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  1. Homemade donuts are also a super cheap sweet treat that's quick to make. Use the cheapest can biscuits you can find. I've seen store brand biscuits in a 5 count can as cheap as .20 on sale. Use a soft drink lid to cut the holes from the center and drop them in a pan with just enough hot oil to float the dough. When the bottom sides have browned, flip the donuts to brown the tops. When done drop them in a bag of powdered sugar and shake. Enjoy while they're still warm! They practically melt in your mouth!
  2. I never throw away any leftovers. Even if it's only a couple of spoonfuls of something. Flour tortillas are cheap (even cheaper if you make your own). You can wrap ANYTHING in a tortilla and have it for lunch the next day and it doesn't take much to fill one. After dinner the other night I had a serving spoon of peas, 2 spoonfuls of corn and a piece of a pork chop left over. Nothing to amount to much and most people would have thrown that small bit away, but I put it all in a bowl and the next day I wrapped it in a tortilla with a little shredded cheese, heated it in the microwave and had
  3. Well said Hillfarm! I concur with your opinion on how our country got to the state it's in now. If parents don't teach their children then the world will. I see this everyday on my job. I also think the media is now being hypervigilant about reporting daily gun violence in order to push the gun control issue. I don't think gun violence is on the rise. I think the media is reporting more of it to make it appear that way. Chicago has the strictest gun control laws of any city in the nation but it is still #1 in gun related homicides and it is still listed as the #1 most dangerous city to li
  4. I've never seen dried au jus mix. Wouldn't powdered beef broth be nearly the same? I have several cans of that in my storage.
  5. Thank you! I had a wonderful birthday!
  6. Lumabean - Does your apartment have a balcony? If so, you can buy or make your own solar oven (very easy, my daughter made one when she was 9). You would have at least a couple of hours of direct sunlight to bake a loaf of bread and a hot meal. I have also stocked up on emergency candles. Not only will these give you light but you can also warm food with them. I like the 3 wick kind. Wrap some bricks in aluminum foil (so you don't scratch up your countertops). Use these to support a small grill rack to put a pot on and light your candle underneath. You could use the rack from your oven
  7. That is too funny! Made me think of the new taser I just bought a few weeks ago, 8.5 million volts! When I test fired it I swear it arc'd about 6 inches above the gun! It looked like I was trying to jump start Frankenstein! Wonder if it would have the same effect??? Hmmmm... Hey hubby, come here a minute!
  8. I had a recent health scare in May which forced me to see a doctor. Hadn't been in over 10 years. I know! I know! I've already heard all the scolding and lectures from family, friends and my new doctor I care to. I'm stubborn and pig headed and I know it! My fasting blood glucose was 300, my BP was 201/101 and my cholestrol was 240. YIKES! On top of all that I also have enlarged portions of my heart (caused by the above problems) that was causing me to have severe chest pains. I'm now on meds to help control all my health problems as well as a major lifestyle change. I've changed
  9. I have to agree. I LOVE my cast iron cookware but I do have some newer Lodge pieces that I don't use much because of the rough cooking surface. No matter how much I season them, food still sticks. My biggest problem was finding a good cornbread skillet. There's nothing worse than trying to pry off stuck cornbread! When my great-aunt was being placed in a nursing home her family had an estate auction and I was able to pick up a couple of her cast iron pieces. One was a skillet she only used for cornbread. She used it for over 70 years and it has a very smooth surface inside and out. Now
  10. Another way to conserve is to catch the cold water you run in the shower while waiting for the warm water to start coming thru. That's clean, fresh water that goes straight down the drain. What a waste! You can use it to water plants or your animals or even dump it in the washing machine when doing laundry.
  11. Wasn't sure where to post this, but I need some help. My daughter kicked over a whole can of red soda on my ivory/cream colored area rug. I've been working on it all day but I can't seem to get that last bit of pink stain out of the rug. It's about the size of a dessert plate and while it is now faint, it is still very noticible against the cream color. Any suggestions on how to get the rest of this out or experience with a fantastic product I can try? I've used Woolite heavy duty carpet cleaner and Resolve with OxyClean. Please Help!
  12. Arby - You might want to check out auto detailing supply businesses. The wringer I bought is supposed to be for towels/chamois. Alot of car washes buy these to wring out their towels when washing cars but they are perfect for wringing out clothes too. They will attach to a bucket or tub or you can get the stand to mount them on. I wanted the stand to lessen the amount of bending over I'd have to do when doing laundry. The brand I got is Dyna-Jet and they are much less bulky and lighter than regular crank "clothes" wringers. CGA said they also sell them at WiseMenTrading.com
  13. This was my lucky week for finding bargains! In addition to the other stuff I found at the beginning of the week, I picked up a towel/clothes wringer with the stand on eBay for $95. I was the only bidder so I won it for the starting price. If you order these online they are $119 for the wringer and $99 for the stand plus tax. I figure I saved about 60% off retail. I've been wanting this set up for awhile. This was the last thing I needed for good off grid laundry duty.
  14. I hit our local flea market this weekend and found a man selling stun guns. I've been wanting one for a while for self protection when I travel for my job since I still don't have my CCW permit for a handgun (yes I already checked and stun guns ARE legal in my state). Then yesterday I found some great deals at a thrift store. I found some expensive brand jeans and denium shorts for my teenage daughters. $2.50 apiece for shorts and $5 each for the jeans. They were Levi Strauss, Hilfiger, and Vanderbilt. Now, my girls aren't materialistic but what teenager wouldn't want to wear high
  15. I feel so dumb right now. I've used my Big Berkey for several years and I've never done this before. I thought the lower chamber of the filter was almost empty, but without checking I went ahead and filled the upper chamber. A couple hours later I started hearing a dripping noise. When I went to the kitchen to check it out I found a huge puddle of water in the floor and my counter top was flooded and everthing on it sitting in water. There was still a trickle leaking out where the 2 chambers stack on each other. Apparently, the lower chamber was still nearly full and I added another gall
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