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  1. Adding my late good wishes for a great year to come.
  2. Oregon coast. The coastal areas have been depressed for a number of years. Tourism is on the rise - those aren't family wage jobs, though. Pansy, I was in SW Washington today and the sun was shining! It was beautiful at Ledbetter State Park.
  3. I made a trip to Bob's Red Mill to stock up on dry stores. Canned some chicken soup and stock.
  4. Thanks for letting us know. I'm going to check our Kroger owned store tomorrow. I want to make a trip to Bob's Red Mill and a stop to check out Wally's on the way home.
  5. Good evening, I haven't been here in quite some time. Summer flew by. My Mom passed away earlier this month and we had a memorial service for her last Saturday in another city. This weekend my sons are here and we're talking about what we will do with the things she left. There are two old, old wedding bands - we think one was my grandmother's and the other was from a family friend who died in childbirth probably over 80 years ago. Mommafitz, I love being the first one up. I hope you and your family stay well. I haven't heard of the flu here although I've heard one case was diagnose
  6. What a wonderful birthday you've had with more to come tomorrow and in the future. Have great fun with your super duper sewing machine.
  7. I'm praying for your family. So sorry to hear of your loss.
  8. Wow! How beautiful your kitchen is going to be. I love sliding drawers and REAL wood I think you'll put it all to good use.
  9. I'll join in - I walked 8 miles last week.
  10. Happy Resurrection Day. My sons are both here. I'm waiting for my turn in the shower to get ready for church. I just realized the community outdoor service wasn't advertised this year. It almost always rains and then is redirected to one of the churches so probably just as well. We're going to a brunch this afternoon and then oldest son goes to work (works where we are having brunch).
  11. It was 54 here today with some rain. Tomorrow will be 55 & lots of rain. Those morrels make me want to take a walk in the woods, too. We have not found morrels yet but there is hope. My oldest son is living with us and since his work hours are so short he has been making nature trails in the woods near us. We saw it for the first time earlier this week. He built two arches bending two elderberries together and then reinforcing them with every stick and twig he could find, plus a lot of other nice features (when I figure it out I'll add pictures). Today he found two teenagers si
  12. I'm glad you had a good day. Praying for more of those good days and improved health. Could you get someone in your Bible study to help you out while the leader is gone? (coleader to the coleader.)
  13. I read there is a new Beverly Lewis book (Nellie Fisher series #3) The Longing. I'm almost finished with The Forbidden. Snowmom, it's a long story "where I've been". Still here. Lots of stuff going on.
  14. There is a new Beverly Lewis book being released May 1: The Forbidden (Courtship of Nellie Fisher, book 2).
  15. Only two trick or treaters here tonight. Turned out the lights like the rest of the neighbors. More 3 Musketeers and Milky Ways for DH, heh, heh.
  16. Skagitgal, Are the nuts in the flour or folded in at the end with the egg whites?
  17. Interesting. I love jerusalem artichokes. Think I'll plant some next spring. I'm glad I got a heads up on using a container so they don't take over. I am about to harvest 4 stevia plants. I'll miss them in the big planter on the patio. Everytime I go out there to check out the garden I pinch off a leaf to chew on.
  18. I loved that series. There is a book (October Song?)that links characters from several books together. For my birthday I got the first book in a new series by Beverly Lewis, The Parting (Courtship of Nellie Fisher, book 1). I have also been reading a series by Wanda Brunstetter- The Quilter's Daughter, The Storekeeper's Daughter and The Bishop's Daughter. She has other series, too. A little off topic, but are there Amish stores where you live? I was surprised when two opened in our area (about 50 miles apart). They are not Amish owned but there are Amish goods sold- beautiful furnitur
  19. Happygirl, I thoroughly enjoyed your stories and have thought about them often wondering what in the world happened to Joy. I wish you success with publishing. Let us know.
  20. Things like that are so hard. You did what you needed to do. So sorry.
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