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  1. I love old recipe books. Thanks for posting this.
  2. I was thinking more along the lines of fiber. You know change of diet does horrible things to you. May even need to pack some Imodium Tomatoes! I love tomatoes. LOL
  3. I have no desire to buy them. I was just thinking this would kick start the kids into prepping but your are correct. The calories are only like 1600, that is what I am eating to loose weight, worse yet they are not really high in protein. I am sorry if you are working hard yes you need the carbs but you also need the protein to carry you further. You will burn through those carbs fast doing manual labor. We have a tote with our supply of food and a case of water to go along with it. I have bought the packages of tuna and salmon. There are peanut butter crackers, dried fruit, shelf stable milk that will change out every three months (even through it has a longer shelf life) and to hubby's surprise cereal. We have a box of breakfast bars, protein bars, jerky, trail mix and drink mix. I did splurge and buy two MREs each and put in there but I was picky and asked our military son's which ones were best and bought those. There are also two camping meals that I have made and put in Mylar bags. All we have to do is add hot water and then eat it. I have a little kettle in there along with a metal coffee can that has sterno in so we can heat water. There are plastic ware in there a well as a roll of paper towels. This is just for 72 hours. We have two back packs also that have all of personal items in it along with a sleeping bag and sleeping pad in case we have to sleep on the ground of the floor.
  4. I think they taste to some like Vadialia onions or Texas Sweet onions, just picked early when they have crispy greens. Hubby loves them and yes they are sweet.
  5. Glad to know I am not the only one frustrated by all of this and have found ways around the "commercial" processed stuff. I do love Chef Tess' recipes. I have used some of hers when we have gone camping. Thanks so much for the link. I will definitely look her up.
  6. So we are finally back to a point where I can restock our used storage food and I though while I was making my list I would look at some of the 72 hour buckets for the kids. Well in my opinion they suck. You get a 3 day supply of food in one bag so you have to guess how much it takes to feed you for the day. Heaven forbid that you fix the whole bag because you have no way to keep it until it is time to eat it again. Yes I know it will cost more to package one meal per package but I am looking at it from a sheeple point of view. Here you crossed over and bought a bucket and you think alright my family will have food but you have no clue how to fix it so you prepare the whole bag. Now you have cooked 3 days worth of food and have no way to store it. Geeze think of the food poisoning. So I have scratched the buckets off my list for the kids. Yes they would know how to fix them but really milk shakes for the first 24 hours then Spanish rice the next two day for lunch and chicken noodle soup for dinner. I will just buy them backpacking boxes from Harmony House and be done with it. At least they will have a variety. Also we are talking about the lack of variety on another thread but I think I seeing changes in the storage food arena also...how about you are you seeing changes?
  7. Several years ago the top of Texas had a massive wild fire several died due that fire. It started because of high winds and the power lines arched and the sparks from that burned thousands of acres and took at least 4 lives. I wish we had underground power lines to avoid this
  8. Less and less...less variety and less availability in both canned and frozen veggies. Not only those but dried beans and rice also. It's not just Wal-Mart in my area but all grocery stores.
  9. Thank goodness she caught the glass. Take it form someone that knows that stuff shatters in to a gazillion little pieces.
  10. mommato3boys

    Lose weight

    Work and diets don't mesh sometimes, The only way I succeed is after dinner before cleaning the kitchen I prepare my food for the next, this includes snacks and lunch. I plan out my breakfast also. I write it down and don't stray from my food journal. I do have protein snacks in my desk drawer just in case I have a hunger attack and feel the vending machine calling. I also make sure I do not have change for said slot machine aka vending machine.
  11. I need to think on this. I know when we used to go hiking I would carry a backpack with a camel pack in it. It would hold a gallon of water. Plus a small first aid kit. There were other things but we haven't been a long time so I think I need to dig out my list and at least get the back in order.
  12. mommato3boys

    Lose weight

    Too much sugar, I am a borderline diabetic so I watch my sugar intake. I may try and make it with sugar substitute.
  13. mommato3boys

    Lose weight

    I gave up pop also I did it by drinking ICE which is flavored water. Then I moved to Propel water. I like the powder packs of Propel better than the premixed bottles. I use one pack per 25oz of water instead of the 16.9 suggested. I can't drink the ICE drinks anymore they are two sweet. Now it is just lemon water and propel water. Hubby and I are following diabetic style diet. I can't do Keto because I am in stage 3 kidney failure and it is to harsh on my kidneys. I use a lot of recipes from Skinnytaste.com and Diabetic Living. I have lost 70 pounds but put 40 back on when just before surgery. The six months prior to my surgery it was all I could do to get up and make it to work exercise was walking to the restroom and back to my desk. But now I am counting calories I know every says boo but I do better that way. I don't go crazy with "the allowed" foods. I am happy I found a low carb bread so I can have a sandwich every once in a while. Five small meals are better for you than 3 large meals. My doctor says we need to get away from the Western mind set of 3 large meals a day. We use cauliflower for mashed potatoes and rice and it is really good. More fish less red meat and more green veggies. I am learning to cook with Splenda and Stevia. Even though stevia says 1 for 1 nope have to use less. Made no bake cookies last night using stevia and almond milk, hubby said they are RICH! So it back the drawing board. However, the brown sugar Splenda is awesome, in my peanut butter cookies (1 cup peanut butter, 1 egg and 1/2 cup of Splenda brown sugar. Yummm. Best of luck, just remember you didn't gain the weight overnight so you are not going to loose it over night.
  14. So far the only draw back has been their packaging. If I purchase more from them it will mean glass jars and keep fresh packets
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