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  1. Ok so I am late to the party. The first attempt at an ornament was an epic fail. They lied when they said 6 years old and older. Who knows maybe the 6 year old could have done it better. Any way the first attempt ended up in the garbage. However, the second attempt is looking a lot better. It should go out Wednesday or Friday. I received Annarchy and Snowmom ornaments today.
  2. Prayers for the Mt. Rider family
  3. Ok So I am going to tell on myself. When I was sick I couldn't stand up long enough to wash my hair. It was longish, mid shoulders. It was a slimy mess even when I leaned over the kitchen sink and attempted to wash it. So in a moment of fever induced madness I cut all off. It was about an inch long all over, yep about 16 inches gone in one swift snip of the scissors. I am having to let it grow out so I can go and have it "styled"
  4. It is a weird virus that is for sure. I have yet to met two people that had the same symptoms. I ran 101 fever for 10 days and no energy. Hubs had a 100.1 fever for 2 days but had the body aches. He was over it on less than 5 days. One of our church friends only had the cough, no fever, she the cough for three weeks. One coworker almost died, he is a diabetic and was on the vent for 2 weeks. he was off work 8 weeks. Another coworker had a UTI, turned septic and ended up in ICU, her husband had no fever but lost his sense of smell. A dear friend had LUPUS and lost her life to it, her husband h
  5. Take it from someone that just got over COVID....JUICE lots of JUICE. I am going to go back to stocking frozen juice. It was the only thing I wanted while I was sick.
  6. If they are not backed up they do not have stuff in stock.
  7. Well since I can't edit the above post I will just add a second review down here. So the Liberty Bell Potato Cheddar Soup was a bust I mean it was a big fat ZERO out of Five and I was ready to chunk the remaining three packs but hubs talked me out of it. Today we had Granny's Homestyle Potato soup and had just the opposite issues. It was bland. I mean this would make the perfect sick bed bland soup. I had to add salt, pepper, and butter. I even added sour cream and cheese. It was still really watery. If I had some potato flakes I would have add them to thicken it up. T
  8. Several years ago hubby purchased a sample pack of Food4Patriots I put in our overflow pantry thinking we would try it one day. Well today was that day. The temp has dropped and I was in the mood for potato soup. We had been discussing ordering more so that we could have them for camping supplies. I pulled out the cheddar potato soup and followed the instructions. First... it was really watery. Second...Way too salty Third...tasted like it was made with sour milk. We have kept it at the recommended temperature so I am not sure what is wrong. I don't think I
  9. Lindi, check out Hamony House foods. https://www.harmonyhousefoods.com/ They have TVP and it is not bad. I ordered the sampler box and was pleased. Well except for the jalapenos, they had the seeds in them so they were too hot for my taste buds. I am thinking about just stocking their sample packs because they are the perfect size for me and hubby. We have used their soups while camping and that was awesome. I discovered if I divide the pack between two thermos and add boiling water and let them sit all day we had a warm meal with very little work.
  10. Gravy and biscuits are my go to dinner or breakfast. It makes that left over one piece of sausage feed two people. When the boys lived at home it was Saturday morning breakfast. It was cheap and filled them up...you know three teenage boys and their hollow legs. I have a bullet smoothie maker that sits on my counter. It gets used for a lot of things and gravy making is one of them. Gravy the glue that holds fills those empty stomachs. Oh don't forget that Red Eye gravy. My grandmother used to say even though it gets it's name from the reddish color, it is really for t
  11. Bump. Was reading over this and it dawned on me I have no baby meds. It has just been me and hubby or our adult kids for what seems like forever, now grandbabies are here. I need to do a baby first aid kit.
  12. Hmmmm....Looks like the stuff my son and I get when we wear t-shoes without socks. We're allergic to the glue they use to glue the shoe together. Heck if that is covid toe we have had it for 30 years.
  13. So I have a small herb container garden, the sage and Rosemary are thriving. However, due to the heat the parsley and basil are kind of stunted. For once my cilantro gave up the ghost. Usually I have cilantro until the first freeze or later depending on if I forget to cover it or not. I am going to have to replant the cilantro, we use A LOT of cilantro. My lettuce is also stunted, which makes me sad. I was hoping for fresh garden salads by now. I am hoping with a grow light I can keep the herbs growing inside this winter. I have gotten used to cooking with fresh herbs and am enjoyi
  14. I was scrolling through the discussion forums and this one hit me between the eyes. Most of you know our battle over the past few years. Hubby becoming disable aka loss of income. Yeah he is getting a monthly check but it about half of his original salary. I took a cut in pay to go to work at the local hospital just so we would have benefits. My job at the church paid $5 more an hour but no benefits and if we had bought into Obamacare it would have cost us $1200 a month for crappy coverage. Then last year both of us diagnosed with cancer, me- complete hysterectomy and him having his prostate r
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