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  1. When making your mask make a pocket in it so you can add a filter. Use an ac/heater allergy filter. Cut it to fit your mask pocket. https://www.walmart.com/ip/Filtrete-16x25x1-Healthy-Living-Advanced-Allergen-Reduction-HVAC-Furnace-Air-Filter-1500-MPR-Pack-of-4-Filters/37532019 Also the blue shop disposable towels are good. Coffee filters work in a pinch but the blue shop towels are better, but the air filter is the best. Instead of the flat pleated mask try the more form fitting mask. https://www.prettyhandygirl.com/best-fit-face-mask/ Instead of elastic you can use shoe strings to tie around your head. The elastic makes your ears so after a while (personal experience) I have one of each the form fitting and the flat pleated mask. We are allowed to wear homemade mask at work and I prefer the form fitting one because it has a shoe string that I can tie. I can wear it longer.
  2. Things gone missing from shelves that I am just now noticing.... bicycles games like cards, board games, etc puzzles wood burning kits kids pottery wheels arts and craft stuff period! home exercise equipment i.e. free weights, treadmills, yoga mats, the bands used for stretching, oh and those yoga balls.
  3. Items here in short supply even now flour any kind yeast oatmeal cream of wheat dry cereal dry beans rice canned meats, like tuna, cornbeef, beef tips, chicken pasta period...any type of pasta - pasta salad, mac&cheese, or just plain pasta. Forget finding whole wheat pasta. powdered milk oil canned veggies, like hominy, greens, field peas, black beans, pinto beans, anything except green peas, green beans and corn those can be found with no problem. sugar, unless you want the organic pure cane sugar that is like $8 a pound drink mixes bottled water salt - I was surprised at this one coffee & powdered creamer diapers wipes formula baby food
  4. So with this plague upon us(the stupidity or virus you choose) I have started making bread at home again just as a stress relief. I mean where else could I pound something. I was having a hard time getting regular sourdough starter to work here in the panhandle of Texas. I tried several and it just wouldn't rise. On my last attempt of starter I also made friendship starter. While searching for the recipe for friendship bread I ran across a site that many different variations of friendship bread. I have made the lemon poppy seed bread, cinnamon rolls, regular sourdough bread and today I made banana nut bread and the number one taste tester of the house (hubby) has been happier than a pig with slop. So I thought I would share the link. http://armchair.com/recipe/amish/amish.html If you have any other variations please share them.
  5. So the media is at it again.... The US has highest death total COVID-19 cases. So let's look at this sensibly. NO I am not downplaying the deaths, but let's not panic, common sense must prevail. We have one of the largest visitor ratio compared to other countries. At the university I worked at before in my home state 5% of our graduate level enrollment was international students, that does not include post doc fellows. That is just one university in a southern state. Can you imagine what Harvard, Oxford, MIT, or even USC's ratio is? We are 3rd in population behind China and India. HOWEVER, we are the most transient country. Now let's look at where the most deaths occurred - port of entry cities. There are five major US ports of immigration, New York, Boston, Baltimore, Philadelphia and New Orleans. New York is by far the most used port. Four out of five are in the top seven states with the most COVID-19 deaths. Maryland is number 14. We are not even sure how many are US citizens or if they were internationals who were infected when they arrived. Also, as I stated in another post no matter how a person dies if they have COVID-19 antibody in their system their death is counted as a COVID-19 death. So my question is how many COVID-19 death have we really had? We will never know. Now think about this...how many people do you know have had severe respiratory infections in the past year? I know this past fall from November to February in our ER alone, we were swamped with people coming in with the "FLU" however, they tested negative for Flu A&B and negative for strep. We saw 50-75 people a day and for our little town of less than 20,000 that is a lot of people. We know people that died of respiratory failure this past year. The medical staff chalked it to age and underlying issues. Now pull out your tin foil hats.... I do not believe that COVID-19 was caused from eating bats. Nor do I believe HIV was caused by people eating monkeys. I believe both were man made and were sent to no suspecting areas with subpar health care. Why? Well how do think vaccines come about? How do you think chemical warfare agents are developed? All I am say is looking at the big picture...look at what is going on in DC what are they trying to push through? What is so big that they have to distract us with a pandemic? What is happening on the international playing field that they needed a pandemic to distract the sheeple? WE cannot and must not let this distract us from our freedoms and rights as American citizens.
  6. And to think I almost gave my daughter-in-law my canner. So glad I didn't now. I bought mine on clearance at Wal-Mart 4 years ago (Presto 23 quart) for $60, and water bath canner for $25. Scared now to see how much jars and lids are going to go for.
  7. Well, my computer must have been hungry because I think it ate my post. It is official my hours have been cut at work. I am only getting 30 hours a week now instead of 40. So I am spending the extra time at home preparing a container garden again. Since we have a small patio I am only going to be able to supplement our food purchases Won't have enough room to really stock the freezer or pantry. So far I have plants for 2 jalapeno pepper plants, two squash, two zucchini, cucumber, and lettuce/spinach. Going to try potatoes in a potato bag, we will see. Also thinking about pole beans and running them up a net. It will help shade the patio. Found some really neat containers to use, https://youtu.be/k429cPlH6mM can't wait to try this. Think I will end up using totes instead of the round bins they use. Now just to inventory my seeds and purchase some starter plants for the tomatoes and peppers. To late in the year to do starter trays. Kicking myself for not doing starter trays. But hey live and learn.
  8. Right there with you. Hubby just turned 60 and I turned 57, but because of our medical history and his age we are considered high risk. Never thought I would see the day that we would be considered high risk. Good thing we are not social butterflies and the only time we are really around people are my work and church. Church is now 10 or less meeting in homes and well I have to work if we want to have lights, a roof over our heads, and food. I think we will all agree that this is what we have been preparing for and yes Cowgirl is the best description I could come up with too.
  9. As much as I would love to be on here more right now it is just not physically possible. As I have stated before I work as a registrar at the local hospital. So things are a little tense. I come home and put on praise and worship music and just chill. Hubby ask if I want to watch TV and I tell him no, please just let me sit and enjoy the silence. Nine times out of ten I fall asleep in my chair and hubby has to wake me up and send me to bed. The start the ORANGE procedures yesterday. Not that we have had a positive case but they are locking down hoping to prevent it in the hospital. There are no visitors, unless you have a minor child in the hospital then there must be one adult. Once you are in the room you can not leave, you can not switch out with another adult. You are there for the duration. Same with OB patients. One visitor mostly likely the dad and once you are there you are there no switching out. Sorry grandma you have to wait till they are home. Yes this has caused some major meltdowns. If you come with a patient for out patient testing you will be asked to wait in the car, unless you are an interpreter or you are their care giver and they are unable to speak for themselves such as a minor child. And yes this has caused major meltdowns. Things are changing by the hour at work and it is highly stressful. So I will say as of today I am fine, I am blessed that I have the weekend off as of now but am on call if needed. Monday we start the ballgame over and will have new rules.
  10. In our mandatory meeting yesterday at work. We were told that they are lessening the restrictions on health care workers. But we are still to be proactive, clean everything several times a day with the cleaning wipes. Wash hands with soap and warm water and use sanitizer between patients. Oh and mask are not options, if someone comes in coughing and fever they will be handed a mask and told to wear it if they refuse we are to call Infectious Control.
  11. This is from the CDC as of today. 1573 confirmed cases in the US. 40 fatal 15 have recovered. https://www.bing.com/search?q=cdc+coronavirus+update&form=EDNTHN&mkt=en-us&httpsmsn=1&msnews=1&plvar=0&refig=ba48742c52984c22c25d8cb0de52ed61&PC=HCTS&sp=1&qs=FT&pq=cdc&sk=PRES1&sc=8-3&cvid=ba48742c52984c22c25d8cb0de52ed61&cc=US&setlang=en-US
  12. Has anyone bought the Homeopathic Remedy kits from Amazon? I have an acquaintance that swears by them, but I am not sure about investing that much money in them right now. Your opinion please..... https://www.amazon.com/Helios-Homeopathy-Homeopathic-Remedy-Kit/dp/B004Z2U2PM/ref=sr_1_5?crid=2TYGAXSUUSMZI&keywords=homeopathy&qid=1582818995&sprefix=homopath%2Caps%2C221&sr=8-5
  13. I have about worn our garlic press out, it and the juicer. They were old any way.
  14. So hubby and I are not much of bread eaters, so a loaf of bread will ruin before we eat it. This last year I moved away from traditional loaf bread and have gone to making Native American fry bread, tortillas, and I am trying to get the hand of pita bread. We do still eat biscuits and cornbread but I can make really small batches of these types of bread. I am noticing that I am not using as much yeast with this other types of bread. Do have bread recipes that you could share that does not call for yeast and can be made in small batches?
  15. Ratchet can opener...must google this. I detest electric can openers and will not have one. I think they are a waste of money. I just the old fashioned hand can opener but I will check out this ratchet can opener you speak of.
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