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  1. i know they did try benadryl and that didn't help. i'll pass on the info again! thank you!!!!!
  2. thanks for the replies so far, i'll pass on the information.
  3. oh, she still has the ear infection too. another doctor wrote another prescription for a different med. my friend kindly took and then threw it away. she said she's going to try garlic oil. is that good for ear infections?
  4. i have a friend whose daughter had an ear infection. they doc's gave her augmentin and she had a HORRIBLE reaction to it!!! it looks like this over her whole body and when the rash part goes away it leaves bruises is there anything she can do? they went back to the doctor's and they said to just wait it out. she's giving her daughter aveeno oatmeal baths, but the poor little girl is just miserable. if anyone knows of anything that can help, please let me know!! thanks!!!
  5. http://organicmakeup.ca/ this is the make up i did us. i don't care for the foundation, it's too gritty. right now i'm not using anything. i don't buy into the look beautiful by flawlessness stuff...no worries there. i feel that it's important to stay true to myself, i just don't like the look of me with acne. i have heard that saying before "what you wouldn't eat, don't put it on your face" and i've heard of using olive oil, i was just worried about it being TOO much. is there a certain kind? can i just use what i have to cook with? i've heard of cold pressed, but i don't know what that means or if it's necessary. ok, i think that's all the questions for now. thanks for the all the help. oh, i would like ideas on lip gloss...colored, non-gritty lip gloss. i use fabulous chap stick, olive oil based, but i'd love something with a little color for when i sing. oh and right now all i really wear is mascara.
  6. mother...that helped a lot! how often should the honey and/or yogurt facials be done? are these daily things? recently someone was trying to get me to get into buying a certain line of products; home, healthy and cosmetics. at the same time another friend was trying to get me to get into buying and selling a big named cosmetic line. one claimed to be more "natural" than the other...the make up lines...and so i decided to do some investigation of my own and compare the ingredients of each line of products. i found that the more natural line of home, health and beauty products, while they were better than some store bought products, they weren't the best for you. the cosmetic line was the same except they added some vitamins and minerals. over all i did learn that a lot of home cleaning products can be harmful and have since switched to vinegar, baking soda, lemon juice, etc. i really got scared when i investigated the make up! it's liquid plastic!!! that's when i started buying the organic make up. right now, i'm just wearing any, trying to get my face to stop breaking out (i'm almost 30) and get it under control. i do plan on looking into another line of cosmetics that i can get closer and not have to order from canada. anyways! long ramble ...sorry! lol just sharing i guess.
  7. well you know...everybody LOVES a good message board!! thanks for the welcomes!
  8. thank you for all the welcomes! yes i'm from PH!!
  9. i hope this is the right place to post this. i had ordered organic facial care products and make up online, but it's just too expensive for me to keep up with...however! my face never looked better!!! does anyone have ideas for an all natural facial cleanser for an acne-prone, dry in winter, greasy in summer face? i'm also looking for a moisturizer. something for the dryness in the winter and something very light for summer. thanks in advance.
  10. what an awesome idea!!!! i'm sure he and others will be very grateful!!!
  11. i'd like to add some friends to this list. first Shane Brooks. he's in the army...a sargent of some kind. he's going to be in iraq soon, he was previously stationed in Germany. his wife and 3 children have moved back to California to be close to her family during this time. also, from the same family. the wife's brother Ignacio Prado is in the Navy and stationed in Japan right now. lastly, Mike Schofield...it's in the army reserves over in the middle east, not sure exactly where, he can't say. what a wonderful thread!!! praying for all your loved ones.
  12. Hello all! i just found this board from another and am looking forward to getting to know you all!!! i just have to say...i'm LOVING your selection of smilies!!!!!
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