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  1. Tortillas are so easy to make. They are time consuming and really a two person job. But cheap and easy. I mix the dough and roll them out. Hubby cooks them and stacks them.
  2. A fan?!?!? Why have I never thought of a fan....I will have to try that. May just a little one that blows just on the plants. Thanks for the suggestion.
  3. I have had success with growing spinach in a planter inside a long with lettuce. I was told by someone to purchase a tiny soft paint brush from a craft store and become a bee. In other words take your tiny brush and pollinate your plants. Just gently brush the inside of each bloom on each plant. I thought he was crazy but came home and researched what he was saying. I was surprised to find he was correct. https://igworks.com/blogs/the-igworks-indoor-gardening-blog/pollinating-your-indoor-fruit-and-vegetable-plants
  4. I am going to have to try this. Because I too, use the back, neck and wing tips to make broth but picking those tiny bones out of the little bit of meat that is there is not worth it. But with this....well let's just say we are going to have chicken soup burgers.
  5. So if your food storage is not anything like mine, you have a wide variety of dry beans. I on the other hand am heavy on the black bean side. We love them. I make everything from refried beans to burgers with them. I found this page when I was looking for a pulled pork recipe and well it is one of my go to sites. I even get email updates from him. Recently he posted 15 bean recipes. So if you would like to add a little pizzazz to your beans and like Mexican food this is a great place to start. https://www.mexicanplease.com/15-easy-recipes-can-make-beans/
  6. I am looking to can some chicken and I was wondering how you can your chicken... with skin or without skin with bone or without bone do you can it whole or in pieces do you can it raw or do you cook it first Since I don't have my mom or grandmother around to ask I am asking y'all
  7. Annarchy, this is the recipe I use. My DIL who is from Mexico says it taste like home https://www.mamalatinatips.com/2020/04/traditional-mexican-bolillos-easy-recipe.html
  8. Well today both eye surgeries were delcared a success. I was diagnoised with 20/20 distance vision. I will still need readers, but I was released back to my regular eye doctor here in town.
  9. It is now SUPER Covid. Yes it seems that COVID-19 has now mutated and is SUPDER COVID.
  10. I had all I could handle of 2020 so I was in bed asleep by 9:30. In my defense I went grocery shopping after work and I had rather scrub toilets than shop. Happy New Year everyone. Praying 2021 treats us much better than 2020.
  11. According to the IRS website they are already sending out the $600 by direct deposit. Paper checks should be going out in the next few weeks.
  12. Let's go, I am so ready for flip flop weather
  13. Here in the panhandle, which technically is West Texas, go fugue, we are to get snow tonight and the rest of the weekend. I don't like snow. But I will take moisture any way I can get it. So be safe in your travels.
  14. I have family that works for a large electric company. They will tell you our power grid is sorely over taxed and that basically is held together by paperclips and electrical tape. Well it no that bad but it wouldn't take much to take out the grid. Our infrastructure is needs a major upgrade, from water and sewer to the power grid. Much of this has been in place for 50plus years and has started crumbling something horrible. I know here where I am once a month you see some alley blocked because they have had a water or sewer line break. So for someone to plan to take out the grid, well all they need to do is put a squirrel or two in the substation.
  15. Eye #2 done! Loving the new vision. After first surgery couldn't wear my prescription glasses so I went to readers. I bought 2.5's at Dollar Tree, they were too strong for the right eye but not strong enough for the left eye. But today I went and bought 1.5's, hopefully in three weeks I can drop down to 1's or 1.25's. Thank goodness for Dollar Tree.
  16. You twist the sticks the same way each time and it make it curve.
  17. Thank you. Yes it was a wonderful day. My boys called and wished me happy birthday and had my church family around me so it was a wonderful day.
  18. I have had cataracts all my life. I was a late in life child and mom took some weird meds back in the late 50s early sixties so I guess you could say it was a birth defect. I was told when I was 16 I would probably need surgery before I was 35. Let me stop right here and say I am stubborn...very stubborn just ask hubby he would tell you. So at the ripe ol' age of 58 I had eye surgery. I finally broke down and had it done because I could no longer see to drive at night and the eye doc said even with corrective lenses I would not pass the driver's eye exam. So yesterday 12/4 I had the right eye done. I go back on 12/18 for the left eye. There are some things they don't warn you about... I am making a list for future people just so they are warned. Warning list from previous patient: 1. Double vision, yes you may experience double vision. Solution close one eye preferably the one that you did not have surgery one. You have to build the strength back in the new eye. 2. Headache, sorry take two Tylenol and go to bed, you will survive. 3. Itching...sorry it is a form of torture for the first 24 hours. Medical tape itches. See #2 for solution. 4. Black eye...and no amount of concealer will cover it. That is why they gave you those dark sun glasses. Wear them. 5. Eyes don't work together. Yep for the first couple of hours after taking the patch off your eyes don't like working together. Push through, they will be come friends again and work together. 6. Don't try wearing your glasses except for reading or close up work. You think your vision was bad before try wearing glasses that you don't need. You will feel like you have those beer glasses on from Driver's Education. 7. Be prepared for the "Drunk as Cooter Brown" feeling. I am not a drinker but I guess this is what it feels like being drunk. See #5 for solution. OH and sit still while this is happening because walls move on their own. 8. Things will appear catawampus. It is a weird feeling but while typing I noticed the right side of my computer appeared larger and farther away. So I looked around with my glasses on and noticed everything appeared that way. So apply rule #6 (this was the reason for the trip to Dollar Tree for the readers) 9. Eye drops burn, do cry because you will wash the drops out and have to start over. 10. Stock up on Dollar Tree's readers before surgery. It will be a life saver. No more beer googles. About noon today I could not handle my prescription glasses any more. Hubby took pity on me and took me to Dollar Tree and I bought two pairs of readers. So much better. I don't feel drunk with just the readers on. I did not realize how bad my vision had gotten. I am so glad I had this done. Even if something happens and I can't get the left eye done I feel like I stand a chance now if we have to bug out at night. Physical preps are important very important. Take care of you eyes and teeth. They will slow you down.
  19. I wish the 5 year old lives with mom in Virginia. The two here are 2 and 5 months. I could just see the 2 year old helping and the 5 month old would eat everything LOL. I chunked that project and will look for something that does not require a 6 year old next year. Hubby went to the post office today and mine are officially on the way, everyone should have theirs by the weekend. The post office was closed by the time I got there Saturday.
  20. Ok so I am late to the party. The first attempt at an ornament was an epic fail. They lied when they said 6 years old and older. Who knows maybe the 6 year old could have done it better. Any way the first attempt ended up in the garbage. However, the second attempt is looking a lot better. It should go out Wednesday or Friday. I received Annarchy and Snowmom ornaments today.
  21. Prayers for the Mt. Rider family
  22. Ok So I am going to tell on myself. When I was sick I couldn't stand up long enough to wash my hair. It was longish, mid shoulders. It was a slimy mess even when I leaned over the kitchen sink and attempted to wash it. So in a moment of fever induced madness I cut all off. It was about an inch long all over, yep about 16 inches gone in one swift snip of the scissors. I am having to let it grow out so I can go and have it "styled"
  23. It is a weird virus that is for sure. I have yet to met two people that had the same symptoms. I ran 101 fever for 10 days and no energy. Hubs had a 100.1 fever for 2 days but had the body aches. He was over it on less than 5 days. One of our church friends only had the cough, no fever, she the cough for three weeks. One coworker almost died, he is a diabetic and was on the vent for 2 weeks. he was off work 8 weeks. Another coworker had a UTI, turned septic and ended up in ICU, her husband had no fever but lost his sense of smell. A dear friend had LUPUS and lost her life to it, her husband had a fever lost of appetite and taste. So to be honest I don't think they are any closer to getting a handle on this virus because it attacks people differently. Nine us here that were that saw each other at least twice a week and live 10 miles apart had totally different symptoms. Weird I tell you weird.
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