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  1. I have made this bread for several years now and it is a no brainer. I make a round loaf in a cast iron pot and I bought the long clay baker for the long french type loaf. I bought the proofing baskets with the liners also. If you go to Breadtopia they have videos and they have all kinds of baking supplies and they have a Danish wire wisk that is the best thing in the world. The wire is thick and you can stir your dough with it with no trouble. Also I find that the smaller the pot the better your loaf will rise---- It is a fun bread to make and it turns out pretty and your friends will not
  2. Hi everyone I have not posted much but I have been around---I will start Precept study of Revelation on Jan 19, Iam really looking forward to it.
  3. I have made yogurt in a ice chest---put in water at the right temp. and put your yogurt in class jars and set in the warm water up to the rim and cover the ice chest. Works great----
  4. Sourdough waffles are to die for, that come out crisp just the best!!
  5. Know you and your family are in my thoughts and in my prayers-----
  6. worrmie---- Well I guess you had better get started------my new canner is still in the box!!
  7. I read this in the paper here in Texas--My uncle was one of the first honor pallbearers in 1958. He was a WWII hero and was highly decorated with 12 medals--Homer Wise. So this is a great honor---
  8. I read this and I can say I have noticed that walmart is doing away with a lot of their own brand of things---their brand of brownie mix is gone etc. I even asked the manager he even said they are getting rid of a lot. So now days I don't care what store you shop it will be different the next time you go.
  9. We have been making sourdough waffles for years we like them because they are crisp and not soggy.
  10. Sounds like everyone is busy and that is a good thing---I stay busy with my job (I work at home ) and just started a new Bible study and I have really enjoyed it. I need to go to Walmart once a month also I dread it ---cost---always shocks me. Tonight for dinner we are having chicken spaghetti my husband will like that and I will have plan overs for wed. The sun is shining and it is about 50* nice day for a change.
  11. What a beautiful friendship----sorry for your loss.
  12. Well I must confess I collect cookbooks---I counted them 2 years ago . Are you ready I have 450 of them---I know I'm sick but I can't help myself. After the count I have aquired about 20 to 30 more. Like for Christmas I got 9---people just give them to me. But it is fun to look up things for people. And I love to just read them---I told you I was sick.-----
  13. GND---I almost missed the sourdough site that is great thanks-----
  14. GND---yes I found this site in Dec. I got my clay bread bakers there. I wanted a oblong one for a french bread loaf. And I love the way the bread turns out. Good site! Thanks for posting it.
  15. That is just wonderful ---we are so proud----
  16. No---I will always be biscuitmaker cause I make them too and I made them first.
  17. TM---I can't remember but someone will tell you there is something on the net out of Georgia you can read on line----ladies what was that????
  18. Ladies I am excited--- Peter Reinhart is famous in the bread world. I saw in the paper he was coming to town and giving classes. I called and found the class was full 50 people, so I was put on a waiting list. They told me to go online and and sign up and if they get a cancelation I would get an e-mail and it would be first come first serve for the waiting list people. So I checked my e-mail every hour and sure enough I got in I am so excited. He will do bread and sticky buns two other things I can't remember at this moment. This last year I decided to really get into bread and I have 6
  19. C4C---that is great how big is it---I wish mine was bigger------ Oh if you bought a side of beef you will need a scale to weight your meat so will know how long to cook. Good luck
  20. I am A-Z, and my husband B-Y and there in lies the problem----after 42 years we have worked it out. But he still can't stand it that I don't have a special day ( as in Thursday) to go the the store. I go when I need to or if I want something different for dinner. But I have to say he is really good at plodding along and getting it done. But one difference is I know there is more than one way to do it and he thinks one way------ So you can say we have a great balance here!!
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