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  1. The water pouches (like the Capri Sun containers) are not supposed to burst if frozen. In the camping section of stores there are 'expandable water containers'. I wonder if you only filled one of these part way if it would keep from bursting. However the larger amount of water you have stored and frozen, the longer it will take to thaw out and be usable. I don't usually have your problem, except when we go on ski trips. Dawn
  2. Wow, I love it, especially the barn! Hope everything works out for you. Dawn
  3. With high mileage, please look at the typical mileage records of the type vehicle you are looking at. Some will be money holes, while others typically will get 300-400K Miles. Do a google search on automobile reliability, and you'll find several web pages that can help you. Good luck Dawn
  4. I don't consider a denomination my religion. I get funny looks when in the hospital and when they ask for our religion, our answer is "Christian". I have attended and visited many different denominations, and within each denomination I have found what I felt were vibrant and dead churches. It really depends upon the local fellowship. We also look for doctrinal issues that we feel are important though. Dawn
  5. halfpint

    Chapped Hands

    Another thing you might want to try is vitamin E oil. Just pour a little in the hands and rub it in. It's the only thing I can get my son to use for chapped lips, as the other stuff burns his lips. Dawn
  6. I didn't know about this. I've been using airborne for the last 2-3 years, and haven't caught as much stuff as I used to. Also, my family has been passing around the crud for the last 4 weeks, and I'm the only one who has not caught it, and I've been using airborne every day. I always thought it was advertised as an immune booster and not as a definite preventative though. Dawn
  7. What we did for a waterer on our portable tractor is to get one of those automatic waterers for dogs (it's basically a dog watering bowl hooked up to a hose line). You can mount it so that it won't tip over. Don't do this if you have young chicks in there though as they will drown. Since we didn't want a hose line running to our tractor, we put a hose connection in the side near the bottom of a 5 gallon bucket and connect a short piece of hose line from it to the waterer. We designed our tractor for the bucket to sit on top. 1 gallon a day is enough for our 11 chickens that use our trac
  8. Are you talking without Air conditioning, or without power? If without power, the ceiling fans and attic fans won't work either. We have a basement, and have had a power loss in the summer for a week in 90 + temperatures, and the basement was comfortable to stay in the whole time. The main level was hot though. When we have electric and the nights are cool but the days hot, I can open the windows in the evening and turn on several fans for the night, and then close up the house in the morning and it will stay a comfortable temperature during the day. Unfortunately this doesn't w
  9. I can't even imagine what they are going through. I'm lifiting prayers up for his family. Dawn
  10. We have an Ashley fireplace insert - it sticks out and we have been able to cook on it during storms, and always keep a pot of water on it - both for humidity and the cup of tea. Unfortunately Ashley has gone out of business so you can only get them used now. We also have a woodburning stove in our basement, which helps keep the whole house warm. Some things to look for in stoves/inserts - how easy will it be to get the ashes out of it - especially if you have a continuous burn. Make sure that when you open the doors, the logs won't fall out (I've seen several models that this would hap
  11. My dentist said never to use more than the size of a pea for toothpaste, so that is what we try to do. I was told that the reason you are told to wash your hair twice is to use more shampoo. I've had to experiment with my laundry detergent to determine the correct amount, but I make my own. Dawn
  12. As stated above you can root some of the aloe. I have also put stems in the freezer in bags before. I found this to be good a few weeks ago when bumped my hand while putting wood in the stove and got a small burn - I had about a 1" piece of aloe in the bag in the freezer and it worked great to both cool and soothe the burn. Dawn
  13. halfpint


    I'm so sorry this has happened, and know first hand how damaging and stressful it can be. I pray He will heal you quickly. Dawn
  14. We have blueberries that we harvest in late June- July. We're not too far apart and in the same growing zone. From two bushes (these are about 15 years old now) we get about 4-6 gallons of blueberries - it's sometimes hard to really tell as we eat while picking. This year I put up three gallons in the freezer, plus made a few pies, and had lots of fresh blueberries in cereal or yogurt. The chickens gather around us while we pick as they love to eat the fallen ones. I think our blueberries ramped up in production over about 5 years before they were producing this much though. We're adding in
  15. Originally Posted By: HSmom What's wowio? Wowio is a site that you can download (for free) many books, audio's etc. There is some great stuff on there. http://www.wowio.com/index.asp Dawn
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