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  1. thanks i love both those ideas... now I know what do to with my hubbys old jeans (wink)
  2. sorry yarrow my walmart doesnt carry them either and i used to buy them once in awhile.. i will keep on the look out for you
  3. mine said: Google won't search for Chuck Norris because it knows you don't find Chuck Norris, he finds you. Thats pretty darn funny
  4. I made a few sets myself for christmas. Did anyone make placemats out of the criss cross design? I couldnt quite figure out what the dimensions should be. Any help? Thanks, Selah
  5. I copied the Jean Apron pattern I have alot of old jeans around I could make good use of. Thank you Rita for the post
  6. where do u ladies find all these wonderful animated gifs you use in your posts.... i just love them and thank you for the site
  7. That is a fantastic Idea... I gotta get ironing Selah
  8. Thank you Rita. I saved the site and printed the directions out. Gonna try to hand sew some at work. Hug the family for us! Selah
  9. Hi All, you ladies have some fantastic ideas and I love each one of them. I was hoping you could help me too. I want to make holiday placemats and coasters this year. Pourfolkes showed me how to sew 4 strips of fabric in a woven pattern and turn it inside out and they made awesome placemats. Problem is I cannot remember how to do it and I cant find the pattern. Any help? Thank You Selah
  10. Hey all I am back, sorry I was away so long. Alot has happened but I wont bore you with it all. I have a question about quilting and thank you westie for the links they are helpful. Ok I am trying to find patterns for Octagon Corners Quilts. Anyone aware of these or have an ideas? I saw a completed quilt on a website i was at and i am intrigued. Selah
  11. i would rather braid the hair on my legs and not wear socks then to put myself through that... lol
  12. Lois I forgot to mention the earrings so sorry. They are lovely and I am wearing a pair everyday now. Hugs to you for your thoughtfulness. Selah
  13. I just got my package tonite ((((((((Lois))))))) My dog kept poking his nose inside cuz he just knew something was in there for him. And there was! He is chewing on one of his bones right now. I got and absolutely love a stuffed Moose, not a real one Two pretty photo frames, crocheted hotpad, pretty sunflower Dish towels, an oven mitt, a bayberry candle (my fav scent), a pretty rose in a glass egg shaped jar, a moisturizer (how did u know?), very interesting book im dying to read and lots of fabric that I will enjoy using in my quilts. Thank you so much you made my day! (btw KimMC I am glad you like your box )
  14. You know there is never an end to that Rita my friend
  15. hmmm I like the brown paper bag option however we dont have brown paper bags at our stores only plastic bags and somehow I dont think that would look quite right...um ok just pretend I didnt write that ok?
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