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  1. So I found a box of Vernors Ginger Ale tucked under a table in my basement some time ago. This week my husband was wanting ginger ale for an upset tummy, so I pulled the box out and grabbed a can. Took a look at the date on the can... 2003! Well, the box was intact, the cans are perfectly intact with no dents or spots. So I opened a can carefully and poured it into the glass. It looked great, fizzed great, and tasted great. No ill effects by either of us since. I just figured the people here might want to know. It stored just fine in my cool, dry basement for 9 years.
  2. He forgot the forced/enforced mandatory prayers to Mecca 5 times per day in exchange for NOT terrorizing/killing us.
  3. Soros himself has a vested interest in crashing the system. He's evil incarnate. While he may be hinting at truth, be aware that he wants to sow as much distrust and fear as he can, so he can move in and grab things for himself. Read about him and you'll be amazed at his history.
  4. Oh, don't worry about unemployment figures. At least not any RECENT ones. They're gonna blame it on the *weather*. http://www.reuters.com/article/idUSN011154...ype=marketsNews
  5. I beg to differ... You'll find them all here: link to find @sses
  6. Long posts but interesting reading. http://planforpandemic.com/viewtopic.php?t=13503&highlight= bits from the articles "The fact is that the best way for people to avoid the virus will be to stay home. But if everyone does this - or if too many people try to stockpile supplies after a crisis begins - the impact of even a relatively minor pandemic could quickly multiply." "With no electricity, shops will be unable to keep food refrigerated even if they get deliveries. Their tills won't work either. Many consumers won't be able to cook what food they do have. With n
  7. Pretty much tells it like it is. Does anyone remember if/when we ever got out of Bosnia????
  8. Read on down the comments on both sites for more tips. One person said she hot-glued fabric to the plastic and it worked out well. Others sewed fabric on. Placing things other than crayon shavings between the bags didn't work well, it sounds like. (for decoration)
  9. You can put them on cookie sheets and dry them in the lowest heat setting of your oven. I do this whenever I've grown "to shell" beans in my garden. It's done to kill any bug eggs, but it would work just as well for this... it won't hurt them any.
  10. Quote: We will send anybody all the snow they want if they will send some sun this way so our greenhouse will heat up again and stay warm. Our lettuce is shaking in the little pots we have it growning in and the spinach is droopy. Had a thin layer of ice in the water bucket on Monday night so we need some sun out there. Try a kerosene heater in there for a little bit before you go to bed. Might keep them warm enough thru the nite.
  11. This is the best place to get flavored oils as well as other great cooking and crafting ingredients: http://www.lorannoils.com/Products.asp?Cat...Name=Flavorings
  12. The things you learn from the shout box - [Necie] hah! i can't go to bed. found a bat in a quart jar in the cellar. had to take him out and let him loose. YUCK. will be NO sleeping for awhile [PoGo] how do bats get in your cellar? [Necie] old farmhouse-1880's...who knows ??? have had dbf spray foaming every little hole they can get in...can't wait to do new siding [PoGo] I didn't realize that they were such a pest. [Necie] oooh, yeah...creepy little buggers-getting better at dealing with em though
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