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  1. I drink to flavors of coffee...triple chocolate with smores creamer and caramel with caramel creamer. I just stated drinking coffee this last year and well I won't see 50 ever again. Thanks but, I will stick to my chocolate chip pumpkin muffins and pumpkin bread. May throw in a pumpkin pie.
  2. So we had a few days of fall weather a few weeks ago then hit triple digits again for a week or so. But today it is raining. Has been since 3am, and it is in the 50s. So it is bison chili for dinner but snack today is pumpkin muffins. I am sorry but fall screams pumpkin muffins, or pumpkin bread. No pumpkin latte's though, that is just gross.
  3. Finally my monthly splurge for Kindle Unlimited is paying off...well it has paid off before but I have been wanting this book but refused to spend the month. Right on Kindle Unlimited it is a free read....The Meals in a Jar Handbook by Stephanie Petersen aka Chef Tess
  4. Being from Alabama it sounds like home
  5. Maybe you can look into an old shipping container to store everything in and then still have it on the property later for storage. We have scrapped our long term plans which broke my heart, but it is back to the drawing board.
  6. MtRider both are clear. The zip lock just feels thicker to me.
  7. I purchased two boxes of the storage bags that you use the vacuum to suck the air out of, the first brand was Ziplock and the second brand was Magic Bags. Hands down the Ziplock brand is better. I stored sleeping bags, quilts and curtains that we are not currently using. Several weeks ago I "shrink wrapped" these items using both bags. Both are the same size and hold about the same; however, the magic bags are a little thinner and let air back in. The Ziplock brand is still almost shrink wrapped. For the money I think Ziplock is better.
  8. Well the doctor is 70% sure he got all the cancer. It was out side the prostate and in fatty tissue. No radiation right now. As long as the PSA stays in the normal range then there will be no further treatments. If it starts to climb they will start a round of radiation just to be safe. Right now we are going with...they got it all! Go back in one month then every six. I am going to make my second 6 month check up a month early so we can do them both the same day. That way we only have to go to the big city once. I could have used a valium or a stiff drink after driving there yesterday. Those people are crazy and they have perpetual road construction. 2020 the year we start working on our bucket list!
  9. So when hubby and I married back in 1981 we went as traditional as possible, that included our wedding vows. The past few years has really put those vows to the test. Between his degenerating back, my cancer and now his cancer, I am ready for the in health part. As most of you know I was diagnosed with uterine cancer back in February and had a total hysterectomy at the end of March. Well three, yes three freaking, months to the date that I had a total hysterectomy hubby was diagnosed with prostate cancer. He opted for a radical surgery to remove the prostate. He had that procedure on 9/12. We know several men that opted for treatment only to have the cancer come back with a vengeance and he didn't want to take that chance. Plus we are enjoying grandbabies now so we don't need those parts. Hopefully when we go back for a check up tomorrow we get good news and can move on to the next health issue...his back. I work for Prime Healthcare and they have hospitals from coast to coast. Well the Prime hospital in Gadsden, Alabama has a neck and spine surgeon that has invented spacers for people's backs. Our doctor is sending all of hubby's records to this doctor to see if he is a candidate for these spacers. Best thing is my insurance will cover it 100% since it is a prime hospital!!!! Plus we have family and friends there so no hotels and eating out. I am trying not to get my hopes up but it is exciting news. It will mean the possibility of being pain free. Something that has not been part of our lives for four years. Hopefully this time next year we will pain free and hiking.
  10. Thanks. This is so good to know. Villa wafers are our go to around here. I cannot keep them on hand, I bring them in and bam the nilla wafer bandit (aka hubby) strikes and they're gone. The Nilla bandit's split personality is the watermelon thief LOL
  11. mommato3boys

    Lose weight

    Zzelle Don give. I was about in tears Wednesday at the doctor. She knows I struggle and have going to a dietitian. She took pity on me when I told her I was even more discouraged than ever. I told her I was d o an to 1400 calories and starving but the weight was not coming off. She said she didn't want to step on the dieticians toes, I said please do. That is when she told me to throw out everything concerning dieting that I knew. She told me to eat a lot of green vegetables. No more that 20 grams of carbs per meal and no more than 21 grams of fat a day. Lean meats no more than 4 grams of fat per serving. No starches. She said don't worry about calories or protein if you eat a large salad and 4 oz of lean protein you won't be hungry. Snacks should be raw veggies like cucumbers, tomatoes, cauliflower, broccoli etc.
  12. I love old recipe books. Thanks for posting this.
  13. I was thinking more along the lines of fiber. You know change of diet does horrible things to you. May even need to pack some Imodium Tomatoes! I love tomatoes. LOL
  14. I have no desire to buy them. I was just thinking this would kick start the kids into prepping but your are correct. The calories are only like 1600, that is what I am eating to loose weight, worse yet they are not really high in protein. I am sorry if you are working hard yes you need the carbs but you also need the protein to carry you further. You will burn through those carbs fast doing manual labor. We have a tote with our supply of food and a case of water to go along with it. I have bought the packages of tuna and salmon. There are peanut butter crackers, dried fruit, shelf stable milk that will change out every three months (even through it has a longer shelf life) and to hubby's surprise cereal. We have a box of breakfast bars, protein bars, jerky, trail mix and drink mix. I did splurge and buy two MREs each and put in there but I was picky and asked our military son's which ones were best and bought those. There are also two camping meals that I have made and put in Mylar bags. All we have to do is add hot water and then eat it. I have a little kettle in there along with a metal coffee can that has sterno in so we can heat water. There are plastic ware in there a well as a roll of paper towels. This is just for 72 hours. We have two back packs also that have all of personal items in it along with a sleeping bag and sleeping pad in case we have to sleep on the ground of the floor.
  15. I think they taste to some like Vadialia onions or Texas Sweet onions, just picked early when they have crispy greens. Hubby loves them and yes they are sweet.
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