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  1. It's a pleasure to see all the Buttercup family
  2. Oh, yes, the beloved Sears Wishbook!
  3. I thought I remembered someone recommending Wanda Brunstetter. I am so excited - tonight's paper announced the opening of NW Amish Connections and Wanda Brunstetter will be there for a book signing. Yahoo!
  4. I can only count 8 miles because I was on vacation that week. Moved around a lot but not focused on how to count them. Anyway, I lost 2.75 lb.
  5. Good morning Snowmom: It will be nice having Jerry home. Loved your pictures of the bird. We don't have that kind out here. I've had a darned rat in my bird feeder again. Daggone thing climbs the pole and if we go outside it runs up the neighbor's cherry tree. May have to quit feeding birds. Have a great day everyone.
  6. Pork chops with grilled onions, green beans, cauliflower and for dessert Almond Rejoice Pie!!
  7. Mare, Glad you are finding that balance for yourself. Something we all have to do from time to time.
  8. Good morning Ma Steel: We'll all come to your house when it's hot!
  9. Peaceful

    Cooler Sunday

    Good afternoon I'm glad you emailed her back with a "no". Good grief did she think you were a bed and breakfast! Skagitgal: I'd just say (to anyone who had the nerve to ask) "The bedroom (or whatever rooms) is off limits" and if they ask why I'd just repeat that statement until they "got it". Holy moly! What do people think! Phew! I feel better now. Hope everyone is having a good Sunday.
  10. It can be so hard to know what to do - glad your Mom was seen within the "time frame" and my prayers for a good recovery.
  11. Ma Steel, I think I've had one "high reading" in the 3 years since I've been diagnosed and at times I've had that same thought - did they misdiagnose? But my doctor explained you get the diagnosis when you've had 2 high readings. My mother and one of her brothers had diabetes and I wonder if my half-brother has it. There are a whole bunch of "skinnies" in the family. The "chubbies" are the ones who had it.
  12. Good morning everyone, Mommafitz: I hope there is a pleasant little piece of today just for you. Girl, you have me picking up my feet just thinking about those copperheads! Dee: That quilting class sounds fun. Love the name. Oh, gee-how wonderful to hear your grandbaby's heartbeat before you get to meet him/her. Star: I've been thinking about you and wondering how your brother was doing. I hope he never forgets to bring water along on hot work days and takes some needed breaks from the sun and wears a hat!! I'm glad you don't have to travel in a hot car for that long distance. You need to print out that post in the humor forum about the lady who told her husband "You always ask what I do all day - today I didn't do it!" GH: Good deal stocking in the dog food and other things. Isn't that the way that we get a yen to bake or something when it's so hot. Cooler days coming. Kaye: Glad to hear it's a cooler day for you. We had a cloud cover come in yesterday late afternoon that cooled things off nicely. Today is cooler (75) and tomorrow more so. I've been transplanting some things and still want to move some lady's mantle that has sprung up in odd places. I'll do some laundry to get ready for our vacation next week. Have a good day everyone.
  13. Peaceful


    Good morning everyone Thank you for the welcome back. Necie: Sorry you had to clean up such an icky mess but sounds like you're all downhill now moving your things in and cleaning up for yourselves. You have a lot of energy before work! The fair sounded like a great break in the midst of things. Cat: That's a bummer about your DH's boss. Camp is a great break and everyone. Mommyofseven: Are you feeling better today? Your dinner sounds good. Nana: Sounds like LP is having a great week. I ran into a friend and her son, who is about 14, who I haven't seen for a couple of years. Holy moly he is taller than his mom or me but I notice he still has that "kid" face. You think LP is done growing? Life is too short to wear uncomfortable shoes. Stay cool. Star: I hope your brother is okay. I think it's a guy thing. My DH has done the same thing but he stopped when he got lightheaded. Grrrrrr.
  14. Wow, I hope your earth stove building goes more smoothly than theirs did. What an interesting site. I see this family is in my neck of the woods next week.
  15. Glad you joined us Loretta. I'm going to come on over to Buttercup's and help with the peas and sip some sweet tea. Here, try my pina colada angelfood cake. On a more serious note, Darlene is right about more serious health issues. My sister had a colostomy last spring and is now having chemo and radiation treatments. Faith helps.
  16. Peaceful

    I'm New Here

    Welcome Anyala, It will be nice getting to know you and your family.
  17. Good reminder. I need to stock in more water as well as other things. In Portland, OR there was an outage in one neighborhood during a hot spell. They lost everything in their freezers as well as refrigerators. The best part would be that blessed quiet you talked about.
  18. I love it! I wonder if the women felt like combing their hair and putting on a clean dress after a day like that! At my last TOPS meeting you wouldn't believe the discussion we had about outhouses. Even some of the quieter ladies piped up with stories - we all had a great laugh. All started because one of our older members is having a lot of family visiting from other states for the National Finn Fest coming up at the end of the month and she is on a cess pool so had to rent a portolet. The most amazing story was a lady who lived out in the country when she was a kid. One of the neighbors was rather ornery and always getting them into trouble. They knew she visited the outhouse every night at 10 so right before then they tipped it over. The poor lady fell in the hole! Boy, were they in deep trouble.
  19. I really enjoyed seeing your fair pictures
  20. Ma Steel, I was taught to do the blood prick more on the sides of my fingers and to change which finger you prick each time. They started me out testing first thing in the morning (fasting blood sugar) then an hour after breakfast; hour before and after lunch; hour before and after dinner and again at bedtime. The readings you get will tell you if what you ate effected your blood sugar negatively - for example you might find eating potatoes keep your blood sugar high after an hour and you might want to limit the amount. It's important to keep your blood sugars in the "goal range" which is: pre-meal glucose (mg/dL) 80-120 post-meal glucose: under 180 Bedtime glucose: 100-140 These ranges may have been lowered since I got my log book so go by what the diabetes website or your doctor tell you. In the education classes I went to everyone was different. I am able to eat almost anything (except lots and lots of sweets as at Christmas) but some of the people were more sensitive and eating things like baby carrots or popcorn would elevate their blood sugar so they had to cut way back or avoid those foods. Using your glucometer will give you more information. They said it is very important to eat 3 regular meals a day with healthy snacks. Eating at regular times helps keep your blood sugar at more even keels. Eat balanced meals-protein, veggies/fruit, whole grains are best. Interestingly my blood sugar tends to go low in mid-morning so the diabetes nurse told me to use 2% milk instead on nonfat because it would help carry my blood sugar levels longer during the morning. Stress and illness can effect your blood sugar. If you are sick or under a lot of stress, check more often. I hope this helps. Momo: I think it's horrible they aren't giving education. The insurance I had was not that great but they did cover most of the cost of the 12 classes. I notice our hospital only has quarterly diabetes support group meetings now so I wonder if the insurances here have cut out paying for them. One valuable thing about going was you saw people like me (or your dh or Ma Steel) who were just diagnosed and you saw some who had more serious levels and were insulin dependent or on medication. One thing that sticks with me is a woman who had to use a walker because of the neuropathy. She told us she had stepped on a kernel of popcorn but because she couldn't feel or see it she didn't know it was there until she had a very serious infection. Yikes! We were told to check our feet. I have a little thread thing that I'm supposed to have DH test my feet once a month to see if I'm losing any feeling in my feet.
  21. Great job and we appreciate all your effort.
  22. Good morning Cat: Sounds like you're having a nice, peaceful morning. It's nice your DH can spend time with his Dad. Stargazer: I'm sorry to hear about the loss of your cousin. I have a cousin whose ex-wife was murdered while their baby was asleep in the crib. I think about the young woman and her baby who is now also a young woman. Tragedies like that just stay. I hope you can find a peace about whether to go or not. Certainly understand why you would be hesitant to go. Will there be a funeral or memorial later on and then everyone will go over to Wyo. again?
  23. Ma, If you were just diagnosed as a diabetic has your doctor scheduled you for diabetic education classes and an appointment with a diabetes nurse/dietician? When I was diagnosed 3 years ago that was the first thing to happen. The nurse showed me how to use a glucometer (where you draw a bit of blood to put on the meter that tells you what your blood sugar level is). She also reviewed my diet and made suggestions. I am fortunate that I have never needed the medication or insulin and now only have to test my blood sugar two times a week. I've known people who have reversed their need for medication like Dee did. Dee gave a lot of good information. The reason insurance skyrockets when you get that diagnosis is because of the diseases related to diabetes that are serious and expensive to treat. Walking is so important. I do 2 or 3 miles 5 days a week or more. Some people who have trouble walking on land can walk easily in a swimming pool. Let us know how you're doing. Sounds like Dee has a good handle on things and can give great advice.
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