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  1. Heading over where? are they posted some where else too ?
  2. Baaahhh no worries, it is there that is all that matters.
  3. Oh you guys are the best!!! Thank You for all you efforts in reposting the story. She is such a good story teller, able to bring out so many emotions from the reader. Again Thank You Jeff
  4. Hi All ! I had started reading these stories at Frugal's old sight over a year ago, then I had some hard times come along and did not have internet for quite some time. Frugal's new board does not have any of the old stories left and I went searching for the stories and was lead here. I joined when I saw the wealth of information here you all have done a wonderful job. BUT, hehehe, I still have not found the stories. Can anyone please help me to find them ? I was at the point were they were coming back from the reservation in the wagon when it was wrecked and have been dieing to know what happened next all this time. Thank You Jeff
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