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  1. Honestly, that's my favorite part. Maybe they'll have the funding to bring it over to our house. Trying to do online schooling on cellular internet SUCKS. Massively. And it's a VAST improvement over satellite.
  2. Hubby finally tried Spam. He said it predominantly tastes like salt, but told me he's fine with it if I could squirrel away a small stash of it (he's not fond of most canned meats). And I have permission to pick up a decent amount of ground beef as the local butcher has it on sale right now and I got a Christmas bonus that will cover it. I think he's starting to feel on edge, even if he tries to play it off as "saving money".
  3. Uh, guys? https://nypost.com/2020/12/14/bird-flu-spreads-to-10th-japanese-prefecture/
  4. What they're saying is that if you don't ever access Google Drive or Google Photos, they're not going to store your stuff indefinitely. If you read the notice, the earliest they will delete anything is June 1, 2023. You've got some time.
  5. That's 160 GB, not 3TB. The USB 3.0 is referring to the type of connection. That being said...here's 4TB for $100, at least right now: https://www.amazon.com/Toshiba-Canvio-Portable-External-Silver/dp/B08DDC36S1/
  6. They opened up our schools this semester, and have done things like canceled Sunday evening for Monday morning due to COVID cases. So glad we had already arranged for the kids to be going through a virtual school this year.
  7. They're great as long as I make sure I sit down and take the time to go through them. I did their big long 6-hour planning session yesterday (it was a separate purchase, but definitely raised some good points I hadn't thought of).
  8. I'm using PowerSheets from Cultivate What Matters. Here's the first planning video from last year if you'd like to see kind of how they're put together (this year, they're putting it as a course for people who've bought them): https://cultivatewhatmatters.com/blogs/cwm/how-to-set-goals-with-your-powersheets-1?_pos=6&_sid=4b0b67e53&_ss=r
  9. I had a glorious afternoon and most of the evening to myself yesterday. I went through a 6-hour video for the system I use for goal setting (well, one of them...). I'm just setting goals that don't require life as normal for now. Even if we do get locked down (which is rather unlikely in our area), I can still work on my basic level of fitness, figuring out what I want to be when I grow up, decluttering, and straightening out our finances (although that will be MUCH easier if we don't get locked down...). Drank tea. Dreamt. Plotted. Planned. All in all, a fabulous day.
  10. I literally keep a box of masks in my car because otherwise, I'll wear it into work or something and leave without it, or drop it on the ground, or... I have some cute Christmas ones I need to break out for the next 2 weeks.
  11. Check with the churches first. Our church exhausted its resources available back in September or so. I know others in the area are in a similar situation.
  12. It was on the list of items you flat out could not return without a receipt when I worked at Target. Sometimes we'd be able to swing an exchange if it was unopened and just the wrong type, but in general, we couldn't return it because it was an item stolen or bought on food stamps, then returned for cash or store credit way too often.
  13. It's in one of my cookbooks that I've generally had good results with. Other people have made it and given rave reviews. They do use 1/2 tsp sugar to activate the yeast and it only rises for 25 to 30 minutes.
  14. I'm figuring out that I have a distinct lack of motivation when it comes to planning for next year. I mean, it almost feels like why try to plan anything when it could all change on a dime? And that's why I need to plan, so that I'm ready for it if it does happen, but it just feels so...intimidating, tryin to plan for that level of unknown.
  15. *hoards her yeast* I need to play with the low-carb yeast bread recipes I have and figure out if I need to be hoarding yeast!
  16. This is why I don't wear glasses (that, and I'm one of those disgusting people who has *almost* perfect vision). I have a hard time finding any that don't squeeze in front of my ears and give me a headache. I try on every single pair of sunglasses in a store before I find any that fit...and then I buy every pair of those that they have in stock in hopes that I won't have to buy new ones for a year or 2. I'm down to my last pair right now and not looking forward to a trip where I have to touch all the things in the time of COVID.
  17. I'm getting one of the big honkin' 6-quart lift-bowl Pro Kitchenaid mixers for Christmas. Mom sent me a picture from Costco to make sure that was what I wanted. It's not a fun color, but I'll survive with gray.
  18. Mt_Rider, have you ever read The Spoon Theory? https://butyoudontlooksick.com/articles/written-by-christine/the-spoon-theory/ There's also The Fork Corollary, which is what I think is kicking people's behinds this year: http://jenrose.com/fork-theory/
  19. Currently watching this video from Ivor Cummins:
  20. I learned yesterday that hubby pretty much assumes he's going to be blind at some point. He's legally blind without his glasses, and when he checked (years ago) they said that his astigmatism was too bad for Lasik. I'm hoping technology improves enough by the time we can pay for it that he can get it done.
  21. Just a quick note, most of these are also Kindle Unlimited books. Amazon generally does a 30-day free trial of Kindle Unlimited if you haven't subscribed before, so add them to a list and when you have enough to keep you busy for a month, do the free trial, and read and highlight like crazy. Pull your highlighted notes once you're done, and you'll have the info you wanted from the books for no charge, as long as you cancel before the end of the trial.
  22. Still trying to stay off most of my online "fun" so I can get things done. Working on some goal-planning stuff for 2021. I always call the seat warmers in the car "toasty buns". Probably from a Saved by the Bell episode where Lisa is working at a diner and tells someone that if they want toasted buns, they should go sit on a toaster. I have a 5 pound bag of very tasty coffee that I bought on Black Friday. Haven't opened yet. Can I just vacuum seal in smaller packages and keep in the freezer? I followed directions when I made my coffee this morning. I use either a drip filter or an Aeropress. I looked up the "flip" method for the Aeropress, and my coffee was even smoother and tastier than usual. Hubby made me get a bigger ice cream maker, as apparently we'll never be able to build up a stash in the freezer if I only make it with the 1.5 quart one. Apparently...keto ice cream is a hit.
  23. Just so you don't worry about me: I'm going to disappear for a bit. Trying to limit computer time outside of work and an online course or 2. If I wander off for too long, feel free to send me a message.
  24. Luckily, Mom's not showing signs of dementia. Grandma...would tell you that she never did anything or went anywhere and spent all her time alone in her room. Got kicked out of 2 different nursing homes because they couldn't handle her. After she died, the nursing home staff at the one she'd been at for while started laughing when we told them that (the aunt and uncle who were local had checked into it while she was still alive) and pulled out the photo album showing that she was at everything all the time. She was always a live wire.
  25. The Grill Bible is now showing it's a $.99 book. I got all the others, though!
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