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  1. Try using 1 level tablespoon for each pack of yeast in your recipe. Sounds like you're putting too much yeast, which is making it overproof.
  2. If the recipe has baking powder, cut that to about half and add some baking soda (probably about half a teaspoon). If you want them sweet, increase the sugar. They won't be exactly the same as if you'd made them with half and half, but they are what they are - their own thing. They'll be good.
  3. I just finished my experiment with using powdered milk to make buttermilk. It is a qualified success. It made buttermilk, but it never thickened as much as it should have. It smells right and made good biscuits, though. It would certainly be an option, if you couldn't get fresh milk.
  4. I'm not mt3b, but I can tell you that potato water really does affect the way bread turns out. You can use plain water then add some instant potatoes along with the flour, in a pinch (I have a lot of pinches) I add potato water, or potatoes, to all of my bread - white, whole wheat, even rye.
  5. Jasminegirl, the link I posted has lots of activities. If you click on 'home activities' on the first menu, it will bring up a list of various activities, such as child care, cleaning, cooking, etc. on the second menu. If you click on conditioning exercise, that brings up a different list on the second menu. Each of the activity choices gives you a list of specific types of activities. All of the calories burned are specifically tailored to how much you would burn at your current weight, and you can type in how long you are doing each activity, so it tells you how many calories you burned for
  6. Welcome to the forum, Jeepers! I love the name! Jump right in - we don't bite... hard.
  7. Is this what you're looking for~ http://body.aol.com/tools/calories-burned?...H00170000000005
  8. I just reread what I wrote and it sounds like bragging. I didn't intend it that way. I posted it so others might get some ideas they could use.
  9. I've been buying instructional courses for some of the trades, in case my kids can't, or don't want to, go to college. So far, I have small engine repair, cooking and catering, home repairs (handyman), mold-making, heating and a/c repair, general education (a liberal arts course), farming, farm tool making, first aid, and much more, including many useful crafts (knitting, sewing, woodworking, rugmaking, etc). I, also, have all of the materials I'd need to educate a child from preschool through high school (it helps that I've been homeschooling so long), including paper, pencils, etc that
  10. I would point out how many places around the country are losing power due to storms, then suggest she should prep for that liklihood. At the same time, let her know how long she'd have to wait to get an unemployment check, if she were laid off from work (something on the order of 2-3 weeks) Most people can see the wisdom of prepping for that amount of time. If she likes to save money, show her how she can buy cases of sale items to store for later. Then, teach her what kinds of things to stock up on.
  11. Yes, that would work. Try my grandma's recipe with that, using 1 t. baking powder and 1/4 t. salt per cup of flour, along with the baking soda in the recipe. Everything else would be the same.
  12. Interesting about the molasses. I'll have to remember that. I keep sorghum to use in place of sugar, so that should work. Ya learn something new everyday!
  13. You should be able to handle 20'x20' easily. I work a 40'x80' and a 30'x30' all by my lonesome (and I'm 52 years old with asthma) I do it all by hand, too. I don't get along with machines. I'm planning on adding a third garden this year. Of course, I didn't start out working that much garden. I think I started with 20'x40', if I remember right. and built up to it.
  14. Hey, we're the same age! I doubt I'd have found this out if I hadn't moved out of Michigan. Just dumb luck for me.
  15. So, do you think the expiration date on yeast is kind of like the expiration date on canned foods - rather arbitrary?
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