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  1. Hugs my friend. We are going through the same thing except it is our son that wants to be our daughter. Audrey told us Friday evening when she looks in the mirror she finally seeing herself. She is happy and seems to be thriving. She is now on hormones and seems to be adapting well. She can finally live as a female without the pressure of the wife. They finally split and soon to be ex has moved to Houston. I still struggle saying her/she instead of him/he and it upsets Audrey. We had a big blow up Friday. I told her to give me a break. I that she had been a him for 37 years and I am not around her everyday so I still struggle to say she. We are have an uneasy truce right now. You are in my prayers.
  2. We have always put ice in are outside dogs water. Like Out_of_the_ordinary I would freeze water in a bowl and around 1ish I would put in their bowl. We have every kind of dog from a Heniz57 to registered poodles and never had an issue.
  3. I don't believe there is not another country that would defend us, they more apt to come in and take over. My belief is there are several just waiting until we emplode to step in, you know the old saying a house divide will not stand. Well that is what is happening here and when we can no long stand we will be taken over. You are correct huge country and it will be hard to flee, but I am not sure there is anywhere to flee to. Hubby and I were talking if things keep going down hill we may just have to go dark. By that I mean no going out in public. We cover our windows to keep light in and barricade the doors. Never leave the house unarmed and ONLY go to work and back. As much as I hate using the online ordering if it came to it I would do it just so I could pick it up on the way home and not have to get out in the masses... if there was anything to be had. As much as I want a house and yard again, I really think we maybe in a better place here in the apartment. Just wish we were physically able have an upstairs apartment.
  4. I have been looking for another job since my hours have been cut. I was offered a job today. The move will mean us being closer to the kids and grands. It is not exactly where I was looking but I think it maybe a God thing. I did two phone interviews yesterday and today. I actually withdrew from the process but was called back 15 minutes later and was offered the job at $1.50 more an hour and they quoted as the starting pay. They made the offer with just the two phone interviews. I told them I would let them know by 9a Monday. So I am spending the weekend in prayer. I am asking you to join me in prayer for clarity on this decision.
  5. All I am seeing is jelly jars and some pint jars with regular size lids. No quart jars any where. Really don't want the pint jars unless they are wide lid but I may have to go with what I can find.
  6. Yes, and I hate them. I am bottles of excerdin stuffed everywhere, just so I will have it. Strong smells are the worst to trigger a migraine.
  7. mommato3boys


    Could they be at the homestead? Do they have internet at the homestead?
  8. This was hillarious. I was thrown in to full blown menopause after my hysterectomy.
  9. Mt.Rider I am sorry to hear of what you are dealing with with your dad. I know the word hospice strikes fear but there is so much they can do to help. Plus it give the family to make plans and to say good-bye. My mother was on hospice and her passing was less stressful on me than my father's. My dad died of a massive heart attack in his sleep. Both were hard but with mom we had a support group surrounding us helping us along the way.
  10. I ran across this article today and thought I would share it... the title is "More than 100 employees sue Houston hospital over vaccine mandate" https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/more-than-100-employees-sue-houston-hospital-over-vaccine-mandate/ar-AAKxhHv?ocid=msedgntp Hubs sent me this article today also.... I hope I have immunity for a life time as bad as I had it. https://rumble.com/vhskcl-new-studies-show-immunity-to-covid-19-may-last-a-lifetime.html?fbclid=IwAR0utFmnF8TLuHIITOUK5irWZx80_zf1IzGDF_2H81LNE90xrbtNXEUdpJQ
  11. That is what I call a chicken mote. I think it is a great idea to have around the garden. That way the chickens can eat the bugs before they get to the garden 😊
  12. I don't know if you have seen the articles of the "powers that be" trying to debunk videos of people showing their injections sites are magnetized. You folks know I work in a hospital and I ignore all of the hype either pro or con when it comes to this vaccine. My primary care agrees with me on a lot of issues when it comes to the vaccine. This is one of those that I have ignored until it happen to a couple of coworkers. I would not have believed it had I not seen it with my own two eyes and personally stuck a magnetic to her arm. She got the Moderna vaccine. We were all shocked. The lady that was in front of her in line when she got her vaccine works in my department and her arm was not magnetized. I know there are two of my coworkers that have magnetized injection sites. One works in administration and then the one I am told you about, she is the director of materials. Our chief of staff and CEO are trying to figure out what to do. They thought about doing a MRI but quickly decided against it, since it could cause what ever is there to pull out of her arm. The last I heard they were talking doing an ultrasound. One theory flying around work is each bottle has a tracing device so that they can see how many vaccinated people are in the area. Each bottle holds 10 vaccines so if you 50 tracers out there you can tell how many of the town's populations has been vaccinated. I am not pro or con the vaccine. I am a "you do you and I will do me" person. Here is an article that a good conspiracy theorist could have a field day with... https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/factcheck/2021/01/21/fact-check-covid-19-vaccine-nearly-20-years-making/3873247001/ I will leave this right here and let you read the article and draw your own conclusions....you know "you do you and I will do me"
  13. Continued prayers for MtRider and family.
  14. Prayers for MtRider and family
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