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  1. If it is well seasoned I would till it in and plant.
  2. Jeepers~ glad they got you up and running so fast. I have used Mozilla Firefox now for years and both of my computer gurus recommend it. Seems to have less vulnerabilities than IE. And it looks very similar to it so not hard to use.
  3. This is also good with a yellow cake mix but the spice makes it especially delicious!
  4. Simplegirl

    DYI potty

    We have a DIY composting toilet at the farm. We found an old wooden chair and DH cut a hole in the seat and put on a toilet seat. Then we put a bucket underneath lined with compostable bags ( found some that are made from potatoes). We use a mixture of peat moss and sawdust that we keep in a tote beside the chair. Works great! We have a separate compost pile for this that will be used for trees or shrubs (not on the garden or berry bushes) although after a couple of years it would be safe - still not gonna use it on the garden.
  5. It was weird for me. Centurylink which we use at work had it down for 2 days but my satellite internet provider at home got me in the same day. I definitely was somewhat confused. But just glad we are back!
  6. We recently tried a couple of items from My Patriot Supply and they were good. A little higher in sodium than I like because of my high blood pressure, but the taste was good.
  7. I remember when we took DD to college last year. I felt a sense of relief along with the pain of leaving her because I knew she was making a good choice for HER. Not enough kids she went to school with have made the commitment to college and are now either pregnant and unmarried or working at part time jobs and still living at home. You will be okay. You will talk or text regularly I am sure. I text with my DD daily even if it is only about little things. Keeps us connected and we both know I would be there in a heartbeat if she needs me. As will you. Hang in there. It gets easier.
  8. Last night everything we had for supper was from the garden with the exception of the chicken breast we split. Potatoes, broccoli, tomatoes, and cucumbers. By the way.... I am TIRED of cucumbers. I have been picking 20+ every other day for the past few weeks. Next year only one hill.... only one. I have been making pickles, eating them every way I can find to fix them, and giving them away and still can't keep up. Unfortunately looking like about a dozen might end up in the compost pile. But, adds lots of liquid to the pile now that we have not had a lot of rain since the end of June. Green beans are done but the field peas, limas, pintos, and black beans are going strong! Canning my first pintos and black beans tonight.
  9. Picked my first batch of green beans yesterday. Almost enough for a canner load. We have also had lettuce, carrots, broccoli, and a couple of cherry tomatoes. Almost time to dig potatoes. We will dig one hill while the grandsons are here this weekend just to show them about it and we will see how well they have done. The others will wait a few more weeks.
  10. So far we have had lettuce and green onions. Also have harvested about 3 pounds of blueberries from our plants. I expect to get somewhere around 10 pounds total off the 7 plants we have producing now.
  11. How wonderful! One of my favorite things to do is make jam or jelly. Can't wait for the strawberries to ripen around here.
  12. How wonderful CGA!! I live a couple of hours north of you but have heard that area is nice.
  13. Gasket went bad on my canner... waiting for a new one to arrive. I am almost done with beans anyway so thankfully I can just blanch and freeze what is left and call it good.
  14. Bought more TP, made a emergency essentials order (mostly for BOB's), and bought 6 blueberry plants. Small things but all I can do for now. Each week I am going to add a little more and next month make another EE order. Plus starting our garden as soon as it stops snowing!!!
  15. That sounds like a great book! I don't have a Kindle but I will definitely put that on my list of must-have books.
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