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  1. Jeepers Put a bar or pieces of a bar of Irish Spring soap on and around your bushes . That is what it took to make them leave my garden and fruit trees alone.
  2. We made turnip kraut and it tasted like turnips....... not our cup of tea and we did not try it again. But really till you try it... Hiring a tractor can be expensive, his tires must not have been the best before he came to your place, Ambergris, but they are not your expense.
  3. Jeepers if you want the magazine I will send it to you. Just give me your address.
  4. Hey Jeepers Carlene is a main topic in the January/February issue of AKC Family Dog. A very nice picture of Eve and Finn and of course Bella and George in the three age article.
  5. I want to clarify the vit. D and then I will drop the subject. Vit. D is Cholecalciferol which is the most deadly rat, and mice for that matter, poison on the market and therefore being used to the point of rashness. Rats will eat it because it has neither smell or taste. But it is also in human grade vitD and therefore should not be taken unadvisedly. Sun is natural, tablets are chemical. In humans overdose can lead to hypercalcemia and excess bone loss.
  6. Vitamin D is used as a rat poison. It is guessed that they added the dead rats to the dog food in processing.........
  7. I may not be putting this in the right place but!!!! Many of us have pets or know people who do. Most kibble has been contaminated dangerously with high vitamin D. it can kill your pet!!! Go to dogfoodadvisor.com and see if your food is on the list. Check back frequently as they are adding more brands as they find the contamination. AAFCO is a private company that is supplying the base for most dog foods. So if you see that name on your kibble bag you are probably in trouble.
  8. Mother taught us very early on never to take candy, etc from strangers. Always be decent, never show our underwear, ,never get in a car with strangers, . Crime was in our town Mother just warned us against it . When we moved to the country it was ok . But we still kept with us the things she taught us for safety. 25 years later it was terrible 30 years later it was by far worse and that is all I am going to say.
  9. Neither I nor CGA put dry beans in the jar. The beans were soaked to start the process. I still have many of the canned beans from 5 years ago and I do not remember for sure but think it was an hour or two of soaking. Lentils really soak up the the water and I was not happy with the result. I think they should have been less than 1/3 dry. I did do large Limas , they turned out extremely well. Cup for cup Limas make more. But back to lentils, they were dry no water/ broth at all when opened and had to be dug out of the jar. I think to cook I added 1 qt. of liquid per pint. They still tasted dry.
  10. We climbed trees, played in sage grass that was taller than us, played baseball with a rock because we did not have a ball, stubbed toes because we were barefoot, got stung by wasps, went walking in the woods before dawn, ice skated with out skates on the pond until it cracked...... Live and learn is wonderful , gives strength and courage, determination, but not to everybody.
  11. I think beans will absorb more water as they pressure. Even if they are precooked...just what I have noticed. Crabgrassacres said in canning dry uncooked beans, never fill the jar with more than 1/3 dry beans. That is true and on some beans you could go less.
  12. Too many times I have seen prices rise just before a sale, so they can have this big mark down. ... which is regular price.
  13. My dear Mother carried always in her purse a little emergency bag. Safety pins , needle , thread, bandage, buttons , scissors, can’t remember what else. She passed away in 1977.
  14. Pinto bean pie was a substitute for pumpkin. It can also be made with black beans or navy. There are so many variations, adding coconut, pecans, etc. Though it does not sound good everyone I know that has eaten it, rave over it. It does not have a beany taste.
  15. Even at home you should keep your knives in easy reach, pulling one out of a knife holder/rack might take too much time should you be surprised in the kitchen. Just know your weapons where ever you are...a poker, umbrella, a figurine, candlestick , or whatever and your strength to use it. A dog leash with a chain can be formidable .
  16. I wrote a post and it said I was not signed in on my phone ...... anyway I have been using mullien tea for over 40 years. It works for pneumonia in calves as well as humans. I have only used it boiled in milk but others do the same with water. A health food store should have the leaves only. Vitamin D in low levels can be tied to respiratory infections, proper levels can help prevent the flu.
  17. Jeepers, Have you tried mullein tea? It is really good for URIs . I boil the leaves in milk. Drink it 3-4 times a day. Always worked for me.
  18. If you are moving out of state it is canceled anyway.
  19. Jeepers I am not sure downloading is permanent from the library. Here depending on checkout..two or three weeks and it will disappear on your kindle or whatever you down loaded on.
  20. Any of you veterans or spouses, if you have not gone at least yearly for checkups or whatever, they will drop you and then it doesn’t matter your service record or rank you will be jumping through lots of hoops and sending mountains of paperwork.. the same papers you already sent.. but apparently if you do have a claim, if the hospital turns it in it is out of your hands and in the VAs.
  21. Congratulations on your quick thinking Kappy! Glad you were not hurt which if you had gone down the ravine..... Also that you researched, jumping out of gear. Looks like there would have been a recall!
  22. Bringing wood into the house was the problem. I am supposed to have a furnace in this week. I will use it as I need it. I do hope the stiffness will go away. For now putting small wood in the stove makes me wonder..... putting heavy wood in is next to impossible. Yes I love wood heat!!! But I will not have to worry about winterizing a furnace ...
  23. I do not even look at the Farmers Almanac any ore...
  24. Apple grape jam + and ginger syrup. The ginger syrup did not set, but it will be excellent in recipes calling for ginger. It really has a bite to it. Interesting addition to coffee.....
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