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  1. Finally got approved!

  2. It's raining like crazy here in Ohio - so it's Canning Day! This morning - Strawberry Jam and Raspberry Jam This afternoon - meatless spaghetti sauce.
  3. I'd probably do a combination of #1 and #2 - I say this frm moving WAY too many times in the early years when my husband was in the military! I would eat and use up everything I could between now and August - not spending a dime in he store if I could help it. I'd put the money I'd use at the store in a kitty pot each week - save it, and re-buy what we'd use when I got to the new place. I realize there will be loss because of food price increase, but it's a trade-off I'd risk knowing that I was going to be the one doing alot of the back-breaking work to move it all. If I knew I was
  4. I know this is simplistic, and some people might think I'm nuts to mention this, but honestly, this is worth considering IF you can do it. (I know it's not feasible for everyone!) Plant shade trees around your house. Yes, it might take ten or fifteen years to get shade from them. But ten or fifteen years is going to pass whether you plant them or not. I've learned the value of shade trees, and always took them for granted. In every other house we've lived in, it has been an older house with well established trees that usually blocked us from the worst of the south and west suns.
  5. Hi Susie - We've begun using our preps, though not for ourselves, really, beyond our normal rotation of in and out to keep the supplies fresh. My sister and her husband are hitting it very hard. For the record, let me state they are not the grasshopper variety, but rather worker ants. He was a realtor/small home builder who literally has not taken in a dime for almost two years. They had substantial savings, and no home mortgage. In the last two years they've used their savings for everything for health insurance premiums (972.00/month for a family of four - he's self employed, and thus
  6. I've been hooked on this series on BBC for several months, now. I have to say that besides the eye-openers it's given me in regards to my own hidden (forgotten) filth (think under the stove or when was the last time you pulled your washer or dryer away from the wall besides when you moved?), besides all that - I've been jotting down cleaning recipes from the show. Most of the cleaning Kim and Aggie promote is with natural products - vinegar, lemons, etc. I figure if those items can clean THAT filth, I'm feeling pretty confident it can tackle my everyday bits around the house!
  7. Hi everyone - just received my ASPCA bulletin today - thought some of you might be interested to see that the ASPCA is now clearly advocating that pet guardians keep emergency supplies and evacuation supplies on hand for pets. https://secure2.convio.net/aspca/site/Ec...p;store_id=4681 (excerpt from web page) Not your ordinary zip lock bag—the ASPCA® Pet Grab 'N Go Bag is an ALOKSAK® element-proof storage bag. ALOKSAK® is a patented design that has passed rigorous testing and is virtually indestructible. The bag's features include: 12 X 12 inch size holds multiple documents
  8. We just had grilled cheese - we're both super tired!
  9. Originally Posted By: Leah I do something similar with beef fat, a tuna can, and a cotton ball wick. Leah - didn't I see that on MacGyver once? *wipes the tears from laughing from her eyes* Seriously - I LOVE this idea! (ALL of these ideas on this thread actually) You never cease to amaze me with your resourcefulness. These are the sorts of things I am writing down. Thank you!
  10. Originally Posted By: Cricket FW, Have you used it yet? Any trouble regulating the pressure on your stove? Isn't this exciting!! Drat it, No. The Nefarious real life intervened all weekend. The canner has sat on my counter mocking me every day, taunting me everytime I walk in the kitchen, saying things like: 'Thought you were really gonna give me a work out this weekend, didn't you? You threatened me with the packs of hamburger in your freezer and menacingly showed me your tomato plants... oh yeah - you stacked jars on the counter next to me but here I sit..... You're a canner W
  11. That's kind of what I was thinking, Cat. To me, if you can pick and choose which data you're going to include (in this case, lab results), then it is not reliable data. In essence, we have absolutely no reliable way of knowing what the true toll is. Easy to keep the sheeple calm and unaware of that big truck marked *slaughterhouse* backing up the farm driveway.......... Eeeeeekkk!
  12. This number has bothered me for a while as well. I was reading on www.pandemicflu.gov, linked to one of the sidebars under Avian Flu Watch that linked to the WHO. There is a table listing month and year totals for the last few years - that isn't interesting, because it pretty much totals what is being reported. What IS interesting (to me) is the little tiny writing under the table: "WHO reports only laboratory-confirmed cases." In other words, if it isn't cofirmed in a WHO lab, it isn't considered official? They're not clear on that, but I suspect that is what is happening. W
  13. Originally Posted By: Darlene I'm just the type of person that if I'm going to can something, I'm gonna do a ton of it all at once and then be done with it. Thus the 450lbs of peaches, 530lbs of apples, etc. That's exactly what I was hoping to hear; that it can be done successfully with some planning. I kind of thought so, but my husband just kind of looked at me nervously - he knows I have a tendency to bite off more than I can sometimes chew. Ahem. (Like now I might be thinking 450lbs and peaches and 530lbs of apples is a perfectly reasonable amount to can in one shot!) As fo
  14. << But I guess that as we become more proficient we will do more with our canners>> Sue - that's my goal! I've done waterbath canning many years ago, but this is my first venture with pressure canning. Or any canning for probably more than a decade. With the help of everyone here, I'm sure we'll be canning everything that isn't nailed down!
  15. Hi Vic - I'm not an *expert*, but what I was reading over the last few weeks said that alot of the issue with canning on glass top stoves was primarily due to weight and heat distribution. If exceedingly high heats are distributed beyond the are set for the heating element on a glass top stove (very high heat, and very long periods of time) the heat cannot dissipate correctly. The glass across the entire surface of the stove is not the same - the glass over the heating element part is different. Most home cooking does not create a problem even if you use a larger pan than the eleme
  16. (Since joining Mrs.S, I've been assimilated Borg-style into lots of things! THANK YOU!) Ok everyone - after about two weeks of research and talking to people, I bought a Presto 23qt pressure canner. Yes, I WILL be buying the All-American (eyeing the 930). My purchase was not dictated by price of the canner so much as what I can use on a glasstop stove. Hubby and I have agreed when the basement is remodeled in the next year or so, there WILL be a *canning-suitable* stove put in the bar/family area. I figure I'll use the Presto canner after I buy the All-American the way my
  17. The pecans look good - so does the canned apple pie filling! The Pineapple Jam too. And the chili sauce.... and.... I'm going to have to print this to put in my canning binder. Oh yes. Thank you for posting this!
  18. Tonight we had BBQ pork chops and onion roasted potatoes.
  19. Doing the happy dance for ya Sue! YAY!
  20. I think I'd have to say yes to everything EXCEPT a radio in a Faraday box. We have plenty of food stored below ground, and adequate water at this point for several weeks or more if we are careful with it. (working on that one - we keep using the water faster than I can stock it. ) Weak Spots I can think of right now: - Need more cat food. The Carnivorous Little Beasts are not believers in portion control - choosing to believe instead that we mean to slowly starve them if their bowl should ever chance to be empty as it is now. Heaven help me if I have to ration them. Someone m
  21. MY library doesn't carry The Civil War Cookbook! Must find this book... !!!!
  22. Of the herbs that we grow, fresh we use parsley, oregano, basil, rosemary and chives the most. Dried (that I don't grow) - Dill and thyme.
  23. Good for you Sue! Prepping is much harder without support and help. In the beginning, I think my husband just thought this was going to be one of my *hobbies* or just something that would be *my domain* like flower gardening or crafting and decorating - leaving most of the planning and prepping to me. He is coming 'round, as there are some things I JUST can't do myself, and truthfully there are some things I COULD, but I make them HIS responsibility. No one wants to be the only one taking all the responsibility and doing all the work, whether it's a church picnic or prepping as we are,
  24. BEST gift in a jar recipe using... you guessed it... BISQUIK as the main ingredient! Don't be fooled - these are fantastic. I have more requests for these cookies than almost any other I make! Ingredients: 1/2 cup butterscotch chips 1/2 cup packed brown sugar 1 cup old-fashioned oats 1 cup bisquik (or equivalent) 1/2 cup packed brown sugar (Yes, a second 1/2 cup) 1 cup Bisquik (yes, another cup!) Fits 1 qt jar - simply measure and layer into the jar in the order listed. Using 1/2 cup measurements of the brown sugar gives more visual interest and more lines in the ja
  25. HOLY SMOKES WESTBRROK! Wowzers! hehehe tons and tons of recipes! And here I thought I was the only one hoarding these *shortcut* cheap recipes! I'm going to HAVE to dig out my Bisquik cookbook now! In poverty cooking, you asked about the Bisquik recipe I use - thought I'd post it here: 16 cups all-purpose flour 8 Tbsp. baking powder 2 Tbsp salt 4 cups shortening Blend together - use in place of Bisquik.
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