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  1. Hi. I've been away from the boards for a while. I tend to run in spurts with computer usage. Anyway . . . I follow a vegan whole foods diet. It is amazing! I lost 25 pounds and 25 inches in 5 months. All my Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) symptoms disappeared and I haven't had so much as a head cold the entire time since switching. It is really easy to follow. Just whole grains, dried beans, raw nuts and seeds, fruits and veggies. I have used 1 quart of olive oil in 5 months. So the diet is pretty cheap. It makes prepping even easier. A bucket of each type of grain and be
  2. Wow ladies! Remember a year ago when 15 miles was awesome? Look at us now. I got 30 miles on the treadmill and pedometer. I did yoga 3 days last week for a total of an hour and a half. I'm not really sure how to count that yoga. Next Monday I start weight training/resistance band training a few days a week. Kim
  3. Still walking away! Last week I got 29 miles, plus yoga, plus squats! It is really starting to make a difference in my bum and legs. Now if I could just get something to help with my belly! Crunches? Yuck! I hope it will start to melt off without needing crunches! Kim
  4. Wow. Great question. I'd miss fresh produce. We eat a ton of dried and canned produce, but I'd miss the fresh stuff. The garden is done for the year, so no help there in November. I'd also miss my weekly chocolate/peanut butter cup snack. I tried stocking up, but it just made it easier to eat them whenever rather than once a week! Kim
  5. Let's see . . . 26 miles on the treadmill, plus yoga, plus squats, plus crunches, plus lots of trips to the potty. Potty trips do count, right? Kim
  6. Thanks Momo. It's good to be back. kim
  7. I'm finally back. This last absence was caused by hurricane Ike taking out our internet provider's tower. If it isn't one thing, it is another. Anyway, I had 25 miles last week, plus 30 minutes of yoga a day, plus some crunches and squats. My back side and belly are in serious need of toning! Kim h
  8. Checking in late again. We've been having some internet troubles. Last week I got in 19 miles. Slowly but surely I'm working my way back. HM, daughter age 18, and I are going to start bike riding again. My numbers will shoot way up then. Kim
  9. Sorry I missed last week. We were crazy busy around here. I am back up to 18 miles. Getting back in shape is harder than staying in shape that is for sure! Kim H
  10. This past week was a pretty good one. I managed to get 12 miles in. Nowhere near my pre-injury total, but maybe someday! Kim
  11. whoohoo! I got back up to 10 miles. Good to see that we are all on the road to recovery. Kim
  12. whoohoo! I got back up to 10 miles. Good to see that we are all on the road to recovery. Kim
  13. I got in 5 again last week. One more week of healing and then I can start pushing the miles again. I can't wait. We've got to get our little walking group off the disabled list. You all be careful this week! Kim
  14. Thanks for the concern it is much appreciated. We've been putting comfrey on my toes. That stuff is amazing. My foot actually feels like 5 or 6 weeks post-injury as opposed to the actual 2 1/2 weeks. The five miles were mostly short walks with dog. Nothing to intense. Kim
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