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  1. I have been in the declutter mood myself,I have let the house go way too long. So I am going thru stuff now, boy does it feel good to get rid of junk. And I have lots of it. But I will work on it a little at a time, as I work also. good luck everyone.
  2. I remember that yes people got a little nervous, a lot was going on at that time.
  3. Becca-Anne that cake was so good!!!!! Thanks
  4. Vic303 is right it is beautiful here today but in 2days back to 83 they say. Sorry about the earache---feel better.
  5. And I used to think a telephone was a life line --------we will be here when you get back
  6. You have all made me feel so welcome----What I really like about this site, it that women are enjoying homemaking skills. Having lived in the city for a long time, most of my friends think cooking is like crazy. If you clean you own house you need to seek help. I have always found joy in the simple things, and doing makes me feel good. I hope to learn from you and share in the joy here.
  7. Have you tried www.thefreshloaf.com they may have some info for you.
  8. O Boy that worked and I even got a little picture guy, I feel so smart!!!! Thanks
  9. Mt Rider--I am trying this thanks--I hope this works---loved your snow pictures, boy am I wishing I could have that snow.
  10. I am so new I can't make everything work yet. I can't seem to reply to the right person!!!! Bookworm you got a deal---could we start with "War and Peace"
  11. Well cat you are a hoot---no the email did not put me in the hospital--I am laughing so hard. I was thinking about cutting down on my email. Yes I love to make biscuits and I love to bake. Just made cookies, oatmeal raisin.
  12. No I am not in Ga. but I am a southern girl.
  13. Hey everyone---I have been lurking for quite a while, I tried to get on and well I am just not good at filling out forms so I entered my birthday wrong. Well e-mails back and forth and then I ended up in the hospital but now I am fine and low and behold I am on. You girls are just fun-fun-fun and I can't wait to get in the the thick of things. Bio----I am 59, live in north Texas, ran in to Darlene on another site and was hooked right away. I work part-time at home mostly, but go to office about once a week. My DH just retired in June and I have really enjoyed having him here and relaxed a
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