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  1. Well, as long as he is ok......just one of those things, all of a sudden you realized something/someone is missing.....hope he hurrys back!
  2. Did I miss something? Just concerned.....miss his wit! Whitewolf
  3. WELLLLLLL.....here in Northeast Mississippi, we were SUPPOSE to get rain last night......woke up this morning to 5 inches of snow.......to say the least....I WAS SHOCKED! But I also prep, so it wasn't a big deal......just wasn't expecting it....however......hubby is a county supervisor and the phone started ringing......I can't get out and I don't have any milk and bread in the house.....my kids are at home and I don't have anything to feed them, if I had known this was coming I would have went to the store yesterday....., etc. etc.....you get the idea anyway.....oh well.......so he is out wi
  4. Pearl Harbor Day on FB Ins. Co. and US Capitol Historical Society. Nothing on bank calender.
  5. Hey ScrubbieLady!!! Been awhile. Hope all is well with you and yours (including the ducks!!)
  6. Hey Guys! Been gone awhile, but am back now. Quick question (hopefully..LOL)....I was always under the impression that the Census was for "counting" the people and wondered how they could "threaten" you will "the law" if you didn't fill out the "rest of the story".....but anyway....back to quick question....."Where do you find that "you only have to tell them how many people live in the home"....is it written somewhere in the law or what????.....I really would like to know where I can say "hey it says....blah..blah...." Another tidbit of info.......some (probably alot) of the actual "censu
  7. Quilty.....I have been gone for about a year (cutting expenses including doing away with internet for a while)....so I just noticed your "avator" (sp?) and my question is "WHERE DID YOU GET THAT PICTURE OF ME ON A MONDAY MORNING????????" OK .....so the person is a little "skinnier" than I am, but.......that's the way I feel some days. Thanks for the laugh. Have missed being here, but hopefully I am back for good. (Now off to catch up with a years worth of Mrs Survival.... ) Whitewolf%%
  8. Thanks Rita! I will check this out. Love books......hate cost. LOL!
  9. Westie or anyone else......Is there a book that you would recommend on trainging the Pyrs? We are planning on getting a puppy (it is still in the "oven", due any day)....and I want to try to do everything I possibly can to train it correctly. We live in the country and it will be for protecting my chickens and milk cow....oh yea and me. Bye the way, I read this post and the info is great. So I guess another question is, do I need more info or not? Just want to give it the best life I can. Thanks in advance for your opinion(s). whitewolf55
  10. I live in north Mississippi, so needless to say "I'm in the AREA" of possible quakes. Two of the main things that "hit" me were my water supply and my food supply. Especially my food supply. I can ALOT.....but if a quake like that hits......well, bye-bye glass jars. I do dehydrate some, but am going to do alot more of that this year since I have a really good supply of canned items. I would think the dehydrated containers would be alot more apt to survive than canned or frozen. Like someone mentioned earlier......spread them out in different areas. I may even invest in some MRE's......j
  11. Can you "define" the word "panic" for me. Does it have anything to do with me running and screaming to the back of my cave? Is that panic? Maybe I should quit watching the Fox Business Channel. After last evenings report, I was ready to Red flag: At my eye specialist the other day over 1/2 of the patients had "cancelled" their appointments. It was amazing....no sickness break-out.....weather was fine.....they seemed totally confused about the situation.....I understood after I got my bill and filled my prescription ......people can't afford those kind of prices especially i
  12. Originally Posted By: Shandy Or maybe I could come back as Necie...so I can kill that darned bug! Do you need a flyswatter Shandy? Here....smash that blasted thing! I think it has "gotten" all of us "at least" once.
  13. FIRST A RECESSION AND NOW THIS!!!! I CAN'T TAKE ANYMORE!!!!! OK....so maybe I am being a "LITTLE" dramatic. But this place is ALMOST addictive.
  14. Mornin' Dee and the rest of you ladies and gents. Don't usually come up this far but just had to share this glorious morning with you. I'm in N. Mississippi. Cold and a little frosty. I was watching some geese flying across the cloudy sky when the sun broke through and turned on the beautiful foliage. Ahhhhh this IS my favorite time of year. Everyone have a great day.
  15. Our electric company hiked our bills 20%. Just when I was looking for a low one after the a/c was cut off. (North Mississippi)
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