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  1. Sorry everyone he is almost back to his old self. We have been busy with our kids yesterday was Camp-We-Can for our 2 boys and my hubby and daughter had a day together. We have done this for 5 years now the boys love. Tomorrow is our anniversary 22 years.
  2. zzelle

    Lose weight

    I have had a couple of cheat days where we have had french fries or a little bit of corn mashed potatoes chips or such then I get right back on and not loose sight or feel guilty
  3. zzelle

    Lose weight

    I am doing really good not eating corn or potatoes. I really dont miss them. I have not weighed myself yet afraid to waiting awhile yet. Hubby has lost 6 pounds
  4. He went to doctor and he said hubby was good to go thank the Lord. Jesus is good
  5. Sorry i have not been on here he is doing so much better. He needs to go back for a check up. He is almost back to his old self thank you God
  6. He is home they put him on a very strong antibiotic and so far so good. I praise God that he is doing better. I think it is Levaquin is the antibiotic
  7. He is septic still waiting on more test results hopefully will get to come home Monday
  8. Thank you everyone he still has his fever 101. Trying to figure out why bacterial in blood
  9. My husband started getting sick on Wednesday night. Went to doctor on Thursday said he had influenza. Friday night at 5:30 he said please take me to ER they took blood work, blood culture, EKG, x-ray, CT scan, his temp was 103. Found out he has pneumonia and bacteria in his blood. Thought he had blood clots gave hima shot in stomach for blood thinners. They don't know what is causing bacterial infection so he is still in hospital. Getting breathing treatments also. Please pray
  10. zzelle

    Lose weight

    Thank you
  11. zzelle

    Lose weight

    Today i ate mashed potatoes and corn not a whole lot but i did. My kids said you gave up on your diet. I said no sometimes we all have our set backs today was a setback . i will keep moving forward
  12. Happy Birthday :bdaycake:

  13. I have never heard of it before
  14. zzelle

    Lose weight

    Thank you for all the support it means a lot
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