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  1. No. It is not safe. Even processing may not destroy all the bacteria. As was said, broth is only safe for 2 days in the fridge.
  2. Sorry, no, it is not deemed safe. Even if you don't smell it being "off", there is plenty of bacteria to make you ill by now.
  3. Not by people who are up to date on food preservation safety.
  4. I don't see it as a safety issue, but it may break the gel. All you can do is heat it up, put in smaller jars, process and see what happens unless you want to thicken it up while heating with some Clear Jel. That would at least give it some thickness for sure.
  5. Boy, am I glad ! I am taking it for pain, not for depression. I just recently started it and was sent the name brand. This will help save me some money.
  6. I am really happy to hear this again !! I wear them, too. They make nice gifts and I try to find potholders and oven mitts, etc. to coordinate. Now I am learning to do crocheted edgings on kitchen towels and washcloths. Will be another nice addition, I think to my gifts.
  7. If you want to get rid of skin tags cheaply, then put nailpolish on them. It does work ! My hairdresser used it and hers are gone. Oregano oil works, too, if you have that.
  8. I get it in the health section at the pharmacy. When we had Kmart I got it there.
  9. I also use boric acid. It is listed in some of the commercial eye drops.
  10. They should be dumped. You may even find them starting to sprout after a few days. Also, you should not be canning the beans if they are raw. They must be fully rehydrated and cooked some before pressure canning. They are a hot pack food only, not raw packed. Otherwise your beans are considered underprocessed and can lead to botulism. Using the raw beans like that, during the canning, most of the time is spent just getting the beans hot and starting to cook. You want the bacteria destroyed, so a hot pack is the only safe method. I also don't know what kind of seasonings you mean. Only salt or some dried herbs/spices should be added.
  11. Denise, when I became diabetic 8 years ago, I went through the same sort of depression. My doctor said that you go through a lot of physical and chemical changes when you are diabetic. I got on some medication and it has been life changing. Please, don't keep suffering like this. Go and see about getting an antidepressant medication. The new ones out do not make you all foggy feeling or out of it. It just made me feel normal and happy again. Takes a little while to be on it to start working, so give it a chance. I take Lexapro. That is the only feeling I have from, no bad side affects. I just feel normal again. I am so sorry you are dealing with all of this. You need to take care of yourself. You don't want to wind up on insulin if you don't have to. You don't want any physical issues to come up at all if you can avoid it. Just call tomorrow and get yourself in to see your doctor asap. Hugs, Violet
  12. No way would I do this ! Meats and meat products are risky to do unless you make a safe jerky recipe. It would need tons of salt to keep it safe as it was drying. No thanks, not me.
  13. Current copy of the Ball Blue book has both of those recipes for use. The praline pecan is wonderful !
  14. Maybe, but canning it with the bacon would not be considered safe... nor the butter. I am wondering why you are using recipes and methods not USDA safety tested...
  15. I thought you had fresh eggs. The only ones I get are store eggs. Can't afford to pay $4 or more per dozen fresh eggs.
  16. Banana Muffins (makes 12 muffins) 3 or 4 Large bananas, mashed (the more bananas the moister, so I use 4) 1 cup sugar 1 slightly beaten egg 1/3 cup melted margarine or butter 1 teaspoon baking soda 1 teaspoon baking powder 1/2 teaspoon salt 1 1/2 cups flour Mix the mashed banana, sugar, egg and margarine together. Set aside. In a separate bowl, mix together baking soda, baking powder, salt and flour. Mix wet and dry ingredients all together! Pour into greased muffin tins, and bake in 350 degrees F oven for approximately 20 minutes. Enjoy! *These are much more flavorful the next day, and they freeze very nicely too! As for the smoothie, We don't recommend using raw eggs in anything to be consumed uncooked due to the risk of salmonella.
  17. Seems to me he was talking about pickled veggies, as he does mention keeping things safe.
  18. Glass canning jars are safe for freezing. Leave about 2 inches headspace for most things.
  19. Thanks, everyone ! I did get some lovely gifts. A new insulated lunch bag and insulated mug. All in my favorite color, VIOLET ! Then a very pretty floral umbrella in violets and pinks. The neighbor lady gave me $20 that I will keep and buy something to wear later as I lose weight. I am on a strict medically supervised weight plan, so I will need clothes later. My dh is taking me to a movie tomorrow evening when I get home from work since he cannot take me out to eat.
  20. Be sure you don't go from the crockpot into the jars. It needs to be boiling, not just crockpot temp.
  21. Be sure you put it in a big pot and heat to a boiling before putting in the jars. The crockpot doesn't make it hot enough to go directly into the jars.
  22. Canning 8 pints beef. We are working on green tomato salsa now.
  23. Yep, same time as for half pints or pints. Always safe to use a smaller jar, not larger.
  24. Yes, it is fine as long as they are rehydrated it won't matter how you do it. The only unsafe way is to start with dry beans in the jars without rehydrating them. Use fresh water in the jars, not the cooking liquid.
  25. Yes, if they are cold, but room temp. jars don't seem to be an issue normally. Also, sitting hot jars on a cold counter, like granite can do it. So can sitting hot jars in a cold draft or water splashing on them.
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