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  1. Darlene, What a wonderful post! As always, you're insightful and full of knowledge! Mommy of Six
  2. Morning everyone! I have gotten a few things done already this morning, but I was ready to go back to bed when I got up at 5 LOL. Still have all the dishes to do from last night, everything was a bit crazy with oldest DD coming home. All kinds of kids around the house. Tonight's dinner is chicken divine...I THINK. I'm not sure I have any more cooked chicken in the freezer and there may be a BBQ for DD's best friend that we were invited to, but with the weather I'm not sure. Will have to call and find out what the plan is for that before I figure out what's for dinner. If nothing else I'll move something different to it's spot and then cook some chicken today. Been cool here last couple of days, supposed to be again. We've gotten lots of rain and now they are worried about flooding down hill from the burn scar from the fire in January. Fortunately there's a mountain between us and there, and there aren't many houses in that area. It's my goal today to finish going through stuff that will be donated to the fire department. I want that stuff gone and done with. County Fair baking...that sounds fun. I don't even think they have a county fair here anymore, I've never seen it advertised. There is a fair over the Labor Day weekend here but it's a rodeo and rides, nothing else. OK, off to do some Mommy of Six
  3. Morning! Yesterday I got everything down on paper to rearrange the chores, just need to finalize it. Other than that, nto a whole lot. Spent some one on one time with youngest DD, oldest DD is coming home today so I wanted youngest to have that time with me. Am getting so tired in the afternoons, but have a hard time sleeping if I decide to nap. So today I'm cleaning the kitchen and finalizing the new chore lists. Then can start in earnest tomorrow. Dinner tonight is fajitas, made with the brisket that I got on sale. Can't wait! Mommy of Six
  4. Locally I do n't have any friends of this mindset. I have one friend who has a huge pantry full of food, but is'nt really mentally prepared for the likelyhood of the cha cha cha (LOL). She's just a smart shopper. She doesn't have practical things like water, kwim? My mom preps cause my dad always did, but she doesn't want to hear about any possible "bad things". So I understand where you are coming from. I haven't found any men's groups that aren't mostly kill kill kill either. I was looking for DH. I found one for "only serious preppers, those that have spent $10,000 or more fortifying themselves etc etc" but I didn't join that one. Seemed like a lot of manly ummm bull excrement. Not that men shouldn't be manly together, but it seemed like they'd lost sight of WHY they were prepping, and I feel that discussions about that are just as important as the other stuff. They were prepping cause it was manly and cool. So, yeah, I completely understand where you're coming from. Maybe when we move servers we can talk to Cavey about setting up some kind of men's forum...I dunno, that is a lot of work, and I have NO IDEA how to go about doing it. We used to have a section here, I think, but it was pretty slow...maybe something can be done....wheels moving in the brain. Mommy of Six
  5. Is the email addy still working? I could send a few recipes each day and you can do with them what you will. Some will probably be dupes as I've gotten some from here. Anything else I can do to help? I have quite a bit of marketing experience as well. I know originally Hill said she'd do that, but she's juggling a lot right now, so I'd be happy to lend a hand with that, or with anything else that might be needed. Mommy of Six
  6. wHEN WE Have beans and rice leftovers, I tear up lettuce, put rice on it, then beans, salsa, cheese and sour cream for taco salad. Mommy of Six
  7. For most of us, preping is a financial difficulty. We have to FIND money to prep with. What are some of the things you and your family do without, so that you can build the security that prepping brings? For our family, it's several things 1. Cable/satellite TV. We get two networks, ABC and CBS. We have a movie subscription service that helps give us something to watch. We consider ourselves practicing TV addicts, LOL. 2. Convenience. We don't buy stuff that's fast and easy to cook, because it's more expensive. We buy as close to the bottom of the food chain as possible so that we can spend more money on preps. 3. Gadgets. WE don't have cell phones, game systems, satellite radio or an entertainment system. We'd rather have food and medication if TSHTF. It's amazing what we can do without. When we first moved in, the apartment had cable. The cable company no longer offers cable here in our small town. I missed it like crazy for the first week, but not so much anymore. If there's nothing on, we put in a CD and play while we listen to music. Gadgets I don't really want anyway, although DH does need a cell phone. For those days when I need convenience, there's food frozen in the freezer and hot dogs if need be. Careful planning means I don't need convenience often. Next?! Mommy of Six
  8. On the "What have you done this week?" thread, Kaye was asking about others and what they started with, so I thought I'd start a new thread for that. The answers to WHY may be very beneficial to people, as they realize reasons that may fit into their lives. How and when will be interesting, and with what will be very helpful to newbies who get frustrated that things aren't going as fast as they want it to. So I'll start How: I'd always tried to keep a few things in the pantry, at least a week's worth of groceries, just in case...just in case we got snowed in, just in case the baby was sick, just in case the car was in the shop, and we couldn't get to the store. I found a site called The Grocery Game that talks about how to take advantage of sales and what to do with your stockpile and was doing some research on that when I found Mrs. S! After reading some posts I realized there were other reasons I needed to stock up. When: Just a few years ago. I didn't stock up during Y2K..DH was in the military and when his holiday leave was never cancelled I was pretty sure that "the powers that be" were pretty sure nothing was going to happen. Not the greatest thinking, but... Why: Oh, now there are multiple reasons: Bird Flu, North Korea (although if there is a missle strike we should just pray cause we only live about 100 miles from NORAD), DH getting injured on the job, me getting sick and DH needing to care for children, DH losing job, financial emergency and so forth. With What: I think the first stuff I bought was 8 bags of pasta on sale. I also did some serious learning on pantry items you can fix yourself, and do a lot of this to keep adding to the pantry. We used a lot of my stock when DH was unemployed. But I am slowly getting built back up. I think I'm finally to the point where I can regularly start to buy cases of most stuff rather than just a few cans. It's taken a LONG time to get there but I'm really happy to have done so. Mommy of Six
  9. What a blessing to hear that you are getting survivor benefits. I was kind of concerned about that. I don't think my mom has even thought about applying for my dad's social security, I'll have to look into that for her to see if she can. I'm going to start a new thread for "how, when and why did you start prepping" to answer Kaye's questions. Yes, Kaye, you've done great for just a few weeks, that is a wonderful start. Every little bit helps! Mommy of Six
  10. Morning! Today I am trying to get chores in order. I am using the Large Family Logistics ideas but I need to change things around a bit. I find myself running myself ragged some days and having time to kill on others, so I need to rearrange. I watched "The Notebook" yesterday. Talk about a tear jerker! Made me want to hug and kiss DH when he walked in the door yesterday LOL. Oh, how I love that man! I highly recommend the movie for those days when you need a good cry. Have to go get my laundry in soon, it's supposed to rain all day here. Dinner tonight is chicken and rice casserole, with broccoli and carrots. Oldest DD comes home tomorrow! Oldes DS is staying with his dad through the end of the month-on one hand it makes me sad cause I miss him but on the other I'm happy he wants to spend so much time with his dad. They had a rough start to their relationship but I know his dad loves him and wants what's best for him. My AOL account got hacked last night. Thankfully I don't have the aol wallet or anything like that, and you can't access credit card information from their payment area, they only have the last four numbers, so all they could do was spam. I don't even know if they did aol or aol.com, but either way I'm not too concerned. I'm thankful that there are good security controls there. It's going to take awhile to get used to my new pw, though, LOL. One final question-how is it that diapers are changed in one room, in one spot in that room, yet end up all over the house? OK, my baby boy is looking up at me from his crib with that goofy baby smile that just lights up my day, so it's time for me to go! Mommy of Six
  11. Yesterday I felt like I got nothing done...cause I got nothing VISIBLE done, LOL. My kitchen is still a disaster, so I'm off to work on that and to pull some more stuff to donate to the fire department. With space at such a premium here I'm getting rid of just about everything I haven't used since we've been here. If I"ve gone without it this long, I can do without it. Back up in to the upper 80s today, rather warm after our cool weather, but hopefully that means I can dry some laundry LOL. Dinner is leftovers tonight. Time to clean o ut the fridge. Mommy of Six
  12. I spent most of my food budget this week on meat 20 lbs chicken leg quarters at $.19/lb (all they had left, this store doesn't do rain checks) 29 lbs of brisket at $.99/lb 21 pkgs hot dogs at 3/$1.00 9 chickens at $.47/lb, about $2.10 each Had to go to customer service and have them manually do 5 of the chickens cause they didn't ring right. It was so nice to hand DH back the money they'd overcharged us. I really felt like by paying close attention I was taking good care of the money he works so hard to bring home. Mommy of Six
  13. Well I feel like I've gotten nothing done LOL. I didn't get the dishes done before they turned off the water, Roan slept late so there is lots not done. Today I'm cleaning the kitchen and picking up from the shopping explosion that happened in there. I did get the brisket cut up and put in the new freezer, along with the 9 chickens I bought and 8 gallons of milk on sale. I also needoto seriously mop the kitchen. Oh and get the 2 loads of laundry hung that I did get done this morning. The good news is, they are ONLY turning off the water on the North Side of town, which means they are much closer to done with the project. The bad news is, I'm on the North Side LOL. Dinner tonight is spaghetti. Mommy of Six
  14. I bought a 15.3 cu. ft. chest freezer for $20.00!!!!!!!!! I'm so happy to finally have this. This will allow me to buy meats on sale so I can can them when I can find a canner and jars. Woohoo! Mommy of Six
  15. Is there a yawn icon? If there is I'm not awake enough to see it. We ended up going up to Raton for fireworks. About a 40 minute drive, AWESOME show for such a small town. We went with our neighbors and it's the LAST time we'll go somewhere public with them. They were letting their kids RUN through a crowded park with sparklers. Roan got VERY overstimulated. We spent over an hour when we were first there trying to soothe him. DH's oldest son is high functioning autistic, so Roan's getting so overstimulated by the people and noises really scared me. We already knew he doesn't do change well, but he's never reacted like this. No one was coming up to him or handling him or anything and he was a very unhappy little boy. I need to find a doc that will evaluate both kids for Fragile X and get an idea of what that costs, our ins won't cover it. I am pretty sure Nikki is Fragile X, and many autistic children are from what I've read. nikki is not autistic, but has some extreme behavior traits, which match Fragile X. With our neighbors came their nephew, he's 13ish and autistic. They left him with someone he didn't have a trust relationship with and fed him sugar and caffeine all night. I just wanted to cry for him. He's staying the summer with his grandpa, who came with us, and I'm sure he's overwhelmed, but it was so disappointing to see how they treated him. Anyway, most of the evening was enjoyable. Once we got Roan calmed down, he and I and DH and Nikki and my neice all cuddled together (it was COLD!) to watch the fireworks, then we took our time getting home, walking down Main Street in RAton a bit to see the touristy stuff before we went to the car. By the time we were done there was virtually no traffic and all 3 kids were asleep before we got out of town, LOL. Today we're working around the house and doing laundry if they don't turn off the water. Dinner is pork chops, mashed taters, baked beans (leftovers), green salad and some otehr veggie. The chops have been marinating for a few days so they shouold be YUMMY! Oh we have to go to walmart for a few things, too. Mommy of Six
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