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  1. Good morning wigglewave

    I drove DH to work earlier today- as daylight arrives earlier so does the crew! The robins were up chirping. It is 48 here and there is some sun, not the morning fog we've had recently.

    I've got a meeting this morning and will bring some lilacs for my friend.

    Yesterday we planted tomatoes in the earth boxes.

    Some of you are having really warm weather.

    Star: good deal on the job & walking.

  2. "3. Only in America......do drugstores make the sick walk all the way to the back of the store to get their prescriptions while healthy people can buy cigarettes at the front."


    But the cigarette smokers won't be healthy for long! Then they'll have to walk to the back of the store.


    Joan: Thank you for the good chuckle this morning.

  3. Good morning everyone,

    Well, I heard the rain pouring in the night and when I first got up but now the sun is shining and I see blue sky out there. It's 48 right now. Looks like there might be some thunder and lightening.


    I did laundry yesterday and today is housecleaning. I've got a big pot of 13 beans cooking.


    Mo7: I remember those band concerts. You usually had to sit on the bleachers and the early-arrivers got all the good seats so you had to climb through people to the top. No graceful way of leaving with little kids who had enough.


    I see DH left his glasses on the night table and I've been wondering how he's doing at work. He doesn't need them to drive but if he has to read anything .......... He says he needs little windshield wipers on them on rainy mornings.

  4. Good morning everyone wave

    I wrote a big reply here yesterday but lost it because they are working on upgrading lines here frown

    It's 46 here this morning and I see a bit of blue out there. Mostly we're overcast with some rain. We are supposed to get to 60 today.

    The neighbors behind us have cherry trees planted up against our fence and they are blossoming right now. Also our oldest purple lilac is opening up. The pink lilac will be next and then the white. The strawberries have lots of blossoms.flowersmilie

    Yesterday I walked in the therapy pool with a couple of friends for an hour. lois

    This is DH's Friday and he works a short day so when he gets home I'll wash his work clothes laundry


    Dee: I can hardly wait for it to warm up enough (and not rain) to use our clothesline clothesline


    Snowmom: Looking forward to seeing your greenhouse.


    Mo7: Hope all goes well with your return to work.

  5. Hi Snowmom,

    I saw that program yesterday and since I've been having sinus problems this week I tried it. I used to have a netti pot but gave it to one of my kids. Back then I used plain water and, as they explained on the program, it's not as effective as warm water with a bit of salt. I've been having a problem with congestion this week and had a sinus headache Wednesday so I found a little pitcher with a spout, warmed some water, added salt and tried it. Shortly afterwards my nose was runny for a short while but after that the symptoms that had been hanging on were relieved. I'd try it again.

  6. I recently finished The Saddlemaker's Wife by Earlene Fowler - what a great book! Most of her books are a series about Benni Harper whose husband is a policeman but she goes poking around solving mysteries and they are entertaining but I loved this new one.

    Here's what it says on the inside cover:

    Ruby McGavin isn't quite sure what she's doing in the small town of Cardinal. After the death of her husband, Cole, Ruby is shocked to learn from his will that she had inherited part of a cattle ranch in the rustic grasslands of Tokopah County, California. But she is even more surprised to find out that the family he claimed died years ago is very much alive.....

    and I'll leave you hanging there readwink

  7. I've been eating beans usually twice a day since February. Yep, your system adjusts. The really good thing is my cholesterol went from somewhere around 213 to 165, I lost weight and doctor reduced my thyroid medication. I have to say I've never really loved the texture of beans but I throw 1/2 cup in with a huge salad or with rice (or other whole grain) and zip them up with salsa or other things. They are wonderful little cholesterol scrubbers.


  8. Good morning

    I am disappointed. Last night's weather said sunny today and it sure isn't! Not that I don't have plenty to do in the house.

    DH came out of retirement yet again a couple of months ago so 4 days a week he has to get to work before daylight. If I want the car, I also have to get up before daylight. The good part is if there is a sunrise on the way back home. We have learned it's best not to start staying up later on his 3 days off because that makes Wednesdays (his Monday) awfully hard.


    Dee & Lois: I'm with you on wishing for some sun. Hope we get some.


    Snowmom: That breakfast looks awfully good!You are getting greenhouses! That's great. Too bad we don't live closer so in between organizing we could have peppermint tea or cocoa and chat and have someone else appreciate that tedious job.


    Buttercup: I just finished a book like that (couldn't put it down). I'll have to tell about it in the book section. It's nice having someone else pitch in with making dinner. Those are long work days for your dh. Hopefully makes payday all the more sweet.


    I'd better get to the nasty job of scrubbing down the tile above the tub. Hopefully the super duper stuff I sprayed on actually did what it said.



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