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  1. Sorry, I forgot to post that I got Snowmom's this week.
  2. We have Total Wireless through Wal-Mart but we can now buy refill cards at Dollar General. We pay $60 a month for two lines and 30g of data that we don't use but other than having to buy our phones I can't complain. We have travel with it to Alabama the only place we have trouble is spots through OK. We have been told everyone has trouble in these spots. Also the only place we loose serves when traveling to Laredo is through the mountains around the Frio River. I keep a note book of items that I buy on a regular basis and keep track of the prices that way. I check my sale papers against my notebook before I go shopping.
  3. Well after a nasty battle with the insurance company and threatening to call the state Benefit Commission on them, hubby finally got back in to see the doctor. Yes this was for his post surgery check up. Needless to say my blood pressure was up and my bp meds were not working. But the good news is... .drumroll please....no treatments in the near future. The day of surgery his PSA was 9.11 at this post surgery check up it was 0.08 so no radiation in our near future. Thanks for the prayers. Oh I had my 6 month check up and all was good. We are both cancer free!
  4. Not only are prices going up but the packaging is getting smaller. Less tissues in the box, 42oz is the new 3lbs.
  5. I am liking the idea of mylar bags also for meals. Takes up less space and easier to store. Plus not as heavy when you have to grab and go. Not just running away but for vacations also. I had rather take the bags in a plastic bucket than try and haul glass jars.
  6. I drink to flavors of coffee...triple chocolate with smores creamer and caramel with caramel creamer. I just stated drinking coffee this last year and well I won't see 50 ever again. Thanks but, I will stick to my chocolate chip pumpkin muffins and pumpkin bread. May throw in a pumpkin pie.
  7. So we had a few days of fall weather a few weeks ago then hit triple digits again for a week or so. But today it is raining. Has been since 3am, and it is in the 50s. So it is bison chili for dinner but snack today is pumpkin muffins. I am sorry but fall screams pumpkin muffins, or pumpkin bread. No pumpkin latte's though, that is just gross.
  8. Finally my monthly splurge for Kindle Unlimited is paying off...well it has paid off before but I have been wanting this book but refused to spend the month. Right on Kindle Unlimited it is a free read....The Meals in a Jar Handbook by Stephanie Petersen aka Chef Tess
  9. Being from Alabama it sounds like home
  10. Maybe you can look into an old shipping container to store everything in and then still have it on the property later for storage. We have scrapped our long term plans which broke my heart, but it is back to the drawing board.
  11. MtRider both are clear. The zip lock just feels thicker to me.
  12. I purchased two boxes of the storage bags that you use the vacuum to suck the air out of, the first brand was Ziplock and the second brand was Magic Bags. Hands down the Ziplock brand is better. I stored sleeping bags, quilts and curtains that we are not currently using. Several weeks ago I "shrink wrapped" these items using both bags. Both are the same size and hold about the same; however, the magic bags are a little thinner and let air back in. The Ziplock brand is still almost shrink wrapped. For the money I think Ziplock is better.
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