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  1. I am having trouble also. I can't get to my personal info page it is just a white screen.
  2. Darn I miss this year but put on the list for next year! This sounds like so much fun.
  3. Our former music director at church had BP and made a full recovery. He got about this time of year. I remember because we were practicing our Easter music and he couldn't lead it for a couple of weeks. I think he was back with us after 3 weeks just in time for the musical. He wasn't in pain just was limited to use of one side. Had a hard time eating, drank a lot of milkshakes. He couldn't feel if he bit his jaw or tongue so he stuck to stuff he could just swallow. He was a young guy early to mid 40's. Hang in there zzelle you will be back to normal soon. (Well now don't hold me to that statement you may not have been normal to start with. You know normal is just a setting on the dryer ) Hang in there it is not permenant just a nuisance to deal with.
  4. My vote goes for the generator too. That way you will have it for other uses also. You can find apartment size washers at used appliance stores cheap. People buy them use them a couple of years and then realize they dont' hold that much especially when the kiddies start coming along and sale them.
  5. Hubby and I are looking at getting a small plot of land 10 acres +/- so we will not have a lot of remove for large livestock like cows. I know some of you raise sheep, goats and even rabbits for meat. What would you suggest for small acreage. The good, bad and ugly of livestock and WHY. I grew up on a small farm we had chickens, cows and a few hogs. Livestock doesn't bother me HOWEVER hubby is a born and bred city boy. oh well that was 25 years ago back to the quetion at hand. We will have to start small and learn as we go (good thing he is a fast learner). What would you suggest we start with. I am for rabbits and chickens but I know we will need a milk supply too.
  6. Quote: I would either rinse the meat before canning or cook it, cover it with water, then refrigerate overnight. Lift the fat off in the morning, then drain and continue with directions. BTW, did you know, when you make the hamburger rocks, the grease can be cleaned then stored in the freezer to use like lard? Adopt me please so I can come learn from you!!!! You are a fountain of knowledge. I have a canner on order and I have been trying to figure out how to can ground beef and sausage. Chicken I have covered. Never would have thought to cover it in water.
  7. I know you can not use the All American on flat tops, because they are too heavy. I not sure about Presto brand. I was reading up on the All American and it had in BIG RED letters NOT FOR USE ON CERAMIC OR FLAT top stoves that the weight would cause the top of the stove to crack.
  8. Don't feel bad, I have WHITE hair, I am 44 and I have RED hair so the white hair really shows up. I am too chicken to put color on it because I am afraid it will turn orange or green.
  9. Quote: That's something else I have been looking for...an aloe plant but can't find any around here. Q Watch WM and places like Lowe's and Home Depot. I found an Aloe plant at Home Depot.
  10. Think about this do you have little ones? If so there is a safety issue. Fingers don't survive the wringers very well. The mop wringer and plunger works. I have washed clothes using the plunger. The belt broke on my washer and it was full of jeans (go figure). So I dumped them in a bucket and then took them to the tub and plunged them. Got a son to twist one way while I twisted the other way hung them out side then tossed them in the dryer to get the wrinkles out. I actually think they were cleaner than when washed in the washer.
  11. Not only gunsmithing but reloading amo is good. I had a DUH !!! moment...I have been sitting here trying to think what TSHTF stood for even asked my 19 yr old son he didn't know either (or didn't want to tell me) then it hit me
  12. That's a BIG bunny, my garden !!!!!! The first thing that came to mind was Wallace & Gromit The Curse of the Were Rabbit.
  13. We lived in a trailer once and it had a gas stove. Last year when gas was so high we could not afford propane for the stove so I pulled out our camp stove and bought the little bottles of propane. I sat it on our kitchen stove and cooked away. We are all alive and well. I cooked about a week on one of the cans. If you don't want to chance the propane, look into sterno cans. They are rated for indoor use and are small and can be stored easily. Oil lamps give off heat also. Since your apartment is so small you can watch the end of year sales and catch a MY BUDDY heater on sale. It will heat your whole apartment. It is a propane heater that uses the little green cans. I missed them last year so I intend to get one this year. I agree with HSmom you need a CO detector. Actually we all need one, oh and don't forget the batteries. Something else to think about smoke alarms if yours is electric like ours then you need to have a battery back up one for times when the power is off. Just because you are being careful doesn't mean everyone in your building is being careful.
  14. Okay, I have seen the vacuum sealers in the store. But I am curious as to what you seal in yours. I mean I know you can use it to seal meat and veggies to freeze them. Does it really prevent freezer burn? What else do you use your's for?
  15. Well after months of stocking just a little each month ($10 a month) I am starting to notice I am slowly but surely getting ahead in the game plan. Its nice to look in the bottom of the pantry and see what used to be cat litter buckets now doing double duty as storage bins. I probably have a little over a months worth but like I said I am new at this and have only been stocking for a couple of months. If nothing else we can live off of flour, rice and sugar, oh and dried beans and noodles. These are for "rainy" days not counted in my normal monthly pantry list. So as of today we could survive 2 months maybe 3 if I really stretched things. That is 2 months of supplies that I didn't have 3 months ago.
  16. Well I think I survived. I was back at work today. Starving but back at work. I lived off of banana popcicles yesterday and store bought chicken noodle soup (yuck) but I survived. Had subway for dinner.
  17. Oh that green eyed monster is rearing its ugly head..... Congratulations Mr. WormGuy, hope all goes well with Mrs. Wormy's surgery.
  18. Quote: HSMom, 150 jars is probably more than I own! I just don't have, and can't make, room to store that many jars. I live in a trailer with hubby, six kids, and a German Shepherd. That's why I started dehydrating. Besides making the food physically smaller, I can store it in ziplocks in bins or tins. I have a quarter of a bushel of apples stored in a single one-gallon ziplock. I save the jars for chunk meat (I dehydrate ground and shredded meats), jams and jellies, pickles, juices, chutney, and applesauce. Belle I don't have much storage room either. So I may have to invest in a dehydrator or two. What else do you dehydrate besides squash?
  19. Has anyone grown strawberries in hanging baskets or other type of containers? Any suggestions?
  20. Quote: MT3B, Gurneys sells patio-dwarf blueberries (Tophat variety) and some of the other mailorder houses do too. Thank you Thank you Thank you, I found them on line last night and will get them ordered this weekend.
  21. Well so it wasn't the ground beef. This all the middle son's fault (hehe have to blame someone) he started this mess this past Sat. He got up with it. I guess I should go bleach the bathroom before anyone gets home. Hopefully no one else will get it. Snowmom glad to know you checkout okay and MomM hoping all your family turns the corner gets on the bend soon. Blessing to all...
  22. We caught whole pork loins on sale last week. I bought one and get it down to fit in my crock pot. The guys love it when I cook it in the crock pot and put BBQ sauce on it.
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