built, but it's a great feeling. We've had to dip regularly into our main supplies (kept in a locked steel shed
  14. Warm Salted water. As salty as you can take it. Take a big swig and hold it on the area. The pain will increase about 10 fold (feels like ) Then 'pops' and no more pain. For a while..... Thats how I tend to do it anyway. Interested in the Peroxide tip though what ratio/strength.
  15. I'll probably not get too see this for an age. Anything like Dies The Fire ?
  16. If your planning on putting mylar space blankets of the chicken coop, please be aware that they do gather moisture and drip. We put them in the attic last winter, and in spring the flooring was stained with water patches where the blankets had suffered run off.
  17. Here in the UK we usually have Wolf Spiders migrating back into the houses in Autumn. A sign that Winter's on its way. This year their already getting undercover. (4" visitor floating in the bath the other morn and a 3"er killed by my daughters pup yesterday).
  18. Across here in Wales we had a buried wake up call in a late night news item. The reporter explained that any crop this year had been wiped out in the torrential rains, root crops rotting in the earth etc. However it wasn't all bad news because a number of farmers are now renting fields to campers in an effort to feed their stock. They then completely missed the point by explaining that this was wonderful for campers as the farms weren't too many miles from a nearby Eisteddfod.
  19. Ours are packed away in vacuum storage bags with added sachets of silica gel to help keep them dry.
  20. Not sure about US prices, but I don't think there's £100 worth of wood in the construction. Your paying for the twee idea of having a raised bed above your chooks.
  21. HOW MUCH !!!! Very sorry. But at that price I would want a converted garden shed at the least. Also not sure how sturdy it would be with a dirty great tub of Earth on the top. Plus they mention the insulative properties of the roof and leave big gaps in the sides. Plus it looks like cleaning would be a b*tch. Forget it..
  22. Last Light by Alex Scarrow Brit SHTF novel. I must admit I can read JDY & TOM and most US SHTF authors with enjoyment. With Scarrow I have to put the tale down and take a break quite frequently. The sense of desperation get a bit disturbing.
  23. I suppose I'm a picky eater. I've not eaten red meat in over 20 years (sorry, burgers are just NOT meant to ooze green blech when you bite into one, or two, or in this case three) However our preps contain corned beef, beef slices, bacon grill etc. Come SHTF I know I'll be grateful.
  24. .Yup. And most of them without a qualm. I don't think this makes me some kind of monster, just someone who realises the load that I can or can't take on. I've been in work situations where I've heard the comment " If the worst comes to the worst we're coming to your house". I usually answer that one with "Well, that's what the weapon trainings for". I did, work with one couple with young children who made that comment. Because I knew the children I sat down that night and wrote a 3 page guide to making an easy start to prepping including joining Mrs S. Last I heard they'd not
  25. We have one, bought at a local hardware store it looks like a tin of popular baked beans. It sits in the back of the fridge with the other tins. You have to get past the rest of the food stuffs to get to it. The main difference is it has a silver plastic bottom. Actually the thing is quite realistic and Mrs Ogre uses it to keep the weeks cash in.
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