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  1. where do I go to to change my temporary password to a new password?
  2. very interesting. In what form did you take the borax? atmom
  3. A long time ago it seems like I heard of an arthritis remedy that involved soaking raisins in gin and then eating the raisins. anyone ever heard of that. I have arthritis so bad in my finger joints I can hardly stand it sometimes. katmom
  4. KatMom

    Pozole Rojo

    I recently made a pot of posole for the first time. it turned out very good and meat was very tender but it had no red sauce in it..I served sliced green onions and lime wedges to squeeze over it..It was pretty good. but no red in it.
  5. thank you everybody..I had no idea there could be so many possibilities..I am passing this info on to my daughter. By the way I was wrong about the tonsillitus, it was strep throat! Thats worse I think. And thank you for your prayers. Katmom
  6. I have 2 granddaughters age nearly 5 and nearly 3..Last July they came down with colds..Ultimately after normal care they just kept getting worse. Upon taking them to the doctor he says the older one has tonsillitus and the 3 year old has pneumonia..He prescribed medicines and over a few months they got better..But they never seemed really well..They are very active little girls and it seemed like they were better.. A week or so ago the oldest one started getting a sore throat and a temp of 103. The 3 year old developed a bad cough..Their mom took them i back to pediatrician and its the same diagnosis as before. the doctor has prescribed steroids and meds for them and twice daily inhalation treatments for the older one and 4 times daily for the younger one..These kids get sick frequently and we are getting very concerned that something really bad is at work here. I just don't think its normal for kids to be sick so much..Has any one of you ever heard of problems like this? Ever had any experience with this. Isn't it odd that such a small child keeps getting pneumonia?
  7. as far as those flat blue pads to put under a person, you can get those at most wal-marts.
  8. maybe its just part of the crop we're getting this year..All I know is that those little seeds we're hard and crunchy..strange. thanks for your help..Katmom
  9. I have made cranberry sauce many times for my family and this year something odd.The berries are really full of tiny hard seed that crunch in your teeth..this is weird..My middle daughter that lives in another county 40 miles away, had the same experience..shopped at different stores.all Ocean Spray. All were frozeen at time of purchase..I still have homecanned cran sauce from 2 years ago and you can<t see the seeds in it like these new batches..nobody is very happy about it. Thought I would mention it and see if this happened to anyone else. Katmom
  10. Please becareful how much ibuprofen you use..My mother overdid it...She ended up with a hole in her stomach and nearly hemmoraged to death..had to have emergency surgery..My doctor once told me you can take up to 800 mg. of ibu. at a time . thats 4 regular tablets..but you have to leave about 8 hours between I think.. I used to use a lot of listerine on tooth abscess..just held it on tooth long as i could stand and spit it out..only regular listerine..My heart goes out to you..teeth can be so painful..Katmom
  11. What in the world is "Just in time debugging"? It pops up when I try to get on he internet and whenever I try to go to another site. Won't let me do anything until I right click it on the tool bar at the bottom and click "close" anywhere from 3 to a dozen times or so? Do I have a virus or what? I'm not very knowledgeable about computers. Katmom
  12. Aren,t they smart? The way they can imitate sounds like that..I've heard that they can imitate cat meows too.My cats were so scared they would hide from the jays..They would dive on the cats, hit them with their feet and scare them silly..katmom
  13. You probably don't have them in the midwest.(I'm from Ohio a very long time ago but I remember the birds..Especially the bluebirds and cardinals.)Jays are kind of dark on their back, lighter on the breast and have a very long tail. They are as tall as a jay,, but a little slimmer.when they fly their wings show a bar of white. I guess they are a medium size..Around here I mostly see jays, linnets, doves, the kind that are light brown with a white ring around their neck.. a few pigeons, and often we see redtail hawks.and we have a couple smaller hawks we occasionally see..we like them all. lots of finches too, and towhees..katmom
  14. spring must be close. We have a crazy mocking bird that sits on the roof 0r in the ash tree and warbles his many songs all day and all night..I wonder when he sleeps..When they are courting they fly up aways and then they look like a falling leaf when they come down. I know that mockers are consider pests, but they are a never ending source of entertainment..they will come after you if they have a nest nearby, very mean to cats and dogs.. long time ago when we used to have grapes growing in our yard, sometimes they would ferment and the mockingbirds loved them..but when they ate too many the cats got them. Just thought I would put up my experiences with them..maybe someone else will enjoy them..Katmom
  15. just got back to the computer. I want to thank all of you. Everyone who replied..Yes it has been a tough time. If I'd have thought it would have been so bad I would never have put it off. I really pushed it too long..Yes I do have great kids. They drove me really nuts at times when they were teens but they have turned out so well..And each one has her own family and set of problems to deal with..Thank you all , again..Katmom
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