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    It's great when things work out like this
  2. Good morning Cabbage? Are you doing that cabbage soup? Take care. I heard it's always good to have a second diet plan in the wings in case one gets tedious.
  3. (((Unike))) I'm so sorry for your loss. May God give you and the children comfort.
  4. Here I am on the evening watch. I've been getting the rooms ready where my kids will sleep tonight, made strawberry pretzel salad for tomorrow and a beef/ginger/broccoli/carrot dish for dinner tonight. My sister called and it looks like the plans may be changing yet again for dealing with her rectal cancer. She is at peace with this and looks like the surgery will be in early May with no chemo or radiation needed. I'm not sure if we're going to the church breakfast or not. I guess we'll decide when the kids get here. Our church service is at 11:00. There is a community sunrise service that is held at a park if weather allows but we've been having rain and hail so it will be at the designated "rainy day" church. Bookworm: You've really been on a roll! The birthday cake must have been cute. Grammea: I hope you are feeling better.
  5. Good morning We went to Maunday Thursday services last night and there is a Good Friday one at noon today. Kids are coming down Saturday night and can stay til Monday.
  6. My husband got rid of toenail fungus using Vicks Vapor Rub on the toenail at night (wearing socks to bed).
  7. It's so fun to see what everyone's up to today. I forgot to mention the "egg lady" hasn't been selling eggs since last fall and I'm wondering if they're quitting the egg business. She's out on that back country road and it's a long way to go to find out there aren't any eggs with gas prices like it is I know she was having trouble with the raccoons after her chickens. Grammea: That beef stew and biscuits sounds good! Snowy: You are doing great on that treadmill and bike! Your an inspiration. Mmmm. Homemade pizza. I'm glad Old Pine is getting the work but I hope it's not too much for him. Livinsimple: I hope you do great at the swap meet. It's hard when you have to wait for a paycheck. Buttercup: Glad you got that wood cookstove hooked up. Do you have good access to wood supply? Dee: Benchmarks and bridge rivets, eh? I don't know if I'd know one if I saw one!
  8. My Mom used to make the most wonderful rhubarb pie! I don't think I've ever seen her recipe (wasn't rhubard/strawberry but had some custardy/creamy filling with the rhubarb). I hope she remembers how she did it - she's 94 and hasn't cooked for some years now.
  9. Good mornin' After reading Mommafitz's weather report I won't gripe about the bit of rain and grey skies we're having. Yesterday DH and I were out and about taking care of business when we decided to drive the back country road to have lunch at a favorite place in another town. I love driving that way seeing young calves and the lambs, etc. as well as just the countryside. It's never happened before and it isn't really a very curvy road but I started feeling sick/nauseous so by the time we got to the other town I didn't want lunch and we beelined home. I sort of lay around the rest of the day. Glad to say I feel better today. Looks like today will be inside chores.
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