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  1. WormGuy
    75 pounds of tomatos, 20 lbs. ground beef, 18 cans of chili beans, 8 onions, 8 bell peppers, unknown anount of chili powder, 38 jars, rings and lids, I'm pooped. The last load for the day is in now. It comes out at 8:00 pm. That makes for a 11 hour day. My back held up real well also. I think when this load come out, I may go to bed.

  2. WormGuy
    Well, I fizzled out when I got the peaches a few weeks ago. My back couldn't stand the strain of standing and peeling. I ended up giving 3 1/2 boxes away. At least someone got use out of them. Tomorrow wifey and I will go on the great tomato hunt. There is a nearby town that is noted for raising them. A co-worker lives near the town and said that due to the wet spring everyone got them out late and hopefully there should be plenty this weekend.
    We need 14 bushels do what we have planned, but we're only going to get six bushels this time. I can't take the risk of my back not holding up and losing them like the peaches. I made a large pot of chili today and will can that tomorrow while we are preping the tomato's. Hopefully I won't have too take too many drugs to keep going.

  3. WormGuy
    I finally remembered to take the camera outside today.
    What is that?

    Walking thru the leaves

    Are you coming with me?

    I smell it down there somewhere


    Still watching

    Guarding the tree

    Aww dad, do I hafta go in now?

    Checking out he leaves in the garden

    A good scratch


  4. WormGuy
    I went to physical therapy this morning for my first treatment. I don' t see where any thing good or bad came from it. One thing that struck me as odd is the therapist asked me why I was there. I told him because my doctor told me to. This guy is supposed to be as good as one can be in his field. He looked at 30 years worth of MRI's and asked if I was going to have surgery. He expressed more concern with the L5 area than the others. He asked if I had any numbness or tingling in the pelvic region and when I told him at times I do, he said if it ever gets more than it is now to go straight to the emergency room because it would need immediate surgery.
    I don't know why he said this and I didn't think to ask, but I will next Monday when I go back. He had me stand and bend side to side and then forward. Well, when I bend forward I have to bend my knees to straighten back up. He had two students with him and when I bent my knees they all grabbed for me. I looked at them kinda funny and they said they thought I was goning to fall. That's when I had to give them my little talk. I said "If I ever fall down inside of this building, do not touch me, let me alone until I get up by myself." I repeated this twice.
    The reason is because when a person grabs me they try to help me up which puts me in a twist and that causes more pain. The doctor did this last week in his office and I had to tell him to turn me loose.
    The therapist did some minor treatment before straping me into a machine and having me bend forward as far as I could, doing 10 repetitions. The tenth one was hard to do. They then put me on heat pads with a tens unit (which I love) for twenty minutes and then sent me home.
    I have an appointment next Tuesday with a neuro-surgeon in the afternoon, can't wait to see what he has to say...
  5. WormGuy
    I finally got the MRI report. It ain't good. Seems I have two herniated disc between L1 and L3. It also shows nerve entrapment. Wife says if there is a reason for surgery, nerve entrapment is it. My doctor is out untill this Wednesday so I have to wait until then to get recomendations. Wife says that maybe physical therapy may help, I don't think so. I really don't want to go thru surgery again, it ain't fun plus there goes this years garden. So I sit and wait.....
  6. WormGuy
    At least I'm doing better today, the drugs really wacked me out yesterday. I don't like taking then but sometimes I have to. I go tomorrow at 2:30 for the MRI. Oh joy!!! I just hope I can lay still long enough to get through it. I don't do good laying on my back.

  7. WormGuy
    I just got back from the doctor, and it was not fun. After asking the usual questions he had me lean forward, (I was in a wheelchair) he touched my back and I screamed. He said "that is touchy isn't it." He asked me if I could walk and I said yes. I slowly got up and took two steps and fell to the floor.
    The Doctor grabed me and I had to tell him to turn me loose. I have found that when someone tries to help me when I fall, it onlys causes more pain becasue they are pulling on me in a twist. It took me awhile to get up and get back to the wheelchair.
    The doc suggested I get another MRI to see what's going on. I told him it will show two herniated disk just like before and that there is nothing that can be done for it. He agreed, but said it would be good to make sure. So...I wait until I can get an appointment with a neurosurgeon and go from there. My concern is that this is getting more frequent and that there will come a time when I won't be able to walk. Time will tell.
    I will one way or another get my garden out this year, even if I have to crawl in the dirt to do it. Of course the wife won't like washing dirt/muddy jeans.

  8. WormGuy
    I have had back trouble since 1973. I had surgery in 86' which only helped for a year. This week it has been hurting more every day. Well, yesterday it left town. I've had to crawl at times to get through the house. It is better today, but I think it is all of the drugs I am taking for the pain. The wife gave me 4 hours to get better before she would load me up and take me to the hospital.
    At least I can walk semi upright without my nose dragging the ground, but it still hurts like heck. I have applied for another job and it will be just my luck they will call and I won't be able to go. They ain't gonna hire somebody that can't walk upright.
    My seeds all came up except for 6 so I feel good about that, now if I can make them grow straight instead of laying over. I have one cucumber plant that is a t least 7" long already. I was hoping to get in the garden this week to spread a truck load of leaves out but it's gonna have to wait.
    I have a plan made out that this year I will dehydrated more than I can. I just hope I can find what I want at a decent price because I can't grow some of it. I did find a site that sells freeze dried machines for home use, but I'm afraid to call them for a price. Here is a link if anyone wants to look.

  9. WormGuy
    This is for my dear freind Westie.
    I use this on pork, but it could be used on other meats as well. I usually taste the rub and the sauce and adjust it accordingly.
    Rub Mixture:
    1-2 ounces salt
    2 Tbls. Black Pepper
    10 Ounces sugar
    A sprinkle of garlic if desired
    1 Tbls. Worcestershire sauce
    Several sprinkles of Ginger
    Oil to bind ingredients
    Put ingredients in a bowl. Add enough oil to "wet" the ingredients. Rub mixture on roast. Cook fat side up. Add a very small amount of water to pan, cook at 325 for 1 ¼ to 1/12 hours, depending on the size of the roast.
    There is a sauce to go with it.
    2 Tbls. Cornstarch
    ¼ cup sugar
    1 can pineapple juice (about 18-20 oz.)
    1/3 cup vinegar
    1 Tbls. soy sauce
    Red food coloring if desired

  10. WormGuy
    Well we had a few glitches in our plans today. Wifey didn't get to go with me so I went hunting alone. I went to a place I had got tomatos two years ago and lucked out. They had four boxes of #2's for $10.00 a 25 lb. box. As we were loading them up I asked for a phone number to make sure they would have them available when I'm ready for more. It's a 100 mile round trip, but locally the same box's go for $20.00 and up.
    The lady there said, see that guy that just pulled up, he will have more in his truck. She went and asked him and he said yes. So I got a total of six boxes. I also got his phone number for my next trip and he said he would have them with no problem.
    About half of the tomatos are really ripe and the other half are not ripe enough to do anything with. I started trying to make quartered tomatos but found out they were too soft. So, I decided to make juice instead. I had cut up 1 1/4 boxes by this time so I got the juicer out and got ready. We got 8 quarts of juice and since I have 81 quarts of chili to make I have decided to turn all of this into juice for the chili.
    Kroger had their ground beef on sale, $5.99 for 5 lbs. and I bought 35 lbs. Wednesday. I made a batch yesterday and canned 9 quarts today while I was prepping the tomatos. So the plan is to take the frozen meat out tonight and get it thawing and can as much chili tomorrow as we can.
    My back did pretty well, I only had to take one muscle relaxer tonight. Tomorrow may be a different story.

  11. WormGuy
    Wifey told me I could only do 50 lbs. of tomatos today since I kinda over did it yeasterday. I started at 8:19 am washing and cutting. I ended up with 18 quarts and 1 pint of juice. I still have 25 pounds to do tomorrow. I may make sauce with them. It does feel good to rest.
    I just finished the last 25 lbs. I made quartered tomatos out of them. They were not very good at all. If they were green/white on the outside, they were the same inside. I only got 7 quarts. When I was loading them in the canner I know I heard one crack.
    I'll wait until they are done to find out. Now to plan my next tomato trip.

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